Reaper of the Martial World
418 That Weapon 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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418 That Weapon 3

The truth was that Queen Acacia felt very much responsible for this, seeing that she had been the catalyst for them leaving in the first place.

But, that was a memory she didn't want to have to revisit… Not now.

That said, she still felt guilty about accelerating her husband's mental illness. He had pushed himself so hard for her benefit. Now, though, there was a solution right in front of them. And, as fate would have it, it came in the form of their son in law – a son in law Kawa had a very good impression of.

"Husband. Dyon's soul strength is no less than the 6th stage. That I'm certain of."

King Belmont nodded. "It's likely even higher than that since he can hide it from us so well. Even when he was going all out against Kawa when he thought she was a danger to them, he still kept the leak of his soul power restrained. Despite his personality, it seems this boy is quite cautious."

King Acacia paused. "So, that's how he reacted to you so well?... How is something like that even possible?..."

The four of them looked at each other. They had each thought of an answer. But, they each knew very well that if they said those words, they would be severely punished.

Knowing this, Kawa shook her head, "You never finished explaining the story behind the sword."

"Ah…" King Acacia looked off in the distance. He couldn't help but sigh as he watched his daughter so diligently and lovingly tend to Dyon's wound and bandages. "I don't think describing it as just a sword is appropriate. But, I have no idea how he gained the approval of such a weapon…"

If Dyon thought back to the time he found his black-jade sword, he too would have had shivers down his spine.

At the time, the sword had every intention of killing him. In fact, it had pierced toward Dyon so powerfully and with such killing intent that it had even projected Dyon's death to him. There was a moment where Dyon really felt that he was dead. Had it not been for his soul strength, he would have likely had a mental break down.

But, there was something else Dyon's soul had given him that day: affinity for weapons. Unbeknownst to even King Acacia, it would likely be harder to find a weapon that wouldn't accept Dyon than it would be to become a transcendent expert. And that was simply because of his weapon's hall manifestation.

"I'm not sure if the child has realized this yet," King Acacia continued, "But that weapon has the ability to change form. Whether that be its size or essence. And, most glaringly, it can hide its power. It's just that a transcendent level weapon is as far as its willing to belittle itself. The fact it allowed Dyon to hide its power even further is… I don't know…"

During Dyon's fight outside the legacy world, he had used his Demon Emperor's Will body technique. However, at the time, he hadn't mastered the perfect form. As such, he expanded to a 3-meter-tall version of himself. But, the surprising part was that his sword had grown with him.

Dyon had assumed that this was his fault. Because he didn't have enough strength, the sword was suppressing itself to be with him.

Although Dyon was partially correct, he wasn't entirely so. The sword didn't have to increase in size to increase its power output. It had only done so to suit Dyon's increased size and maintain proportions. No other weapon had the ability to do such a thing. Or, more accurately, very few did.

"In the past, as you might know, the 25th White Mother married into the Demon Qilin family.

Because of the lineage of the Celestial Deer was so robust and profound, this marriage was wholeheartedly accepted by the Demon Qilins. At the time, the Celestial Deer Sect was the most powerful sect in this quadrant. Well, it was among the most powerful, but was normally accepted as the best due to its array alchemists.

In fact, the 25th White Mother's husband jumped over many obstacles to marry her. Despite being a half step to supreme level beast, much like the 25th White Mother, the celestial deer had once been favoured as supreme beasts themselves. It was only that their blood was beginning to dilute with each passing generation. Because of this, they fell from the ranks of supreme beasts and into the ranks of the transcendent beasts.

However, there was only an infinitesimally small disparity between them and that next level. The lineages necessary to once again become supreme beasts were still being held in their blood. It was just that it was so diluted that it required more and more talent with each passing generation to reach that level. So, the solution that the Celestial Deer Clan, not sect, found was to marry their best and brightest to beasts capable of birthing children that could break through this barrier for them so they could once again become supreme beasts.

As you might guess, the Demon Qilin clan wasn't the best option. Not by a long shot. Despite not being Supreme beasts anymore, there were many other supreme beast level clans willing to marry into the celestial deer clan because their affiliated sect was that powerful. To have the backing of the celestial deer sect was something to be proud of.

But, the 25th White Mother fell for the first in line genius of the demon qilin clan and he decided that he'd fight for her, so that's what he did.

His competitors weren't few.

However, none were more powerful than the Black Jade Dragons."

"Black Jade dragons?" King Belmont's eyes flashed. "The Daiyu…"


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