Reaper of the Martial World
407 Commoner 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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407 Commoner 4

Queen Acacia stood quickly, almost forgetting that she had been holding a little baby in her arms. "Sorry, sorry small child. Aunty's sorry." She cradled the baby as she slowly handed her off to her mother.

"Hold on Kawa. Jar Jar, go and get them. Tell them to come here." King Acacia spoke.

Kawa however, wasn't listening. She left the skybox with speeds that exceeded Uncle Acacia by hundreds.

In the air, Dyon looked down at the fighting figures in the arena and smiled. It seemed they had made it in time.

"Dyon! Do we have to stand in the air like this?!" Clara clung tightly to Madeleine, unwilling to let go even though they stood on Dyon's array. She was clearly not used to this.

Dyon was going to respond when he sensed something quickly approaching. Even he didn't have time to think, he had never felt something so powerful before.

Without asking, Dyon's figure immediately flashed backwards, grabbing onto the waists of all three girls as a massive sentinel appeared in front of him.

Clara shrieked. The movement was too face for her to handle and she barely registered that they were falling from the air.

King Acacia's eyes flashed at this scene, 'He reacted to Kawa's speed?... How?...'

King Belmont said nothing, instead sipping his wine with an 'I told you so' expression. Even Lionel didn't know what to think. He couldn't see Kawa at all, but he knew fully well why Dyon was reacting as he was. It hadn't even been a split second since Queen Acacia had left the skybox.

Dyon's eyes were flashing with a dense purple gold as he pushed his aurora to the max. Suddenly, his manifestation bloomed, his humanoid figure tearing its way into existence as his eyes considerably reddened.

Suddenly, he could see. A beautiful Japanese woman was careening toward them with speeds he couldn't fathom. His sentinel was between them and her, but he wasn't sure if it was enough.

Dyon pushed the pace of thinking, erupting his soul power to the peak of the middle 7th stage.

Saint energy poured from his pores, reddening his skin under the strain of pushing his soul to this level.

'Think, think. Is it worth it to pull out the second puppet or not?'

Dyon scanned the woman. But, the first thing he noticed was the surprised on her face when their eyes locked. She clearly hadn't expected for something like that to be possible. The second thing Dyon noticed was the softness in her eyes. And the third thing he noticed was how that softness became longing as her gaze shifted from him to Madeleine and Ri.

'Japanese woman…' Dyon's eyes snapped to the Belmont skybox. He had calculated that that must have been where she came from.

His array alchemy pierced through their sound and visual protection, immediately landing on a tall and dark blue haired Elvin man.

King Acacia's shock only grew. 'How…' Because he had noticed something else… That sentinel… It was too familiar…

Suddenly, Dyon understood. He let out a breath of relief, his tense muscles loosening as he retracted his soul manifestation and his sentinel.

Seeing Dyon stop, the girls tried to catch their breath, looking up at him for an explanation. Everything had happened in less than a split second, but the drastic difference between the action and the stopping jarred them. If it hadn't been for Dyon using array alchemy to protect Clara from the violent changes, it was likely that she would have been injured.

"Dyon? What's wrong." Ri looked up questioningly. The three of them were still being held tightly against Dyon, and maybe if it was anyone else, they would have thought he was being a pervert. But, Ri was his wife after all, even if he was being a perv, she wouldn't mind too much. The problem was that she knew Dyon wouldn't have acted that way for such a petty reason.

"Little feu glace…" Dyon took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. It had been a split second for everyone else. But, in that split second, Dyon had pushed everything he had to limit. "It seems we were too worried about your parents."

"Too worried?" Ri stared into Dyon's eyes confused, until she slowly started understanding what he meant. "You mean?..." Tears glistened in Ri's eyes as she heard a voice behind her.

"Little Alex?" The voice was so sweet that Ri broke down. Her vision was so blurry that even when she turned to face the voice, she could barely see through the onslaught of tears.

Kawa quietly embraced her daughter, both of their petite figures trembling in each other's arms.

Dyon and Madeleine smiled. Clara was a bit confused at first, but when she pieced what was happening together, she too smiled.

"I'm sorry Little Alex, I've been a bad mother."

Ri shook her head adamantly, trying to speak. But, the words kept getting caught in her throat, unwilling to come out.

Dyon remained silent, letting them have their moment. He didn't let the crowd impact this moment, having laid a concealment array over them.

"Come, come. Your father is waiting." Kawa wiped the tears from her eyes as she looked up to Dyon. "You went and got married behind my back, hm little girl?"

Hearing these words, Ri blushed profusely, "Mom, this is Dyon. He's my husband. This is Madeleine, she's my close sister and sister wife. This is Clara, she's Dyon's childhood friend."

"So it's like this?" Kawa smiled at Dyon, placing her small hand on his cheek. "You're quite handsome, no wonder my daughter fell for you."

Dyon grinned. "Mother in law, a compliment on my looks from you might be the peak my life ever reaches."

"Oh, and why's that?"

"Other than my wives and my mother, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

Kawa was taken aback by the purity in Dyon's eyes. He didn't hesitate and confidence exuded from his every word. There was no way to fake something like this. It was clear that Dyon's arrogance seeped into his very bones.

"Such a sweet talker," Kawa giggled, taking her daughter's hand and floating toward the skybox. "I warn you though, Dyon. My husband might not be so easily convinced."

Kawa looked back to see how Dyon would react, but all she found was a small smile. But, it was clear the fire in his eyes were lit. Kawa could only sigh and let them figure it out amongst themselves.


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