Reaper of the Martial World
388 Frontier 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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388 Frontier 1

Just moments earlier, Connery Sapientia had sensed Dyon taking away Ri and Madeleine. In fact, because of that moment, he nearly cracked his throne again. Why? Because he was fully convinced at this point that Dyon's array alchemy had far surpassed his. For him to sense Dyon taking away his wives meant only a single thing: that Dyon had wanted him to.

It had only lasted a split moment before Dyon completely disappeared, but that was enough. It wasn't that Dyon wanted to provoke Connery. He only wanted to continue playing their little game. In the back of Connery's mind, although he found the percentage likelihood to be very small, a piece of him still believed that there was a possibility that Dyon could be bluffing. Something was itching at him, telling him that Dyon didn't want their competition as much as he didn't want it. But, he had no proof.

Every move Dyon made was perfect and made sense. No matter how much backing, money, or power Dyon held now, there was no way for him to fight the entire universe on his own. If he continued to push Connery, it might lead to other leaders that hated him taking advantage.

Connery understood that and even knew that the only reason he was holding onto that faint possibility was for his own pride. But, he still couldn't fathom how a mere child could have surpassed him so easily. And now? They had seemingly also lost a first in line genius as well…


Far from the world tournament, Dyon sat on a large cushioned throne with Madeleine and Ri on either of his thighs. He felt content, holding their waists lightly as they rested their heads on his neck.

They were currently in the Demon Sage's Tower. It was a supreme treasure Dyon hadn't made use of since the day of the legacy world opening. In fact, he still had many trials he hadn't taken either. But, he had been so focused on other things that he never got around to opening higher floors.

That said, the Demon Sage Tower was perfect for travel and when Dyon didn't need to make it go as fast as he had to escape that day, the energy stone usage was minimal.

"Where are we going?" Madeleine asked. She had been content to lean in and enjoy Dyon's embrace, but they had been flying for almost an hour over the ocean now, so even she was getting curious.

Dyon smiled, "I was wondering how long it would take you two to ask. When I asked if you two wanted to go home, I really meant home."

"You mean?" Ri looked up.

"Mhm. The human world. That's the only place I can take you guys out without having to fight my way through an army of horny men. At worst you'll have to deal with some stares."

Ri and Madeleine giggled. They were excited to know more about Dyon's origins. It wasn't that it was impossible to travel from the human to martial world, it was more so that it was tedious and the humans weren't as weak as the martial warriors liked to presume.

Prime examples of this were Dyon's father and the soldier's armor Dyon had used the arm guards of back at Focus Academy. Then there was Dyon's shield that was capable of easily blocking Ava's attack. It was suffice to say that the human world had technology capable of matching up to at least the lower extremities of the martial world. They were mysterious enough the top end experts didn't bother with them and strong enough that the lower end experts knew not to encroach on their territory.

But, there was another reason martial experts never seemed to bother with the human world. This reason also happened to be why although Dyon's soul was innately of the fourth stage, he had been at the lower first stage when he stepped into the martial world: There was a complete lack of cultivation energy. Not a single drop of it existed in the human world. Couple that with the fact that mortals had their body cultivation sealed, and you had to perfectly legitimate reasons for why Dyon had never taken note of his powerful soul.

That said, because of Dyon's near death experience with Darius Storm, his soul had been forced to grow stronger – ignoring the weakness of his body. Then, because of the 25th White Mother of the Celestial Deer sect, Dyon's master, he was able to catalyze the awakening of his body cultivation by absorbing essence blood.

"Do we really not need to worry about the Sapientia anymore?" Madeleine asked softly. She was almost scared about the answer. She wasn't willing to leave Dyon again.

Dyon smiled, "If you said the word, I could destroy the entire Sapientia family network in this universe. You never have to worry about them."

"Pervert. You just want Madeleine to give you her virginity." Ri lightly flicked Dyon's nose before teasingly poking Madeleine's breast.

Madeleine giggled. "You know that twitch his leg does?"

Ri nodded vehemently, "He's like a new born calf when he's cumming. They should have put that up on the monitors instead. Much more embarrassing."

"Hey, hey. When did this become bully me time?"

"Ever since Madeleine and I boast a winning record."

"Ridiculous. I'm undefeated." Dyon's eyes flashed with a sinister light. By the time Madeleine and Ri figured out what was going on, Dyon had clamped down on their hips too tightly for them to escape.

Shining lights of golden flames and crystals filled the throne room as Madeleine and Ri's faces flushed, each burying their face into Dyon's chest while trying to control their breathing.

Dyon grinned triumphantly, slyly lowering his hands to massage their plump asses.

Madeleine was especially sensitive. Her bestial aura wasn't as prominent as Ri's, but it would increase the more she improved her connection with her faith seed. That said, that wasn't the reason she was so sensitive.

She hadn't felt Dyon's touch in two years. She had ignored the longing, instead focusing on her campaigns and cultivation. But, that didn't mean it wasn't there. So, it wasn't a surprise to anyone that Madeleine was the first to raise her head and gently kiss Dyon, accepting his tongue's twirl around hers.

But, before they got very far, flashing lights and booming alarms filled their senses.

Dyon pulled away and sighed. "Goddammit…"


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