Reaper of the Martial World
422 Until Now 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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422 Until Now 1

"What do you mean he had the love of a celestial deer? Did the 25th White Mother help him?" Queen Acacia asked.

King Acacia nodded, "In a way, yes. Have you all never wondered why despite the fact celestial will is so rare, even across all of the universes, that it still isn't classified as a supreme law?"

This was indeed an oddity to them.

Usually, a supreme law was assigned as such based on its complexity, power and by proxy, its rarity. After all, if it was very complex and powerful, it would without a doubt also be rare. It was even weirder because celestial will originated from peak supreme level beasts – the celestial deer. Although they had fallen from those past heights, that didn't belittle the origins of the will itself.

However, celestial will was never classified as such. In fact, Dyon was aware that despite its potent levels of purity, celestial will was actually second to another unnamed will when it came to purification. Many thought that this was the reason why it wasn't labeled as a supreme law. After all, a supreme law should be in a category by itself. There was a reason space will wasn't a supreme law, and that was because void will existed.

But, those who thought this would be wrong.

"The reason that celestial will isn't known as a supreme law is because it takes a special type of person to raise it to such a level."

King Belmont scrunched his brows, he didn't seem to agree, "Why would there be such a restriction. There are plenty of supreme laws that are restricted to certain people. For example, our neighbors, the Uidah. We had many battles with them in our youth. Over that time, we came to understand that their Ethereal Permeation was a supreme law, albeit even the best of them only reached the 5th or 6th level of it.

That aside, the Uidah have a special blood line that allows them to learn ethereal permeation. No matter how often we battled them or studied them, we were never able to learn such a will. But, isn't ethereal permeation still known as a supreme law?"

"You aren't wrong," King Acacia continued, "But, it doesn't apply exactly as you'd assume. Celestial will and ethereal permeation are similar in a few ways. For example, they are both exceedingly difficult to learn. If you don't have a person willing to give you a kernel of it and don't have the affinity or genius for it, you will likely never learn it."

King Belmont and the rest of them nodded. They all assumed that Ri and Madeleine learned celestial will because Dyon was of course willing to diligently guide them. They also knew that with Madeleine's constitution, it was no wonder that she raised it to the levels it was at. After all, her constitution was purity incarnate and her personality matched it to perfection.

It was also fairly obvious that as the primary and only disciple of the 25th White Mother, that Dyon would have been guided by her. In fact, they even sensed her essence blood within him.

"However, that is where the similarities stop. If someone is willing to guide you in ethereal permeation, you too can come to understand the first level. It's just that no one of the Uidah clan would ever do such a thing for an outsider – that, and it's punishable by death to do so.

But the difference is that when guided for ethereal permeation, you come out with the entire supreme law. However, when you are guided in celestial will, whether you can manifest it into its true supreme law status or not depends on you and no one else."

A sudden realization came over those listening. Celestial will could be learned by anyone. Just like anyone can learn any will. But, what separated it from others was that a set affinity was needed to bring it to its optimal level.

"Celestial Will is special. And the people who can make it shine at its full capacity are even more so." King Acacia continued.

"So, the 25th White Mother could?" Big Red asked.

Surprisingly, King Acacia shook his head no. "No. She couldn't. Or, what I should say is that she only could for a brief moment in her life and she never reached that peak level again."

Confusion colored their faces. What kind of break through was it that could be rescinded, just like that? Why was this celestial will so fickle?

King Acacia sighed, "What I'm trying to say is that there was only one moment of perfection in the 25th White Mother's life that led her to having the perfect mental state.

When the demon qilin needed her most, the White Mother was willing to give up her life for him. She had no regrets or qualms, in fact, she believed herself to have reached the peak of what it meant to live.

There was nothing else that was important besides the moment between the two of them. Everything else seemed insignificant.

The clash of their clans, the raging suitors, the demon qilin's competition, the views of their parents and ancestors. Nothing mattered.

In that one moment between the two of them, the Celestial Deer bloodline reached supreme levels for but an instant. And in that instant, her celestial will became a supreme law."

"Just what happened?..." Queen Acacia whispered.

"The same thing that always happened.

The demon qilin passed the trial with ease. In fact, his trial was slightly more difficult than the norm because he was already talented to begin with – and as you all know, the trial adjusted just enough to make it a difficult task, but not beyond completing.

But, when the demon qilin finally got the sword in his hand, he lost himself. He was no longer himself – but had become the Dragon King reincarnated yet again."


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