Reaper of the Martial World
413 Scarlet Witch 5
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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413 Scarlet Witch 5

Dyon remained completely unmoved by Iris' display.

A dense and opaque white flooded Dyon's general vicinity, cutting off the forest of red from reaching him.

King Acacia's eyes flashed. Many didn't recognize this will, but he did immediately. "Celestial Will…"

Dyon though, still didn't move. Instead, his ring flashed as a familiar friend appeared. One he hadn't used in years.

A six-foot-long sword colored a completely light-immune jet-black appeared. Draconic cries of happiness rang through the stadium as a blood red aura began to drip from the sword.

Dyon's eyes flashed with gold, 'You've been supressed for too long.' The array he had placed on the sword so long ago shattered.

The cries of happiness increased, beating against the ears of everyone in attendance. The spirit of Dyon's transcendent sword roared into the skies, cutting through the air itself as a black dragon spanning hundreds of meters manifested.

But then, Dyon did something that no one could make heads or tails of.

With one swift motion, Dyon stabbed his sword into the ground, leaving it to his side. "She's not worthy of you."

The dragon in the skies seemed to nod in acknowledgement of Dyon's words before curling in on itself in a napping position before disappearing.

"You must be wondering why I bothered taking this sword out." Dyon stared into Iris' eyes, completely unperturbed by her output of cultivation. "I think I'll make a list of my own then."

Dyon took a step forward, his skin searing in red as he pushed his Demon Emperor's will to the first level of perfection.

"For one, your bullshit speech was so long that my mind wondered, and I just so happened to remember this sword of mine. At least you managed to jog my memory of the last time I needed to use it."

Dyon took another step, a dense fog escaping from his lips as he pushed his Demon Emperor's will to the second level of perfection.

"Secondly. Your cultivation is at the 6th essence gathering level. And you also happen to be an upper 4th grade expert. So, to save your pride, I was going to go all out."

Dyon took yet another step. His veins bulged, coursing a dense gold blood through his body. Lines of gold began lining his skin as though they were tattoos etched just below.

"But then that leads us to the third thing on our list. After I had decided to be the good guy and spare your feelings, I then heard nonsense about me not being worthy of being in the top ten?"

Dyon flashed forward, rings of red gold being left in his wake. He didn't use his movement technique, his body was just too overbearing.

Iris' eyes flashed. Veins of red crystals lashed outwards, sending spikes of red careening toward Dyon.

Brilliant purple gold formations blossomed in Dyon's path, crashing violently in the crystal arrows.

Showered of red, purple and gold rained down on the arena. But, the beauty was lost on the crowd. They sat at the edge of their seats, intent to see the clash of geniuses.

Iris didn't remain idle. Her arms spread from her recognizing the threat Dyon posed, "Ipsum Tales, Witch's Forest!"

The forest of red convened, sending branches with a sharp killing intent toward Dyon.

There was nothing more familiar to Dyon than these crystals. He had spent months struggling under the pain they brought. But, that had given him an intimate understanding of just what this will was all about.

It was an Earth type crystal will. However, unlike Dyon's version which had the goal of amplification, this had the role of preservation.

As nice as that sounded. It wasn't.

These red crystals wouldn't stop until its target was completely encased. Even the smallest bit was like a parasite that would latch on and grow.

There was only one reason why it was red. It was a blood sucking leech.

Wings burst from Dyon's back as he clashed with Iris.

Crystal roses appeared at her palms, leeching away the power in Dyon's strike.

Iris flew backwards violently, her eyes widening in shock as her arms shook violently under the power of Dyon's fists.

Shock colored the faces of the crowd. Iris. The undisputed number two of Earth. Had lost in the first exchange.

But, Dyon couldn't be bothered to let her have time to rest.

His wings flapped a single stroke, sending a tempest of wind will crashing into the stadium below and shattering the stage.

In an instant, he appeared above Iris' flying figure.

The golden veins in his arms bulged as he clasped his fists above his head, a dense red gold aura dripping from him as he slammed downwards.

Blood flew from Iris' mouth, her body caving inwards under the pressure. Her vision went blurry as the sickening sounds of her ribs giving way reverberated through the arena.

Dyon's wings flapped again, sending hundreds of participants watching below flying.

Iris could do nothing. Her problem was lack of versatility. As much as she liked to boast, she only knew a single will. But, Dyon's celestial will was cutting through it as though it didn't exist. Why? Because Dyon had spent two months with this will living inside of him. No one knew its weaknesses more than he did.

Iris hadn't even hit the arena floor before Dyon's knee found its way to her face, sending her flying upward just as violently as she had crashed downward.

"NO!" Rose Ipsum, Iris' little sister cried from a distance. How could she have known her sister, someone who was so respected and feared would ever be on the side of a loss like this?

Dyon showed not a shred of mercy, flying upward and catching Iris by her long jet-black hair. Dense flames of black colored his eyes as a deep rage steadily built in his heart. This wasn't enough.

Iris pulled a curved dagger from her hip, slicing her wrists before slicing off the hair Dyon held onto in one swift motion.

Blood flew from her hands. But, it didn't fall far. Instead, it crystallized into two sacrificial blades she held in either one of her hands.

The screech the resounded from Iris' techniques could no longer count as that of a Witch's. It was without a doubt a banshee.

Iris stabbed both blades into her chest under the shocked gazes of the crowd, slicing downward violently and tearing her clothes away. She was naked for but a moment before blood coated her so quickly that she became like a different person entirely.

Robes of red crystals graced her as her jet-black hair became a dark maroon.

A long staff appeared in her hand, seemingly made of wood but holding a large red diamond at the front end of it as its body curled to the natural whims of the branches of a tree.

The sound of Iris' screech increased as her crystal will burst through to the level of an intent. But, it didn't stop there.

One with mind. One with heart…

One with body!

Blood seeped from Iris' mouth, but it seemed to sparkle into the air as crystals before anything else.

"Ipsum's Tale. Scarlet Witch."


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