Reaper of the Martial World
386 Laugh or Cry 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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386 Laugh or Cry 1

Shock reigned.

This was the very first time that many here had seen array alchemy on this scale. It suddenly made them wonder… If this level of skill was used on a battle field… Is it really necessary to cheat?

The most glaring point for many wasn't how powerful Dyon's attack was. In reality, not only had Dyon held back significantly by choosing not to kill them and by not fusing his wills, etc., because of this, the level of power he used could be comparable to many of the rankers.

However, that wasn't the point. And Dyon was fully aware that those intelligent enough would understand. What Dyon had done was on a scale very few could reach. So why if you could swing a sword or punch a warrior with the same power output Dyon just displayed. Could you effect thousands of warriors at once? And with such pinpoint accuracy? In most cases, the answer was no.

Dyon had made his point very clear. I am number one.

Suddenly, Dyon's serious demeanor completely changed back to his usual carefree self.

"Ah, thank you for the money." Dyon grinned as he poured the still teleporting dao stones into his spatial ring. "Oh, and, my little sister Delia here is taking a nap, but technically she participated. I'm sure that's just fine. As for how you want to fill in the other 788 spots, that's up to you. Maybe you can slowmo your playback video and check to see who dropped to their knees last." A light chuckle escaped Dyon as he floated away, oblivious to the gritting teeth of those he had been referring to.

In the Pakal God Clan section, the red skinned family had quite a lively air of comradery, although Caedlum was a striking contrast.

"Look at that, little brother. It seems you were right about this Dyon kid. It seems you do have competition from those your age after all."

Caedlum nodded as he analyzed Dyon's seconds long battle again and again. By every calculation he did, it shouldn't be possible to draw so many arrays, let alone arrays that powerful, so quickly. What kind of concept was it to draw thousands of master level arrays in an instant? Well, in that fraction of a second, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say Dyon multiplied the number of master level arrays on earth hundreds of times. And he did it on a whim.

"How have the Ragnor been looking this tournament?" Caedlum asked.

"They've been coasting. It seems like this year they've only allowed Vidar and Thor to participate. I'm not sure of the reason why. Maybe they want quality over quantity."

"I don't like it. They've been too quiet."

Caedlum's elder brother nodded solemnly. Too quiet indeed.

In the Planet Nix section, eyes had turned onto Ulu.

"Why did you not tell us his soul was so powerful?" A dark-skinned woman with short and white afro-style hair and large silver hooped earings looked toward Ulu questioningly.

"Grandmother, you, the other elders, and husband were setting things in place. And, when I originally checked his soul, it was only at the peak of the meridian formation, or the 4th stage. I wasn't aware that he was hiding it. What kind of fool wants to hide his soul talent at such a high stage?"

If Dyon had heard this, he would have likely reacted by scratching his head in shame. He really hadn't had any concept of what a proper soul strength was for a sixteen, or fifteen-year-old at the time. So, he made a guess. But, he guessed very wrong. In fact, in this universe, it wasn't uncommon for even peak saints to be held to this soul cultivation.

"Are you saying that his soul strength is even higher than that?!" Matriarch Lebna, Ulu's grandmother nearly fell from her chair.

As a soul expert, she was well versed in formations. And, if her memory served her right, the weapon's hell formation was only a lower practitioner level array which only required a 3rd stage soul. So, when she had seen him make so many, she had already been ridiculously impressed. There were maybe handful of geniuses even from their universe that could do such a thing. But, to hear that she had underestimated this child gave her an odd feeling.

"Grandma, I don't think you'd believe me but… I can't get an accurate gauge on his soul. He's at like the peak of the 5th stage to the 6th stage."

What Ulu was referring to, unfortunately for her, was when Dyon had unleashed his full soul strength at Chaos Arena. Unlike Connery, Ulu didn't have a concept of a saint soul, and didn't know that Dyon had already broken in the 7th stage.

Matriarch Lebna subtly sent a glance toward a quite and stout middle-aged man with seemingly not a lick of hair on his body. But, he too seemed to be studying Dyon's figure.

"You were right in attaching such importance to him. But, it seems like you've failed in your approach. We can only rely on Zabia now."

Ulu lowered her head, nodding. Her grandmother however, was still in shock. Why? Because she had just read Dyon's soul as being at the lower 3rd level. And yet, her granddaughter, a genius among soul geniuses, had read it at the 4th just days before – she would never make such a simple mistake. What did that mean? It meant that she… Even as the Matriarch of the Lebna God Clan… Even as a Celestial level expert… Couldn't see through Dyon's soul concealment…

'This child… Is it worth the risk? Or not?'

"Leave it to Zabia for now, Ullah." A deep and reverberating force entered the mind of the Matriarch, causing her to nod in acceptance – putting Dyon to the back of her mind.

They still had a few more days to work with. This world tournament was just the beginning.


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