Reaper of the Martial World
406 Commoner 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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406 Commoner 3

Uncle Acacia, lifted his sister in law up, letting her small figure sit like a Queen on his shoulder. The smile on his face was bright. So bright in fact that he completely forgot that he had been hiding from someone's view all this time. That said, he was clearly in too happy a state to think about that right now.

"Stop playing around, Jar Jar," Queen Acacia smiled sweetly. "Take me to see my Little Alex."

"Ah… About this." Uncle Acacia started. But, before he could finish, King Belmont and Big Red had made their way out to greet the King and Queen pair.

"It took you long enough." King Belmont smiled. "If I didn't come out personally, the other heads would have a field day with you."

King Acacia's smile faded a bit, his eyes training on Head Sigebryht in the distance. Their clash of wills lasted but a moment, but in the end, it was clear that King Acacia was still superior.

"My World Tournament isn't a place for you to settle your kingdom's disputes. Come." King Belmont turned, leading them to their sky box before closing them off to the public once again.

"About the kingdom big brother…" Uncle Acacia started, gently putting down Queen Acacia.

"Did something happen?" Edrym's eyes pierced toward his younger brother, questioningly.

Queen Acacia was immediately greeted by Queen Belmont and Mistress Sicarius and had been playing with the little Belmont baby princess, but when she heard her husband ask about kingdom affairs, her head snapped back. "No. Nothing about the Elvin Kingdom until I see my daughter. Where is she and why didn't you bring her when you came up to us?"

"This…" Uncle Acacia scratched his head awkwardly, his long dark blue hair shifting ever so slightly as he glanced from his brother to his sister in law.

Seeing Ajaar struggling, King Belmont sat on his throne and sighed, "Kids grow up fast."

"What do you mean?" Queen Acacia looked up in confusion. She just wanted to see her daughter, but everyone was being so cryptic.

"I don't know when it happened, but she must have left with her husband." King Belmont said slowly.

Queen Acacia's eyes sparkled, "Husband? My little girl has a husband now?" Tears threatened to spill out of Kawa's eyes. It wasn't that she was for or against the idea. It was mostly that she as a mother had already missed so much of her daughter's life.

King Acacia's face steeled. "What is that supposed to mean? How could you not monitor the movement of children?" Edrym didn't entertain for an instant that Ri's husband was a top tier expert. He was already having trouble controlling his temper, he didn't want to make it worse than it already was.

King Belmont shrugged, taking a glance at his sons before looking back, "Let's just say your son in law is quite the genius despite what's being said."

"What's being said?" King Acacia didn't seem to care about this glowing endorsement. Or, more accurately, he didn't let his true feelings on the topic show on the surface. He felt the need to make up for time he lost as a father, and that meant properly vetting his daughter's man.

Seeing that no one else wanted to explain, King Belmont took it upon himself to. After a few minutes, King and Queen Acacia had a solid understanding of the situation.

But, before they could make a decision one way or another, Uncle Acacia, aka Ajaar, also known as Jar Jar, made it a point to explain the happenings of the Elvin Kingdom as well. These were things even King Belmont hadn't known about. But, in that very moment, everyone became aware of Dyon's deeds.

Queen Acacia giggled, content with her new son in law as she played with the adorable baby. "Then let's wait for them to come back then."

"So, what you're tell me is that my son in law is an arrogant playboy who also happens to be a cheater?"

"Well, I don't know whether he's a cheater or not." King Belmont responded. "But, I guess the other two descriptors are true… Considering his second wife is the first in line genius of the Sapientia."

King and Queen Acacia froze. "You mean…"

Big Red nodded, interjecting. "She's their daughter."

"Who the hell is this kid?" King Acacia's cultivation leaked, shaking the skybox violently.

"Oh?" King Belmont smiled. "You're quite close."

"Stop being so overdramatic Edrym. He's no more or less arrogant as you." Queen Acacia reprimanded.

"I never cheated to get to where I am now." King Acacia said defiantly.

"Like I said," King Belmont spoke, "I don't know whether he's a cheater or not."

Suddenly, Lionel spoke. "Father, you're giving him too much leeway. How is it possible for anyone to climb to first on the rankings after a single campaign? If you want to praise his array alchemy, I wouldn't say anything. But, to say that he might deserve his ranking is too much."

King Acacia sighed, "If I didn't have to leave, I would have married her to one of your sons instead. How could I have allowed this? And for him to marry their daughter as well? We've truly failed."

"You're letting your emotions affect your logic." King Belmont warned. "Don't ruin your relationship with daughter after already being away for ten years. If the first thing you do is reprimand her choices, you risk alienating her forever. And, from what I know about this boy, he'll care little for your threats. In fact, if you provoke him, it's likely that you'll be on the losing end."

At this point, even Queen Acacia was surprised by King Belmont's words. Regardless of how talented this boy was, he was still a child at the end of the day. Why would that ever be something King Belmont had to worry about?

Below their skybox, the next rounds of the World Tournament had begun. The contrast between the cheering crowd and the silent skybox was striking. But, no one understood how to take this conversation forward from here.

Well… That was until the second grand entrance of the day happened just moments later.

A sonic boom sounded above the stadium as a dark Tower appeared. But, that wasn't what caught everyone's attention.

King Acacia's eyes narrowed as the Tower disappeared, revealing a smiling and handsome teenage boy surrounded by three laughing beauties. One with fair caramel skin and grey eyes. Another with striking purple hair and eye. And the final, one that made even his kingly demeanor shatter.

"Is that really my daughter?..." He said softly.


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