Reaper of the Martial World
394 Give Up 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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394 Give Up 1

The very next morning, Madeleine's muffled moans filled the hotel room.

Dyon sat up, wrapping her waist with one arm and playing with her plump breasts with the other as she rode him.

"You guys make too much noise," Ri groaned, rolling in her sleep.

Madeleine rested her head of Dyon's shoulders, panting for air as she felt his two strong hands grip her waist tightly, not letting her escape from his plunging rod.

"So deep…" Madeleine shivered, her hips rocking under Dyon's movement. Her back arched, allowing Dyon a view of two perfect mounds covered in glistening sweat.

Madeleine's body twitched under the pleasure, collapsing onto the bed. "I tap out." She gasped.

Dyon grinned, rolling over to spoon Ri. His hands glided along the curves as his cock pressed flush against her soft ass.

Ri giggled, "You beast."

Slipping one arm under Ri's side to grab her breast and the other under her thigh to lift her leg, Dyon gently grinded his tip against her slit as he trailed kisses along her neck.

Ri moaned as she felt Dyon's girth pierce her, rocking back and forth to follow his motion.

"I'm going to take you two to a cool place today."

"Sh," Ri reached back, sliding her hand along Dyon's cheek, "I," She gasped, "Can't focus on your words right now."

Dyon smiled, obliging to Ri's request and focusing on pleasing his wives well.


"Do I look like a chauffeur to you kid? I'm the third most powerful military man in this country! What do I look like driving three kids around?!" Lieutenant General Barbaros feigned anger as he drove a large black vehicle down a spacious road.

Ri and Madeleine giggled.

"Would you like some water Uncle Barbaros?" Ri offered, blinking innocently.

"I can massage your shoulders too Uncle, you must have a very stressful job." Madeleine chimed in.

Dyon looked back from the front seat with a thumbs up, causing another fit of giggles to fill the car.

Seeing his Uncle blush let Dyon know he had won this round.

"Look at you, manipulating your beautiful wives like this. If I hear you've been a bad husband, don't blame me for spanking you in place of your father."

Dyon laughed, "I got it Unc. How's the G man doing?"

Uncle Barbaros rolled his eyes as he turned the SUV's wheel, "Only you would call the president G man. Plus, you like avoiding other things too much. Wives or not, there's someone else you should be asking about too."

Ri and Madeleine nodded. In fact, when they had kicked Dyon out of from bathing with them, they too talked about this.

Ri hadn't known how serious it was until she spoke to Eli. But, neither had Madeleine until Ri told her. Dyon seemed to have avoided the topic entirely with the both of them, dismissing Clara as a childhood friend. But, he really did see her like that.

"Look at you three. Already colluding behind my back." Dyon shook his head, looking out of the windows before he noticed something was wrong. "This isn't the direction to the white house, you know. How long did you think it would take me to notice?"

"It's a school day. Kids should be in school so I'm taking you to school. Even you can't just barge into the White House midday like this."

Dyon turned his gaze turned toward his uncle with a 'really' expression plastered on. "Find me a school that can teach me anything new, and I'll agree."

"Ugh, so arrogant. I'll be taking my lovely nieces to see their other uncle. You'll be doing some talks. Gallagher was supposed to do this talk, but when he heard you were coming he decided to take some time off."

"Uncle Barabaros, who is Gallagher? Is he the president you were talking about?" Madeleine asked.

"Yes. He's the President of the United States of America." Barbaros said proudly.

"Is he powerful?"

"You could say he's the leader of the free world. Other countries may disagree, but America likely has tge most power. So, as its leader, he's seen as quite important."

"Hold on," Dyon protested, "How did I get stuck with this? I'm supposed to be on vacation too!"

"You're too young to go on vacation. Go do some work." Barbaros abruptly stopped the car, clicking the passenger door open for Dyon.

"Wait, but this is." Dyon looked out to see a large gated University.

"Here's your ID and the number of the hall you're supposed to go to. Although I have no doubt everyone knows who you are, it's best to be safe. OK. Bye!"

Dyon turned a pleading gaze to Ri and Madeleine, but all he found were two bright smiles and a pair of small hands waving him good bye.

Ri and Madeleine then joined hands, fusing their wind will and pushing Dyon out of the car.

"You can go now Uncle!"

Dyon, clearly surprised, stumbled out of the car and could only watch bitterly as the black SUV pulled away.

"I guess I can't give a talk wearing this…" Dyon sighed, looking down at his sweat pants before looking toward the university.

Even at the entrance, there was a large stream of students.

The front lawn was large and filled with a mix of quietly studying students, socializing students, and even a few athletes playing catch. It gave Dyon a nostalgic feeling. He had forewent the normal education route, but he did still have a few degrees. That said, he always wondered how things would be if he hadn't had so much on his mind from such a young age. Maybe he'd be playing catch right now too.

Dyon strolled into the gates sighing. He knew very well why they wanted him to come here but he didn't like it. But, he knew he had to do this eventually. He had just hoped he could have had the social environment of the White House as a helper. But, it's clear he wouldn't get his wish now.

"Well, I never got to go to you." Dyon said quietly, "Maybe it's time I experience Princeton University, hm?"


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