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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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385 Bid 4

King Belmont stroked his dark purple beard, staring intently at Dyon's figure.

The ranked geniuses watched Dyon as well. Aside from those who had seen him in action at Chaos tower, the others were curious to see if he could really do this.

Zabia leaned toward his wife, Ulu. "This is the boy, right?"

Ulu nodded.

"Let's see if he can do something other than talk then… It's not as though he can use that tall warrior in this battle."

Elder Den snorted, "Here." Throwing a betting array toward Dyon.

"This isn't big enough." Dyon frowned, "Ah, no matter, no matter. Just one more question though. Say I bet more than the other bidders can cover, who will compensate me? After all, the odds are against me something like 1 in 10000, I'm worried about wasting my time with this bid."

Elder Den frowned. "As if you can bid more than tens of millions of people can cover. If we include the other four planets and those watching, who also have bidding plates of their own, that's even into the tens of billions of people. But, in the event that you have some dog shit luck, the Chaos Bank will cover you."

"I don't really trust the Cavositas honestly. You have something better than that?"

"You…" The veins in Elder Den's neck were threatening to burst. This kid had to be riling him up. Even if he bid entirely in dao stones, with tens of millions of people bidding, even if they only used profound stones, it would definitely convert to hundreds of thousands of dao stones.

"Ah, whatever. I don't need your money anyway. I'm doing this to prove a point."

Dyon turned his gaze toward 2300 angered warriors. "You all seem to think that if you get angry enough, if you get riled up enough, maybe if you get enough incentives placed in front of you, you'll be able to beat me, hm?"

Dyon's eyes flashed with gold as the bidding plate in his hand expanded to a ten-meter radius.

Then, under the shocked eyes of the crowd, Dyon began to pour dao stones, allowing them to disappear in sets of hundreds, then thousands.

The breath of the crowd seemed to be taken out. This kid was wealthier than an entire planet!

"1000. 10000." Dyon began to count faintly. "100000. 1 000 000. 10 000 000. I think that's enough for now."

The truth was Dyon only had a handful of dao stones left after this. But, they didn't need to know that.

"I hope you all understand what 1 in 10000 means. If I don't see 100 000 000 000 dao stones after this, I'll start looking down on the Cavositas."

Dyon was hoping they could pull it off, actually. A hundred billion dao stones was the equivalent of 100 000 transcendent stones, something he wanted to see if he could trade for in the future.

"Now I'll make something very clear. My number one rank was earned and you're all nothing but the first step in proving that."

The initial shock of the sheer amount of the bet was washed over by Dyon's words. So what if he was rich? He was disrespecting their entire beings. He didn't deem them worthy.

The truth was that no one there was more angered than Dyon. They had trampled over his name, ignored his hard work, and fabricated all sorts of stories to make it seem as though they were the ones in the right. Dyon smiled and shrugged it off, but Madeleine and Ri both knew how he really felt. This would be a massacre.

The laughter of Elder Den boomed as a message was transmitted into his ears. "Listen here. As long as he is defeated. You will each receive 100 dao stones. This is our guarantee."

The competitors shook at the sheer amount of wealth on the table. 100 dao stones? That was enough to become the riches non-God Clan family on earth in an instant.

Dyon stepped into the air, hands in his pockets as his entire demeanor changed.


The rage of thousands of warriors erupted into the air. Techniques of fires, winds, ice, earths and waters raged toward Dyon.

However, Dyon barely moved as a massive weapon's pagoda appeared at his back.

"This won't last even ten seconds." Dyon said faintly.

Suddenly, thousands of magnificent arrays appeared in the air. The intricate patterns of gold and purple nearly blinded the audience even as the red-black and dripping aura of the weapon's pagoda flashed.

Spears of unparalleled power raged outwards from the pagoda's doors, finding their way to each array and becoming perfectly centered even as they began to spin viciously.

Dyon moved not a single inch even as he calmly watched the thousands of attacks the careened toward him.

Connery Sapientia grit his teeth, grinding his throne to dust under the surprised gazes of the Sapientia. 'He's too powerful!'

Connery had noticed something anyone with high enough cultivation had. Each and everyone of the weapons that Dyon brought out of his pagoda matched to his soul level. Meaning… Each and every one was a grandmaster level weapon.

"This is the difference between you and I." Dyon was no longer gazing at the 2300 before him. His eyes trailed along the ranked geniuses, letting them know he didn't put any of them in his eyes.

And then, the weapon's hell arrays unleashed.

It was nothing short of an annihilation.

2300 attacks were pierced through and shredded to nothing. Brilliant silvers and whites spun viciously from thousands of arrays as a spear of unprecedented power landed before each and every contestant, exploding the ground before them with such force that the stadium itself trembled.

2 seconds had passed.

There was only silence in the arena as every present genius could only stare at the spear that landed before them, trembling as their lives flashed before their eyes.

Each and every one fell to their knees, bowing their heads and unwilling to look at Dyon's figure in the sky.

Dyon didn't even bother looking at them as his bidding array flashed with his winnings.

Dyon snorted. "Coward, huh?"


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