Reaper of the Martial World
421 That Weapon 6
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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421 That Weapon 6

Dyon looked down at his wrist, astonished. "So, this is the true you…"

Madeleine, having seen Dyon use this weapon before, was the more astonished of her and Ri. She had never heard of a transcendent level weapon changing form. In fact, she had never heard of any weapon changing form at all.

"What is it?" She asked.

Dyon shook his head, still surprised by all the information being filtered into him. It wasn't just about the history of the Dragon King, but also the world that was just opened up around him.

The truth was that even with the set of meridians his grand teacher gave him, his energy cultivation was still poor. The meridians were no different or any more special than any other set of meridians. The only thing that made them stand out was that they were perfectly tempered and opened by Gama energy. This tempering allowed Dyon to be more powerful even compared to other peak first grade experts, but it didn't improve his ability to energy cultivate. This was why he repressed his cultivation.

Dyon fully understood just how difficult his energy cultivation technique was. When his grand teacher called it the best in existence, he wasn't exaggerating. But, the problem with using the best method was that it often came with the best difficulties – as ironic as that may sound.

[Inner World: Sanctuary], Dyon's energy cultivation technique, was perfectly tailored to fight in a world made for wills. In the future, when Dyon needed to conquer universes, that would often mean entering the domain of others. This would put him, as the aggressor, in a disadvantage position. Why? Because the ruling experts or clans would have a monopoly on the wills in that universe. If Dyon suddenly stepped into a universe that didn't allow him to use his wills to their fullest extent, wouldn't he be handicapping himself?

In the past, experts leaped over this hurdle using two methods. The first was to make sure that your ubiquitous wills were powerful. These were wills available in large quantities in any universe. Simple wills such as wind, fire, water, etc.

The second method was to be completely overbearing. To be so much more powerful that any suppression of your more powerful wills didn't mean anything.

However, this energy cultivation method provided a third solution. Why allow yourself to be suppressed at all? By using your meridians as a map to construct your own inner world, you could maintain your wills in peak condition no matter where you were. In addition, I also came with the added benefit of allowing much more energy storage than any other energy cultivation method – aside for a select few like Ri's void cultivation method.

That said, imagine the difficulty of constructing your own world. Now imagine the difficulty of constructing that own world, when your energy cultivation talent was so poor?...

The first and second steps of [Inner World: Sanctuary] were the same as any other cultivation method – with the caveat that its foundation stage was much more thorough than many others. But, its third stage, the beginning of the essence gathering stage, was entirely different animal… If Dyon was correct, had he entered that stage without the Dragon King's help, it would have taken him centuries to construct his world – maybe even more than a millennia.

That in itself wasn't the problem, though… The real problem was what sacrifices were necessary to construct this world. In that time, Dyon wouldn't be able to use his wills, his soul strength, or his energy cultivation. He would only have access to his body's strength while everything was diverted to the creation of this world.

The truth was that it was only because his soul was involved that creating that world would only take centuries. His soul's prowess was able to make up for his lack of energy cultivation talent. But, even still, it would take that long...

However, this treasure he had just stumbled upon changed everything. Coupling the boost in his energy cultivation talent with his ridiculous soul talent, it would only take five years – ten years at the most! That cut down the time needed for his world construction by fractions of the original value.

In addition, if Dyon hibernated during that length of time, he could ensure that the time needed would be closer to five years than ten years.

This made Dyon sigh a breath of relief. He had been warring with himself recently about this. He had even spoken to Ri and Madeleine about it. To them, they would rather deal with centuries of Dyon being weak by their side, than a less amount of time with him hibernating. But, if the time was significantly shorter, even they might find it to be worth it.

Dyon suddenly grinned, picking up Ri and Madeleine in his arms and twirling them around happily. He didn't seem to care about the gazes of jealousy he was receiving.

In the distance, though. There was another character watching this scene angrily that Dyon had long since erased from his mind. He didn't think this person was relevant anymore, but maybe that was a mistake…

Evelyn Niveus. The first in line genius of the Niveus God Sect – a sect that only accepted women with God and Heaven level constitutions and was previously Delia's home.

She was currently stewing in her anger. Because she knew she was too weak to compete in the overall rankings, she, much like Ava, had chosen to partake in the meridian formation rankings. However, who would have thought that she as a first in line genius would lose to a girl two years younger than her?

She sat at second place. And, just when she thought she could watch Dyon fail miserably to make her feel better, he had broken out and outshone her yet again.

'Breathe, this is all because of a calculated sacrifice.'

Evelyn had a God Level constitution. In fact, it was in the top 10. Although it wasn't as powerful as Delia's or Ri's or Madeleine's, if Evelyn was placed in any other universe, she would be an unprecedented genius. But, she had given up her virginity to her fiancé – now husband. And because she had been cultivating a technique that required chastity, it had ruined her entire foundation. The mere fact she was still powerful enough to place second was a testament to how truly talented she was.

However, she wasn't stupid. She had done all of this for the benefit of her future, and there was no future in this universe. All she needed was a cultivation cleansing pill and she could start over. And, because she had stolen Delia's pill, she would cultivate even faster with a fully awakened constitution.

That said, she still wanted revenge.

'Just wait.' She thought to herself. 'My husband will come claim me soon. We'll see how long you can smile for.'


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