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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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393 Love 3

Dyon stroked slowly, feeling the wet vortex of Ri's treasured place convulse around him even as his hand delicately explored Madeleine's.

Ri's hips seemed to beg Dyon to go faster, to go deeper, but he refused. Every time she pushed forward, he pulled back and every time she pulled back, he pushed forward.

Madeleine was even more frustrated. Dyon's control over his hands far outdid his cock. The way he slowly circled her clit. The way his fingers curled into her, but never deep enough. The way his kiss was slow and gentle. It kept her longing for more.

Ri and Madeleine moaned in frustration. Every time they nearly climbed over the peak, Dyon would stop. Pulling out of Ri and taking his fingers away from Madeleine.

"Dyon. Please." Their moans became pleas and their growls became whimpers.

Dyon didn't seem to hear them, only slowly increasing his pace when Madeleine's nails began to dig into his back.

"Dyon, I'm cumming." Madeleine moaned into Dyon's ear, unable to control the violent shaking of her hips as she grinded into Dyon's fingers.

Ri couldn't speak. She had thrusted her hips so far forward, unready for Dyon's increased pace, that she had felt him in a place that was almost too deep. Her orgasm was so violent that she turned over, needing to escape from the pleasure.

Dyon smiled, gently running his hands over RI's body as he set Madeleine down gently.

Ri faced Madeleine's cheek, grasping her hand for a moment they all knew she had anticipated even as the last over her convulsions slowly ended.

Dyon leaned over Madeleine, looking into deep purple eyes with a smile playing his features. He gently kissed lips, laying his cock on her toned belly.

Madeleine's hand found her way to it while her other happily accepted Ri's.

"Take me."

Dyon shivered as he felt Madeleine guide him to her entrance.

Seeing Madeleine sure smile, Dyon no longer hesitated as he pushed forward.

Madeleine gasped at the all new sensation. She didn't feel pain, but there was an endless warm feeling her belly. Dyon's cock was nothing like his hands. Both felt good, but Madeleine immediately understood why Ri had nearly passed out.

"Dyon… It's too good…" Madeleine's moans filled the room as Dyon slowly slid in and out of her, relishing in the sight of her small pink folds being separated by him.

Ri's free hand glided over Madeleine's body, lightly tracing her pink and perky nipples before exploring more sensitive areas.

Dyon watched this as he savored the crevices of Madeleine's walls. Both Ri and Madeleine were tight beyond belief. He could feel their every orgasm with every inch of himself. But still, he held back. He wanted to give Madeleine his everything for her first.

But, Ri and Madeleine almost seemed lost in their own world. Dyon's hand had found its way to RI's delicate folds, causing her breathing to quicken along with Madeleine's. But, they no longer faced Dyon. In fact, they faced each other.

Madeleine lay on her back, her legs wrapped tightly around Dyon's waist as her ample breasts bounced with his every movement. Her nose was a mere half each from Ri's, their breathing completely in sync. There was only one more push needed, just a single ride to the peak of pleasure.

Dyon's pace quickened, his hand grinding into Ri even as he slid deeper and deeper into Madeleine. And that was when he felt it. The burning fires of a violet flame and the call of a phoenix.

Madeleine, Ri and Dyon's souls intertwined as the lips of two otherworldly beauties found their way to each other.

Dyon felt his body cultivation skyrocket. 12%... 13%... 13.5%... 14%... 14.5%...14.9%.

Energy stones flew from Dyon's ring, randomly filled the room as he was unwilling to lose the feeling of Madeleine wrapped around him.

Dyon soul broke through an entire layer, shattering the peak of the lower 7th stage to enter the peak of the middle 7th stage.

Dyon's energy cultivation seemed to want to tear through everything in existence, but he held it back – stamping it down even as he watched Ri's tongue slip into Madeleine's mouth.

"You two…" Dyon's voice came out in a low growl as the flames of violet danced in the air.

Ri propped herself up on her knees, sticking her ass toward Dyon as she deepened her kiss with Madeleine.

The sight was too much for Dyon. He lifted Ri up by her waist, causing her to squeal with pleasure as he placed her on top of Madeleine.

Their two sets of folds lay perfectly on top of each other as Dyon did something he was sure only a cultivator could do.

He started slowly, pulling from Madeleine's convulsing folds to enter Ri's before going back. The muffled moans of his wives as their lips locked with each other was all the motivation Dyon needed to quicken his pace.

The soft wetness of their entrances leaked and combined. The raging purple flames flared with Dyon's golden, raising their pleasure by three.

Dyon felt himself nearing his limit.

And then it came.

Dyon entered Madeleine, releasing so strongly that he had to hold onto Ri and Madeleine to stabilize him.

Madeleine's hips convulsed, relishing in the gush that unleashed inside of her as her legs locked around Dyon.

Dyon's arms wrapped around Ri's waist, his hands finding their way to her folds before he circulated a final time, causing her to bite Madeleine's lip as she moaned with pleasure.

That night, Dyon slept with a grin on his face. Madeleine to his right, Ri to his left and each hand rested on a soft mound.

Madeleine and Ri slept soundly too, their heads being rested on Dyon broad chest gave them a sense of security neither felt with it.

"I love you." Dyon said softly. He didn't say these words nearly enough, but he felt the need to now.

The smiles of Ri and Madeleine's faces brightened as they snuggled closer, allowing the soft breathing of sleep to fill the room.


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