Reaper of the Martial World
363 The Cowardly Demon 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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363 The Cowardly Demon 3

The stadium was no longer anything like it had been earlier that morning. The bustling of the fans, the loud shouts and laughter, the excited chattering, all permeated the air with a feeling of comradery and anticipation. This was a once in a century event, and even though many martial artists lived far longer than that, there was no question that this was still a long time for many.

Tens of millions of eager observers were in the stands. Only people from Earth were here, but the broadcast of the tournament was projected to every planet. After all, travel accommodations were already difficult. As such, this was the best solution.

However, this time was among the best for the observers in terms of the first few days. This was because much of the fights during the first few days would be among no names with no real chance of ranking highly. These were people from lowly clans that hoped to raise themselves up and earn more resources for their Royal God Clans, or lone cultivators who hoped to earn their place in clans that accepted outsiders like the Cavositas or the Sapientia. As a result, the first few days wouldn't be nearly as entertaining as the last few days, so watching and observing the large clans and high ranked members walk in was the most fun.

Yet, to the surprise of many, there were no name announcements as there had been in the past. People were left to make assumptions about how powerful people and clans were depending on their seating arrangement. Although some found this odd, it wasn't enough to complain about, especially since the powerful clans never paid attention to such things. In the end, only the commoners suffered.

The four planets had arrived long before the clans of Earth. This made sense since they were being hosted. So, they were arranged first in four different corners of the arena, completely separated. However, even clans from the same planet were so far apart that they couldn't interact with each other. After all, their goal was to beat each other as well. The only reason they were arranged like this was for the benefit of the audience.

This didn't change as clans of Earth began to arrive.

The Cavositas, The Ragnor, The Elvin Kingdom, The Sapientia, The Pakal, The Niveus and tens of miscellaneous clans arrived.

These miscellaneous clans included smaller branch families of the God Clans as well as academies as small or even larger than Focus Academy. They also housed sects like the big sect alliance.

While the God Clan level characters were housed in VIP areas in sky boxes, the miscellaneous sects and clans were only granted stand seats that were a bit closer to the action than observers.

That said, there was one more allocation, and that was for the ranked geniuses.

The floor of the coliseum was spread into groups of the youngest and brightest the planets had to offer. Ignoring the seating arrangement of their planets, the ranked geniuses were left to mingle amongst each other. However, that didn't stop them from separating themselves into their clans and keeping amongst themselves.

Although the top ten would not fight today, the rest would. This was no time for making new friends, everyone was focused on the task ahead.

Ri, however, wasn't in the best of moods despite how her best friend, Primrose, and her new found friends, Mithrandir, Celine and Opal tried to console her. Unfortunately, it wasn't Dyon's plight that caused her current ill feelings, although that likely made things worse.

Just a few hours before, she had helped welcome their Elvin seniors. As Dyon had noted, the peak essence gathering elves trained and campaigned on Planet Naiad because the Earth gate was never taken seriously by the Uidah universe. This allowed them the experience of fighting with opponents on their level without being completely outclassed.

Unfortunately, though, this meant that many of them only heard second and third hand accounts about what had happened to the Elvin Kingdom in their absence. As such, they didn't know what to believe and thought much of it was exaggerated. But, aside from downplaying Dyon's deeds, they still continued to hold their prejudice for the Acacia family and as such, still disrespected Ri despite her role as their princess.

Akash, Zaltarish, and many others adamantly defended Ri, even describing her selfless deeds during her first campaign, but many of their so-called seniors remained callused, even when reprimanded by the elders of their own families. Sometimes seeing was believing, and they had just not seen.

That said, there were only two who were strikingly opposed to Ri, and maybe much of their issue was that they both happened to be female… The male Elves had come around quite quickly, much to their ire. Ri didn't care that her beauty was awarding her privileges she hadn't had before, what she did care about was the fact that that's what it took to bring the Elves together. It was pathetic.

Clarice Grimbold and Fiore Norville. Ri had added them to her list. She didn't want revenge from them, but what she did want was their enlightenment. And maybe, just maybe, her fists would be what it took.

Ri's thoughts were interrupted by a sudden booming voice. She hadn't even noticed when they had all found their way to their seats, but it seemed that every genius had arrived. She scanned the crowd looking for her targets, her eyes cold.

"WELCOMING THE PROTECTORS OF OUR PLANET. THE GUARDS OF THE SHADOWS. THE FLAMES OF OUR PASSION. THE SENTINELS OF OUR ROYAL GOD CLAN: THE SICARIUS!" A senior with cultivation of at least the mid-saint level flashed into the air, projecting out his voice with saint energy so wide and far that his words seemed to pierce everyone's soul.

A large metal blimp appeared in the air as tongues of flames appeared to its side, carrying a family of red-haired devils to the foremost sky box. Everyone noticed the young man with white hair, but no one had time to comment on it before the senior continued.


This time, there was nothing normal about the flames. The heat was so profound and permeating that those of weaker cultivation shied away, feeling as though they'd be burnt to a crisp.

Fire works of red and blue flames jetted out, curling in on each other and wrapping in the air before exploding in fires of violet as a deep seeded pressure coated the arena.

King Belmont's childish appearance had completely disappeared. His face was stoic and calm. His purple hair waved wildly in the air as his every step seemed to trample the hearts of those watching.

In the air behind him, followed his queen closely, holding onto their royal baby and juxtaposed by the both of her sons.

Then, tens of Belmonts appeared. Striking purple threatened to change the color of the blue sky.

This was no longer a normal event, and this was most definitely not a normal family. This was the Belmont family. The Royal God Clan of Earth.


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