Reaper of the Martial World
367 Battle Royale 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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367 Battle Royale 3

Back in the stadium, the elder stood in the sky at the apex of everything, basking in the cheers of the crowd.

"As you all know, usually the top ten don't make an appearance until final stages of the tournament. This is a right they've spent the last sometimes almost decade of their life working for. But, as you all know, there's someone who was unfortunately bumped down to the eleventh spot because of the selfishness of others."

Boos rained down again, Er was finding it easier and easier to control the mood of the crowd.

"But, we Cavositas always work in the interest of fairness. So, this year, that privilege will be extended to eleven!

Now, are you all ready for the festivities to begin?!"

The elder smiled to himself before turning his gaze toward the participants.

"More than a hundred thousand of you have come today. I trust that you all have better character than the coward we've spoke of and I wish you all the best of luck!

However, only a thousand can advance to the main event.

Our goal is to not only find the strongest of the youths, but to also give a chance to those of the meridian formation and foundational stages so that they can shine as well. So, since you're all much too young to know how we've structured the tournament in the past, allow me to explain.

The tournament has three rankings. One foundation stage ranking. One meridian formation ranking. And one overall ranking.

The first portion of our tournament will be to decide who has earned a right to fight for a spot on the overall rankings. Ten spots are gone since we've done away with our sham of a first-place contestant, so you all have 990 spots to contend for!

After today, those 990 spots will be decided on. However, tomorrow and the day after will be for those of you that unfortunately didn't make the cut.

That's okay! Some of you are just too young. It's not your fault that the tournament wasn't scheduled at your optimal time. However, there are also some of you that are so talented that even with meridian formation cultivation, you still have the ability to compete with those in the essence gathering level. As such, today is your opportunity to prove that you can!

Take note of the number plates you've been given. Your guilds, clans and sects have each been given information about what number you are. However, this information must not be shared amongst you with the penalty of disqualification.

Foundation stage experts have no part in today's event and will thus be set aside. Meridian formation experts and essence gathering experts, be ready. The first stage is among the most dangerous and will put you in the most dire of situations. The battle royale!"

Everyone immediately understood. There was no point in foundation stage experts taking a part in the first day battle royales because they were too weak. So, it was held to meridian formation and essence gathering warriors.

There were about a hundred thousand participants total with about twenty thousand essence gathering experts, thirty thousand meridian formation experts, and fifty thousand foundation stage experts. There were of course many more experts that fell into these cultivation levels across the planets, but this was why there were quotas. Sects and clans were forced to send their best because they were limited in entries. That said, God level clans had no entry limits.

This left the question, though, of how those without backing could join the tournament. The answer was that these rights were bought, costing about ten thousand profound stones.

This amount wasn't a lot to a person like Dyon or the bigger sects, but, to someone on their own or from a very small clan, this amount was more than enough to live off of for an entire lifetime and even feed a few other people for that length of time too.

That aside, the tournament was set up simply, but quite unfairly despite the claims of the elder. Because it was a battle royale, no matter how randomly you set of the groups, those who came from clans with more quotas would obviously have a higher chance of being grouped together. As a result, this meant that they also had a higher chance of banding together to pass.

Of the fifty thousand available to participate, there would be one thousand groups of fifty in the first round. This first round would allow ten from each group to move on, thus leaving forty thousand eliminated and ten thousand remaining.

Then, they would proceed to a second round of battle royales, this time with all new groups. There would be five hundred groups of twenty, while allowing five to continue onwards. This would eliminate three quarters of the remaining participants to leave twenty-five hundred remaining participants.

Afterwards, there would be a final round of battle royales with a hundred groups of twenty-five. This round would leave only two. These two would then gain special privileges in the final stages of the tournament.

This, however, left 790 more participants to choose. As such, the remaining 2300 contestants would fight it out in a grand battle containing them all until just 790 were left.

By the end of the day, there would only be a thousand left. Then, those thousand would be allowed a few days rest as the rankings of the meridian formation and foundation stage experts were decided.

Quite simply put, this was the grandest tournament in existence. Very soon, blood would paint the ground and war cries of victory and defeat would fill the air.

Everyone had just one question on their minds – who would be the best?


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