Reaper of the Martial World
379 Number One 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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379 Number One 1

In a section of the arena that housed the Cavositas and the Ragnor God Clans, the reaction to Dyon's deed wasn't being received well.

Patriarch Cavositas sat on a throne, his dark hair and eyes frozen in anger. That was his elder. An elder of his family. That was just disrespected and then swatted away by a child!

The dark destruction intent radiating from him threatened to shatter the entire sky box.

Everyone remained silent until a hand found a way to his shoulder.

"That child knows what's best for him, dear friend. Elder Er isn't dead, only a bit dirtied. And, it's clear that this child has some backing as well. Those two white haired guards of his are not normal. Sapientia or not, an elder shouldn't be so easily handled." A man with short flowing blond hair and striking blue eyes spoke words of calm to his friend.

Well, he said friend… But, if anyone paid attention, you would immediately notice that the throne of Patriarch Cavositas was just a few inches lower than the chair of his so-called friend. What kind of friendship was that?...

This person was of course the head of the Ragnor God Clan. Patriarch Ragnor.

Under the touch of this person, Patriarch Cavositas immediately calmed himself. Often times, the words of a Ragnor, especially one so powerful, weren't to be taken as suggestions.

Back on the arena stage, Dyon watched with a small smile playing his features as his sentinel almost comedically picked Elder Er up and dusted him off.

"That was just a warning. If there's a second time, it means death, no matter what clan is backing you." Dyon said offhandedly.

Elder Er didn't know how to respond. In that instant, he really felt himself at death's door. He was fully aware that this … whatever it was, wasn't something he could match.

Puppets were incredibly rare. In fact, there was not a single puppet master in this universe and often times whatever puppets there were, were dormant and unsalvageable. The display Dyon had just showed everyone was the likes of which they had never seen.

Madeleine's eyes sparkled as she stared intently at Dyon's large back. It had been so long since she had someone she could stand behind… Someone strong enough to protect her. 'I guess you really meant it…'

Ri immediately saw the look in Madeleine's eyes as she looked at Dyon. It was a look she was all too familiar with. Maybe if it had been a few months ago, seeing someone else look at Dyon like this would have made her feel protective and reserved. But, when it was Madeleine… It just felt right.

Dyon refocused his gaze onto Madeleine's master.

Suddenly, Connery Sapientia appeared in the air. He arrogantly looked down on the proceedings, his hands clasped behind his back. His black hair, streaking with lines of white, shifted ever so slightly in the air. But, his face remained completely neutral. In fact, a small smile played on his lips.

"Friend, what exactly is your purpose in taking our esteemed elder and First in line genius as hostages?"

Connery's celestial energy branched out, looking to lock down Madeleine and stop her from speaking. What he didn't notice was the smile playing on Dyon's face.

Madeleine's previous tears had been because she was moved by Ri's words. But, knowing that her little sister was safe and that Dyon was here, there was no longer a reason to cry. Her purple flames burned her tears away and, in an instant, it was as though she hadn't ever been crying at all. Left behind, was a beauty of near unmatched perfection, and a determined expression.

Dyon's eyes flashed, counter acting the array that automatically amplified his voice to the crowd. As much as he wanted to embarrass Connery publicly, if he pushed it too far, even the Sapientia might forget all thoughts of image to attack him. And while his puppets could handle Connery, what if other celestials deemed it right to fight as well? Could Dyon handle the patriarchs of the Sapientia, Ragnor, Cavositas and whomever else thought it was a good opportunity to take advantage of? He didn't want to take the risk, especially since he didn't have a good gauge on the most powerful experts he was dealing with.

"Consider this the small bit of face I'll give you." Dyon spoke nonchalantly, but Connery immediately picked up on the fact his voice wasn't being projected outwards anymore.

'How did he decipher the array so quickly…' Connery didn't have a chance to speak before Dyon continued.

"Don't think of locking down and controlling the movements of Madeleine. If you had paid any semblance of attention at all, you would realize that my puppet is not only stronger than that elder over there, it's also stronger than you."

Connery's eyes flashed at these words, his gaze shifting toward the large puppet. He didn't know how to feel. Was it really possible to have a creation be so powerful?

"Now, you're more than free to test it out if you'd like. But, I wouldn't advise that. You Sapientia have an image to uphold, no? If you start fighting a child like me, where would that image go? You'd go from amiable researchers, to tyrants who'd do anything for a research subject."

Connery, having finally analyzed the array himself, began to speak. "So, what do you propose?" He didn't seem too perturbed. In fact, this scheming seemed to fall right down his alley.

"Simple. I'll make you look good. Well, not good, but at least decent."

"And Madeleine?"

"Why are you asking about my wife? She's no longer a Sapientia. She's a Sacharro. The only reason she stayed with you is because I've been away."

Connery's eyes narrowed.

"I'm not entirely sure what you expected." Dyon said faintly. "My wife isn't an item to be bought and traded. If it was her wish to go back with you, I wouldn't stop her because I don't control her. You see people as items with usage rates and expiry dates. I see them as people."

"Let me hear this compromise of yours."

"Simple really. I'll even help out Elder Er a bit."

Elder Er looked up from his position. He had been standing still ever since Dyon's puppet had helped him up. He hadn't known what to do. He had embarrassed his clan, could he really go back?

"I'm sure you both were part of this elaborate plan to make my family suffer. So, let's say I forget about that… For now." Dyon's eyes flashed. It was clear he had no intention of letting things go indefinitely. But, he had to compromise for now. "The first thing is I'll let your elder go. The second thing is that I'll allow you to say I backed out of our set competition."

Connery laughed, "Why would it be you allowing me to do that?"

"Because you know as well as I do that you'd lose. Which is why you helped that woman attack me."

Connery's laughter stopped abruptly. This was serious.


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