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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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402 Plan 5

General Mace scanned over Dyon. He could care less about Dyon's women. But, what he did care about was wiping that confident and piercing look off of Dyon's face… It reminded him too much of General Sacharro.

"It seems your daughter and nieces are here, President Gallagher. It would be a shame if anything happened to them."

President Gallagher's face had gained color the likes of which he hadn't had in years. Not only had Dyon removed his cancer, he had also flooded his cells with essence energy. President Gallagher felt ten… No, twenty years younger. He couldn't believe it.

"Is there something you need, General Mace?"

"Congress and the House have acknowledged the threat of the martial world. In the past few weeks, the number of unidentified objects and energy flashes in our outer space territory has sky rocketed. It's clear that something on a large scale is happening and the country needs to be put under Martial Law. I don't want to have to use the media to pressure you, as that would cause undo chaos. It would be best if you decided to do this of your own free will." General Mace explained calmly.

Dyon eyes flashed. He was right! 'They really are using the world tournament as an excuse.'

Over the past few weeks, there's of course been an influx of space travel. Why? Because hundreds to even thousands of warriors were making their way to the world tournament.

Although the technology used was outside the scope of mortal understanding, that didn't mean that their satellites couldn't pick up the oddities.

So, General Mace was making use of this data to fear monger his way through Congress and justify Martial Law!

"Unfortunately, I won't be signing the country away to Martial Law." President Gallagher responded calmly.

Having expected this answer, General Mace continued unperturbed. "Then, I'm afraid we'll have to seize your medical history as reason to impeach you."

"Oh? And why's that?"

"We have reason to believe that you've been hiding a grave illness from the general population. A sick president is not one fit to lead. There is a reason why things of this nature are vetted before the inauguration. Unfortunately for you, it's likely that you contracted this disease during your tenure. But, it has clearly impacted your mental health and ability to lead. Only a president affected in these ways would refuse Martial Law considering the current situation."

"Nothing of significance has changed on my medical records. There are a few things our government does not do. The first is negotiate with terrorists. And the second, is fold to baseless political witch hunts."

General Mace's lip twitched. He had been drawing this out, hoping to catch President Gallagher in a fit of coughing like his secretary had reported – or, more accurately, had been coaxed into reporting. At least then they'd be able to record and make use of it. But, he seemed… perfectly healthy?

At first, they had wanted to cut directly to the source and find President Gallagher's doctor. But, this aspect had clearly already been handled by the President. General Mace couldn't find whoever he or she was!

"Think about this carefully, President. I'm sure you have things in your life that you care for more than your tenure or your legacy. And considering the situation, it wouldn't be so hard for me to find them. You have no idea about the powers the back me. You cannot fathom them. I won't belittle your intelligence by continuing to pretend as though this is for the greater good of the country. But, if you want the greater good for your family, it's best you fold."

President Gallagher's gaze wavered. He couldn't feel anything different from those warriors, but Dyon had told him they had cultivation. That meant that he was no match right now… And the fact that General Mace had dared to come here likely meant that he either had warriors surpassing mortal technology, or he had already dealt with his security detail.

General Mace's gaze followed Gallagher's, landing on the nonchalant Dyon and the three girls behind him.

"G man. What exactly is the law on kicking the ass of a government official?"

"Ah –" President Gallagher was startled by Dyon's response. This wasn't a joke. But he also knew that Dyon was smarter than to take it as one too.

The Asian men suddenly started laughing. They had no idea that Dyon had come from the martial world because Dyon's cultivation was too pure for them to feel. He looked like an ordinary human.

"Little Boy, you don't even know the world you just stepped into."

One of the men in black walked up to Dyon, standing a half head taller than him. "You think you can protect these little girls from us? You think you're a big man? Do you?"

"Stand aside." General Mace said calmly, stepping to Dyon. "Kick my ass? Do you know what it would take to do something like that?"

Dyon stroked his chin, looking General Mace up and down. "I doubt it would take much, judging. You're old and your best feature is that foul mouth of yours."

Dyon suddenly felt a tug on his shirt. Looking back, he found Clara. But her eyes, despite still being cold, held a deep apprehension to Dyon's words. She was trying to tell him to stop provoking the General.

"You should listen to the little girl. It seems the fairer sex is also the smarter one."

"After today, General, I think I'll figure out a few of the things I'd always wanted to know."

General Mace started laughing a deep and resounding laugh. He held his head, seemingly not capable of understand where Dyon's confidence was coming from.

"You left to the martial world for two years. With your mediocre talent, with that time you probably haven't even stepped past the fourth foundation stage. Even if you had a few more decades you wouldn't be at my level! And considering how weak you are, it's likely your wives are even weaker." General Mace released his cultivation, bearing down on Dyon with a menacing sneer. "Do you understand the difference between us?!"

Ri snickered from behind Dyon, unable to hold her laughter in any longer.

Dyon turned back, "Little feu glace, don't laugh at the man. Can't you see he's very powerful?!"

Madeleine burst into laughter, holding sides. She couldn't believe she had felt so much pressure from this man before. It let her know that there had to be more to cultivation than just accumulated energy. Or else General Mace's presence wouldn't be so powerful.

"9th foundation stage. That's not bad General Mace. Truly." Dyon nodded with approval as the veins in General Mace's forehead seemed to want to pop out.

"Who are you trying to fool!"

General Mace's fist flew forward.

"Dyon!" President Gallagher stood abruptly. But, how could he be fast enough?

Clara gasped in shock, but even standing right behind Dyon, there was little she could do but close her eyes.

But, the massive body she expected to come flying into her never came. In fact, all she felt was a light breeze rustling by her.

General Maze stood in shock looking at his fist being clamped down on.

"I think I'm starting to understand the difference between us." Dyon nodded, comedically pondering over something.

"AGH!" General Mace fell to his knees, feeling his hand crush under the weight of Dyon's fingers.

"You!" The Asian warriors rushed forward, but Ri had already flashed to intercept them.

Sword and wind will flew across the room, crashing the warriors to the floor.

Pillars of air pressed into their backs even as sharp illusory blades were held to their throats. No one dared to move.

Dyon turned back to Clara, giving her a wink that caused her to sigh in relief and roll her eyes all at once.

"So… About that signature."


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