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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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But, if Ulu told her husband what happened, Dyon would without a doubt die. Saint soul or not, Dyon wasn't a match for those of the top ten. In many cases, they were more than a decade or even two older than him, and they had access to experience and power he didn't. As much as Ulu wanted him dead, she couldn't allow it, not yet.

Her husband was the power behind their kingdom and she was the brains. At least, that's how it would be when they were powerful enough to inherit their thrones. Ulu couldn't allow him to run wild just yet, even if it was for her. She also knew she couldn't involve the higher elders of the Nix because they were dealing with something much more important… Something that had to do with why her husband had been late arriving to begin with.

What Ulu needed now was Dyon to herself. The problem was that with the Sapientia in the way, it was likely that there were now two parties who understood how important he was. This made things more difficult, but not impossible. It was simple really, all her husband had to do was fight and beat Dyon without having the impulse to kill him.

"It's nothing King," Ulu slid off her husband's cock and bowed off to the edge of the best to place her head between his legs. "There's just something weighing on my mind."

A large hand found its way to Ulu's head, grasping a clump of hair firmly to control her movements. "There's nothing to worry about, Ulu. The mission went well. I and the few others had to go for experience, we didn't even participate and were never in any real danger." Although Ulu's husband, Zabia, said this to sooth his wife, he was a bit angered by it too. He didn't like being treated like a child.

Ulu bobbed her head up, gasping for air before she slid her tongue down his shaft, "That's not what I meant… I think I've found the demon sage. Unfortunately, others know of this too."

"Demon sage? The pill, you mean? Our elders aren't in a place to deviate their attention like this. Pulling in such an expert just isn't possible right now." Zabia said after contemplating. One thing was clear, what they were doing was even more important than the prospect of having Dyon on their side.

"You'd be surprised to know that the demon sage is only fifteen years old…" Ulu said carefully.

"Fifteen? How is that possible?"

"His soul strength should have just reached the saint stage. But, his energy cultivation is very far behind. He's an otherworldly talent."

Zabia nodded, "I understand what you mean now. There aren't any soul techniques available, even from our universe, that would be capable of allowing him to make full use of his strength… Let alone this universe."

Ulu's delicate hands gently played with Zabia's balls, making him lose his train of thought. "Meaning he's most likely comparable to a lower to mid essence gathering expert. He's no match for you."

Grunting, Zabia took a deep breath, "So, what do you want me to do?"

"Simple. During the tournament. It has to be before the end so as to temper suspicions. Beat him. Then, when he's most susceptible, use one of your slave seals on him."

Zabia was surprised by this request.

As a talent of Planet Nix, he was of course afforded protection – even more than Ulu. This was because despite being around twenty-five years old, just like his wife, he was already prepared to step into the saint stage. In fact, the only reason he hadn't was because of this tournament.

This seal wasn't on the level of what Ulu had used on Ri. To compare the two would be like expecting a mortal to fight against a transcendent expert. Ulu simply couldn't compare.

"Even though the world tournament follows a round robin style in the end, how can we guarantee that he'll make it that far? Even if he does, what if he resigns?" Zabia wondered.

"Don't forget, husband, he's cheated his way into the top 10. Meaning, He's already earned a spot in the final stage of the tournament.

As for resigning, he's too arrogant to do such a thing. Just let him know that you're my husband and that will be enough." Ulu's delicate lips locked around Zabia's thick tip, relishing in the viscous liquid that poured down her throat. 'At least I can still enjoy this.' She thought in satisfaction. In fact, she even imagined a small throb in her loins at the thought of Dyon being beaten mercilessly into submission by her husband.


"Master, lend me some dao stones." Madeleine had a bright smile on her face. She was all too excited to see Dyon, but first, she had to find out where he was. She couldn't very well fly around aimlessly looking for him, that would be a bit too ridiculous even for her.

Ester's brows scrunched as though she was in deep though. It was clear that she was distracted by something and it was even more apparent by the fact she didn't even respond to Madeleine's outrageous ask. Dao Stones weren't something the Sapientia family had easy access to. In fact, if people knew Dyon had a ring filled with them, there would be a race to steal them from him.

Even Dyon's Queen Fairy pill had only sold for tens of dao stones and that was after an outrageous bidding war.

"Master?" Madeleine tapped on Ester's shoulder, trying to get her attention.

"Ah, ah. Hmm?"

Madeleine tilted her head in confusion. She had never seen her master to flustered or distracted. What was going on?

"Dao stones. Do you have them?" Madeleine asked again.

"Dao stones?" Ester looked at her disciple with some confusion. Madeleine had all of a sudden come back with a complete make-over and a striking lack of glasses. To other clans, this may have been negligible… But, there was a reason the Sapientia all had golden eyes and glasses. Their first-in-line genius suddenly breaking the mold was a bit odd.

"Don't be ridiculous," Ester said, snapping out of it. "Who has dao stones just to hand out like this? Plus, you'd only be asking to kill yourself if you tried using them."

Madeleine pouted. She couldn't very well tell her master why she needed them, or else that would come with an even more resounding no. Dyon had said that he wouldn't make her wait long to be with him, but Madeleine had forced herself to hold a semblance of realism. Could Dyon really be ready to take her away now?

Sighing, Madeleine walked off to her room. She regretted not having dao stones, but there was little she could do.

When she had been with Amethyst, the Violet Phoenix had interestingly gone out of its way to shatter her glasses but left her spatial rings and necklace alone. After Madeleine had finished absorbing the legacy, the gate had long since closed. So, she fell into a bit of despair. If she didn't go home, it would have been months before the gate opened and she saw Dyon again.

But, Amethyst took pity on her and helped out. With the last bit of remaining soul she housed in this world, she used Madeleine's remaining dao stones to power a teleportation array out of the gate and onto Planet Naiad.

That said, that meant that now Madeleine was out of stones and could only wait through the coming weeks to see Dyon.

Reaching her room, Madeleine stepped into a space that she had called home for the better part of two years.

After slipping off her qipao and sliding into bed Madeleine rested her head to look out at the full moon through the large window.

'See you soon…'


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