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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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359 Goal 3

That same morning, Madeleine awoke. Or, more accurately, she opened her eyes from meditation. She had been too excited to sleep for at least the last week.

'Today!' She thought happily.

That morning, she took a particularly long time to get ready.

For martial artists, cleanliness was almost always maintained at its peak as long as energy or body cultivation was present. But, often times, some experts, especially women, preferred to clean themselves the old-fashioned way.

Madeleine hadn't seen Dyon in two years now, and with her new hair and eye color change, she was a bit apprehensive about how she'd be received. This was, of course, ridiculous to many people. After all, Madeleine was among the greatest beauties in existence. To then still be worried about how she looked would make many call her crazy. But, again, love wasn't always rational.

Making sure to clean every inch of herself, Madeleine's small hands glided across her flawless skin, down her long legs and even into her luscious and flowing dark purple hair.

Madeleine's hair was now such a dark shade of purple that it was nearly identical to its original brunette, but, when the sun hit it just right, a shocking a radiant beauty would be clear to all.

After reaching her room, Madeleine diligently coated her skin with fragrant oils. She had gotten these from the Sapientia auction house on her trip away and she was quite happy with the lavender smell. It also held a hint of strawberry that Madeleine thought Dyon would like. Then, she took out a dress she had only worn once.

It was among the first things Dyon had ever gifted her. It was a long white qipao with a single leg slit. It was embroidered in a beautiful gold, but maybe most impressively, it was a transcendent level treasure.

The dress resized itself to cling ever so closely to Madeleine's perfect curves before she sat in front of her mirror to elegantly twist her hair in a perfect bun – held together by the hair pin Dyon had also gifted her.

Satisfied with her appearance, a brilliant smile spread across Madeleine's soft lips before she headed to her door and stepped out. But, before she could head in the direction of where her master was likely waiting, she found a man that often made her very uncomfortable to be around – Connery Sapientia.

Bowing slightly, Madeleine greeted him, "Head Sapientia, good morning."

Connery waved his hand, "There's no need to be so formal, Madeleine. You're our first in line genius, the most likely to take my place. You should see me as you see your master – a parent. A father if you will."

Madeleine smiled politely but didn't answer. It wasn't the first time Connery had said this, but she made it a point to not get too close with this man. She could tell what kind of person he was, and it wasn't the kind she liked. Dyon helped people regardless of whether they'd be useful to him in the end, but Connery was the exact opposite. He would throw you away at a moment's notice and just as easily accept you back without an ounce of shame.

Seeing Madeleine's reservation, Connery didn't think much of it. He was pragmatic and didn't really care whether or not Madeleine truly like him, what he cared about was whether she was still a Sapientia and could be useful.

"As you know Madeleine, the Sapientia aren't known for their battle prowess, but that doesn't mean we're weak. Often time we hold back for the sake of allowing our clan to be ubiquitous. Only in that way can we touch the most number of places and perform the most amount of research.

I've read your papers on music will. They're quite profound and it's clear it's a love for you. You're the perfect representation of what a Sapientia should be." Connery lightly smiled.

Many months ago, Madeleine had been sending messages to Dyon about his misinterpretation of music will. In fact, it was due to Madeleine's help that Dyon had won the debate against Zaltarish as he himself had admitted.

The help that Madeleine had provided was as a result of her poring through relevant literature and putting things to the test herself. As a member of the Sapientia family, it was of course her duty to contribute to research. So, she often chose to do so with music will.

In reality, if Madeleine researched purity type wills instead, her impact would have been tens if not hundreds of times of what it was with music will. After all, her affinity for purity was nearly unmatched. However, there were two reasons she had never done so.

For one, she felt like there was a barrier between her and the Sapientia family. The idea of contributing her best just didn't sit well with her. It was easier on her conscience to study a will very few people could learn.

The second reason was because music will was something she could use to connect with Dyon. Many of their first talks had been about music will, so it held a special place in her heart.

"Thank you," Madeleine said lightly, accepting the compliment.

"I came to wish you luck today, but to also remind you of what it is you're representing. I'm not asking you to win, after all, you're only seventeen. And, even if you were older, the Sapientia don't put much stock in such victories.

I only want you to be mindful of the Sapientia image. Don't let your emotions get out of balance, and always remember to maintain the strictest sense of comradery. It's important that our family continue to be viewed as friendly and non-confrontational. You will be inheriting my position when you've matured, so you must remember this." With those final words, Connery disappeared, leaving Madeleine alone in the corridor.

Connery's words were true. The reason the Sapientia were allowed to permeate throughout the universes was because they were seen as completely non-confrontational. Although they too sent their young to the gates, they never took advantage to conquer entire universes – they only used negotiations to further spread their clan without any malicious intent.

After enough years, this had become a fact for everyone and it was the reason why although the Sapientia were seen as among the most powerful clans in existence, they were also the weakest.

That said, it was still important that the Sapientia maintained at least a semblance of strength. So, the display of their first-in-line genius was also important…

And yet, Connery's words seemed to have a double meaning… "Don't embarrass me."


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