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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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401 Plan 4

President Gallagher didn't seem too surprised by Dyon's answer. If anything, he seemed that he would have been more surprised had that not been what Dyon said.

"Tell me, G man. What do you know?" Dyon

"I got a report yesterday. There's been an order for martial law."

Dyon's brow furrowed. This was no normal order. Martial Law was something written into the laws of America. In the case of a national level crisis, military law would rule over the country. It's putting the country under the control of the military. And very conveniently, there's only one man who benefits from that the most: General Mace.

"I know the law, G man. No one but you is able to impose Martial Law. Without your signature, it's impossible."

President Gallagher chuckled bitterly. "Martial Law is only the second part of the plan. The first is my impeachment. The only reason this office isn't flooded with my personnel is because I'm technically supposed to be giving a talk right now."

"Don't worry about that. It's too much to explain, but let's just say I can clone myself. What we need to talk about is this impeachment. What do they have?"

"They've been calling for me to release my medical records to the public."

"So it all comes back to that…"

"Even if by some miracle you really could cure me right now, they would still win."

Dyon nodded. Whether he cured G man now was irrelevant. For one, it wouldn't change his past medical records – records that still have to be released. Secondly, no one would believe that cancer was cured so easily. And, thirdly, if they did their due diligence in proving that Dyon could cure cancer that would be bad for a few reasons: it would reveal a national secret, that being Dyon's role in the martial world; it would lessen public morale, because that would mean that the martial world far exceeds them; and finally, but maybe most importantly, this would all put the country into a fit of chaos.

However, they had given President Gallagher an out. If he co-signed Martial Law under the guise of national unity against the martial world, it would unite the country and he wouldn't be impeached. Although there would be some chaos, it wouldn't be to the extent of all hope lost.

'It can't be a coincidence that this is all happening during the world tournament…' Dyon thought.

He racked his brain, trying to figure out why. The world tournament was a gathering of all the planets, yes, but only Earth had mortals… So why would they need other planets?

'Unless…' Dyon's mind flashed with an idea.

"I know it won't help the larger situation, but I still want to heal you first." Dyon stood and walked to President Gallagher's side.

"Can you actually?" President Gallagher looked up at Dyon from his seat, a faint light of hope lighting in his eyes.

"Of course." Dyon smiled.

"Ha! It seems I haven't wasted all those years on you for nothing."

"How ungrateful." Dyon placed his hand on President Gallagher's shoulder. "You may start coughing up a lot of bad stuff soon… But, this is better than me reaching into your chest."

Before he could be confused, President Gallagher suddenly felt a warm and comfortable feeling wash over him. Dyon's aurora and celestial will poured in, gently cleansing Gallagher's healthy cells while slowly cutting away the malignant ones.

Suddenly, a violent fit of coughing hit President Gallagher. Gross chunks of mutilated cells fell from his mouth and into a side garbage can Dyon kicked under him.

A flash of black caught Dyon's attention and Clara ran out to Dyon's side. "Dad? Dad? Are you okay?"

Clara's cold eyes glistened as she watched her father convulse, blood continuously falling from his mouth.

"Don't worry." Dyon said softly. "This is good for him."

Clara was about to protest, but she suddenly felt two soft hands slip into either one of hers. She turned to notice Madeleine and Ri by side, giving her ensuring smiles.

"We can punish him later. But, we should trust him for now."

Outside of the office, the loud booming noises were becoming louder and louder, but the sound wasn't being projected in.

"What is wrong with you people?" General Mace boomed. "I thought you were cultivators? Why can't you break down a door?"

"This…" An Asian man dressed in black responded. He was an essence gathering level expert. He didn't know why the door wouldn't open for him either. And the worst part was that the door wasn't even dented or damaged under his onslaught.

General Mace was furious. He had requested martial experts to help expedite the Martial Law enforcing process so he could strong arm congress into being on his side. But, all of that was useless if he couldn't intimidate President Gallagher into signing as well.

On top of that, even with the media asking him to release medical records, because this had already been done before the inauguration, it would be seen as a political witch hunt to be forced to do so again. President Gallagher had the moral high ground… For now.

Suddenly, the door of the office opened and the group of men found a handsome teenage boy smiling back at them. "You knocked?"

General Mace brushed passed, signaling for his entourage of four to follow him in.

Clara shivered under the pressure General Mace brought with him. She was used to her father's presence, but President Gallagher always turned his off. General Mace didn't seem to have that habit.

The Asian men dressed in black, eyed Madeleine, Ri and Clara, seemingly liking what they saw. Dyon didn't say anything about it for now, but he had already noted them down. Without knowing the full scope of the situation, he didn't want to overplay his hand. So, he chose to stand protectively in front of the three girls instead.

General Mace's pressure around them immediately dissipated. It was as though Dyon's presence cut through it all.

Clara couldn't help but look at Dyon's broad back. She quickly glanced at Ri and Madeleine, but all she found were calm smiles filled with confidence in the boy who stood in front of them.

'Just what have you become?…'


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