Reaper of the Martial World
412 Scarlet Witch 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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412 Scarlet Witch 4

The crowd didn't know how to feel about Dyon being so eager and knew how to handle his lack of a smile even less.

Ri and Madeleine looked at each before shaking their heads. He hadn't even said goodbye. In fact, no one should have been able to go through a list of 99 people so quickly, even as cultivators. It was clear that no one had anticipated these final matches more than Dyon.

Elder Den laughed uneasily. It seemed Dyon's actions had frozen the non-ranking contestants to the point where none seemed apt to volunteer. Well, that was until Dyon turned his gaze toward the crowd of them.

"It's best you all don't waste my time. If you volunteer quickly, there'll at least be 8 of you I don't challenge."

Dyon's words seemed to jolt the non-rankers into a sudden realization. In a near instant, 8 more warriors appeared. They hadn't even had time to think about how embarrassing it was for them to fold to Dyon's words so easily. But, there was an air to Dyon that made them feel as though he shouldn't be disobeyed… His demonic will was becoming tougher and tougher for him to reign in.

Elder Den cleared his throat. "Challenges work based on –"

"You." Dyon pointed out and into the crowd.

Without a shred of hesitation, Dyon had already picked his first opponent. He felt no need to wait for an explanation and his anger was definitely not going to allow him to do that. He had waited too long already.

King Belmont's lip twitched as he looked of at his long-time friend, King Acacia. "Did I say he was just as arrogant as you? I apologize, old friend."

When everyone saw who Dyon had challenged, a collective breath escaped the stadium. Not even the most ignorant found any room to laugh and everyone had only one thought: 'If you truly believed you were number one, isn't this how you'd act?'

Iris Ipsum's lip twitched. The crowd of warriors had separated from her, there was no doubt that Dyon had pointed toward her. Everyone understood what it meant.

For a person with only a single point to challenge a person with 10pts immediately was unheard of. Even if you had a grudge against a person, it was of little benefit to you. Even if you won, you would only take a single point from that person. But, if you lost, you would be out. That's not to mention how powerful a person with 10pt would be in the early game. Dyon's choice simply didn't make any sense.

It was clear he only had one purpose: to prove a point.

"Are you going to get up here? Or are you only good at sneak attacking people?" Dense black flames danced in Dyon's eyes as he looked down at Iris.

'He knows…' Iris' features barely fluctuated as she made her way to the stage, gently and gracefully landing.

It didn't seem as though anyone was intent on challenging anyone else. Everyone's focus was on this one fight.

"Do you know why I'm going to kill you today?" Iris' sweet voice rang through the stadium, pushing everyone to the edges of their seats.

Clara's heart seized when she heard these words. It suddenly dawned her just the kind of place this martial world was. Dyon's life was on the line here, she couldn't forget something like that.

The Elvin girls felt bad for Clara. They had gotten to know her well over the past day, and despite her cold eyes, she seemed to have a bubbly sense of humor to her that completely contrasted the feeling you got from looking at her. But, that personality was never more prominent than when she was interacting with Dyon… It was clear that she cared for him deeply.

So, to then have to hear someone so blatantly threaten his life, it didn't take a genius to understand what she must be feeling right now.

Dyon, though, said nothing in response. Instead choosing to stand there and observe quietly.

"There are a few reasons actually." Iris spoke faintly.

"First is my sister. You had the audacity to cause her pain. Who gave a commoner piece of shit like you the right to kill my sister's love?"

Clara gripped her fists at her knees. Although she had been aware that it was likely that Dyon had killed before. But, hearing it stated so clearly… She didn't know how to feel.

"The second reason though, is much more personal."

Iris' eyes began to glow a dense read, her jet-black hair flaring outwards and fluttering in the wind. Dense red crystal veins began to appear in the air, as though they were living vines of themselves.

"Because of your senseless deeds, I missed a campaign year two years ago, tending to my sister. You are directly responsible for my not being in the top ten right now."

Rage built in Iris' heart. She too understood the importance of having a top ten spot when it came to the final rounds. To her, it was because of Dyon that she had basically lost her ability to compete for the spot. All she could do now was aim for eleventh place.

The crowd was shocked into a realization. Did that mean that Iris was the equal to the top ten rankers?

"And lastly." Iris' veins of red crystals reached a tempest, blooming into roses that aimed their ire toward Dyon.

"You've disrespected me in challenging me first. You don't deserve to be in the top ten, so you think you can trick others into thinking you're more than you are by using me? How dare you."

Iris' cultivation released the full brunt of its force, a dense red aura cracked the arena beneath her face as features of pure rage colored her once delicate appearance.

The screech of a witch resounded through the arena as a forest of red trees sprung along the arena floor.

Everyone had their eyes on a single event. What would happen?


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