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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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415 Threat 2

The person Dyon pointed at didn't know how to feel. Was he really supposed to go up now? It wasn't as though he was weak. He was number 97 on the cumulative rankings. But, how could that possibly compare with Iris?

He shook his head, vehemently, "I forfeit."

The Cowardly Demon – 4pts

"You." Dyon pointed again. This time toward a woman. Ranked 72nd. In an act that was of no surprise to anyone, she too shook her head.

The Cowardly Demon – 8pts


The Cowardly Demon – 11pts


The Cowardly Demon – 16pts


The Cowardly Demon – 21pts

Suddenly, the crowd understood what was happening. But, before anyone could say anything. Dyon began challenging those top nine rankers twice to take away the rest of their points. After all, there was a cap of 5pts per battle. But, did they dare to battle Dyon?

In the end…

The Cowardly Demon – 55pts

Iris' unconscious body had been challenged by Dyon 3 times. And because she was unfit to battle, they were deemed as automatic losses for her.

Others may have thought of taking advantage of this too. But, did they dare to provoke Dyon in such a way?

Everyone could only watch as Dyon made a fool of the proceedings. He wiped out the top 9 on his own and had practically gifted eight warriors a spot in the top 100 they didn't deserve. All to prove a point.

Clara rolled her eyes, "And to think I was worried for you. Still the same arrogant ass hat."

The Elvin girls giggled, very much used to both Dyon and Clara's personalities by now.

After accumulating 55 points to himself. Dyon turned his gaze back to Iris who was still hanging by her neck before snorting and dropping her. 'You crippled your own self.'

Dyon leisurely leaped off the stage, releasing his Demon Emperor's Will as he was greeted by tens of bitter faces.

"Oh? Are you all angry with me?" Dyon's smile had come back. He was nothing like he had been.

Cries of agreement rang out, especially from the top nine excluding Iris, of course.

"Even if you had a grudge with Iris, why did you have to take it out on us too! Now we're eliminated!" Using the mob to gain courage, one of the rankers spoke out.

Dyon started laughing, "You want to be mad at me? How about you be angry with the organizers who saw it fit to put me here in a group with people at this level?"

The rankers froze. If Dyon had said these same words just a few minutes ago, they would have been taken as a joke… But now? Could he really have earned his number one spot?

"To call me the cowardly demon? The Cavositas clown clan is nothing but that."

Elder Den's features steeled at Dyon's words.

However, there was a single person who had rage building up that surpassed just about anyone else.

The earth quaked and rumbled under his every step. He was a massive man, standing at four meters tall. His jaw line was so large that who looked almost like an ogre, having both the size and muscle mass to be.

Femi Geb. Rank 11. True rank 10.

Dyon raised an eyebrow as this massive figure stood before him. The earth seemed to want to pull Dyon in and his weight seemed to increase with the glare of this massive man.

'A pseudo gravity will? Interesting.' Dyon thought this even as his feet sunk into the earth below him, making him seem even shorter than he was already was.

The reason he was angry was obvious. He had spent his entire career within the top ten until he got the shock of a lifetime just a few months ago.

That anger didn't dissipate even when he found out that Dyon was likely a cheater, it only made him want to crush this so-called genius.

But now Dyon was practically spitting in his face. Calling the organizers clowns was just like saying him being in the top 10 was nothing more than a joke. That he hadn't earned his spot. And that if the Cavositas were intelligent, he would be kicked out.

"Do you need something?" Dyon's eyes flashed, clearly unperturbed by the height difference.

"I came here to make sure that I was the one you challenged for a spot in the top ten." His voice was deep and coarse, as though there were rocks rubbing against each other in his throat.

"And why would I do that?"

"Are you a coward?"

Dyon scratched an itch on the back of his neck, "Why would fighting someone who doesn't deserve to be in the top ten prove my bravery one way or the other?"

Femi Geb's veins bulged. The reddening of his skin.

"My plan was to challenge the fake number one from the beginning. I'm not here to entertain you people nor do I care about building up your suspense."

Fake number one?

Suddenly everyone understood exactly what Dyon meant. He had never planned on attacking the top ten's weakest link and hoping for the best. No. He had wanted to crush Lionel Belmont from the very beginning. He didn't want to hold anything in suspense nor did he care to.

King Belmont sent a glance toward his son but could only sigh when he saw the same deadpan expression he always did. At first, he had wanted Dyon to prove himself worthy of Madeleine by beating his son. But, Dyon had not only proven that he had no need to fake rankings, he had also slipped away with Madeleine right under his nose. King Belmont had little doubt in his heart that Madeleine's virginity was gone and he had no control over the matter.

And now this child had no qualms about publicly slapping the royal clan in their faces. But, could Belmont blame him? As a king all he had done was allow his subjects to slander someone who was just a boy at the end of the day. King Belmont had little doubt that had he been Dyon back in the day, or had King Acacia or Big Red been, they would be reacting in this exact same way.

Dyon brushed by Femi. He had no intention of wasting anymore of his time here. But, he then said something that made Dyon freeze.

"Don't blame me for making things difficult on your wives and friends then."

Dyon turned his head back. "Excuse me?"

Femi suddenly felt as though he had fallen into an abyssal hell. But, as an experienced warrior, he wouldn't let a look perturb him to the point of showing visible proof.

"I just mean that their brackets are coming up soon. And sure, they're very powerful. But, this system allows for chain challenges, no? Planet Deimos has quite a few in these later rounds. It would be a shame if they didn't make it to the top 100 because they were too tired to."

Black flames danced in Dyon's eyes.

This Femi character wanted to make use of the same challenge abuse Dyon had used to force Ri and Madeleine into multiple back to back battles.

"And say they get hurt." Femi's eyes get a sinister glow. "Accidents happen after all. A few small cuts. And maybe they end up more than hurt. Maybe even dead."

Dyon suddenly held out a finger. No one knew what he was doing, but for those paying attention, he was clearly pointing toward the Belmont-Sicarius skybox that housed his in laws.

Why? He was very clearly saying he'd handle it.

Queen Acacia's blue-silver tails slowly dissipated in the air. Had Dyon not done what he had, she would have flown out with speeds even faster than she had before. She hadn't seen her daughter in eleven years. She didn't care what war it started, but she wouldn't let anyone threaten Ri in front of her.

"Do you know the difference between you and Iris?" Dyon said faintly.

"She was weak. Imagine thinking you could have been in the top ten with such pitiful cultivation and only a single mastered will."

"No." Dyon replied. "The difference is that I'll be killing you."


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