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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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A fair distance away, Dyon stared out of the large suite windows with a pensive look. He wore his sweatpants and had removed his shirt to clean his wound and switch out his bandages. Ri and Madeleine had gone off to bathe together, something he had wanted to join but was kicked out of much to his sadness.

'I owe you. But I can't marry you.' As conceited as that sounded, Dyon had to be realistic with himself. The fact he even thought he owed Clara in the first place was already conceited of him. He hadn't seen Clara since he was 13, and even before that, he hadn't spoken to her since he was 10. He didn't know what was telling him that she still had or ever had feelings like that for him. It was pure conceit.

But, regardless of whether she had any feelings or not, he would pay her back. He didn't know if it was possible for any mortals other than him to cultivate, but he would at least take Clara out to experience the martial world.

If he brought her to the Epistemic Tower, maybe he could earn some blood essence rewards to help her body cultivate. Then, once her body was strong enough, he could ask his grand teacher to give her a set of meridians too.

Dyon felt like the best way to pay Clara back was by giving her something that was taken away from most humans… Their power. Then, one day, when enough time had passed, if she really was in love with him now, she would happily move on and find someone who treated her better.

Suddenly, Dyon's thoughts were interrupted.

"Look at him. Probably thinking about useless and stupid stuff again." Giggled Ri.

Madeleine nodded in agreement. "That's definitely his 'I'm overthinking simple things' face again."

Dyon turned back, ready to rebuttal, but his words got caught in his throat.

There stood his lovely wives, wrapped in towels so short that he was almost certain that if he turned them around, the soft shape of their asses would poke out ever so slightly.

He took a deep breath, trying to steady his breathing, but nothing seemed to be working. Even the water that faintly dripped from their long hair to their bodies was too much for him to handle.

"I think I made a mistake." Dyon choked out.

Ri and Madeleine smiled, walking each to either of Dyon's sides and trailing their small hands along his growing bulge.

"What mistake is that?" Madeleine giggled lightly.

"I can't handle the both of you…" Despite his words, Dyon's arms had snaked around waists, grabbing their soft asses as he lifted them each up – one for each arm.

Ri and Madeleine shrieked with delight as they tried their best to keep their towels wrapped around themselves even as Dyon gently laid them on the large super sized bed.

Dyon took his time, leaning over their figures domineeringly as his lips graced each one of theirs.

Ri's smell and taste was the same. It was like stepping in the freshest of spring waters and being graced with the softness of lavender.

Madeleine was like a delicate flower, but she had the plumpness and sweet taste of a peach.

Dyon threw away his pants, almost resentful that they had been there as he slowly turned his gaze from Ri to Madeleine and back again.

Their towels left little to the imagination, but that made them all the more alluring.

Ri's petite but curvy figure was wrapped much more tightly than Madeleine, but because of her position lying on her back and the bend of her knee, Dyon could see the faint sight of one of the most beautiful things the world had to offer.

Madeleine, however, had a figure much too robust for the pitiful towel to handle. Because she had been longing for Dyon's touch, her hands hadn't bothered to keep the towel in place so it had burst apart, revealing a sight Dyon too had longed to see.

Madeleine's figure had truly filled out. Her breasts were more than what Dyon's undoubtedly large hands could handle and her hips flared from her waist so perfectly that Dyon's hands found their way there first.

Flashing golds of Dyon's aurora flame and the crystals of his celestial will came down with an energy he had never pushed it to before.

After awakening his energy cultivation, Dyon had gained the ability to tap into his wills to a new level. And with his saint soul, he obviously had the ability to push his aurora flames to all new heights. But now, Ri and Madeleine were feeling the full brunt of both.

Dyon's hands gently pulled away their towels, revealing two immaculate figures that were reddening and moaning under his touch.

His hands slipped down their curved figures, delicately tracing their inner thighs and ever so lightly outlining their pink folds. Ri's small triangular patch of hair and Madeleine small strip added the perfect accents to their already perfect bodies.

Their hips rocked to Dyon's touch, grinding his fingers further into them as their hands found their way to each other.

"Dyon." Both of their moans filled room as they convulsed violently. They hadn't lasted even a minute under Dyon's touch.

"That was too easy for you two," Dyon smiled, trailing kisses over their bodies as they shivered. "I'm going to make you work for it next time.

Dyon pulled Madeleine up from the bed, taking her into his arms and enjoying the two mounds of flesh that pressed against his chest. He had already positioned his cock at Ri's entrance, pouring his wills into her.

Ri's entrance grinded along Dyon's tip, lacing it with her delicate juices as her legs trembled.

Madeleine's arms wrapped around Dyon's neck. She had forgotten the last coherent thought she had, but all she knew was that there was nothing better in this world than to be in her husband's arms.

Dyon slowly pushed forward, relishing in the sound of Ri's near bestial growl as he penetrated her.

Madeleine's delicate lips found their way to his, falling into his embrace even more. But, when she felt Dyon's hands slip into her, she too lost herself as her back arched, biting his lip in retaliation.


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