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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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Dyon's brows furrowed when he too realized Ri's celestial will wasn't having much of an effect. Or, more accurately, he tried to, but he was losing control of his muscles and the pain was building up to a point where even Dyon was beginning to find it unbearable.

The worst part was that the wound in his rib cage wasn't healing and the only reason why blood wasn't spilling out and onto the floor was because Dyon's blood was hardening too.

Ri was beginning panic. She couldn't think of a solution other than celestial will. 'Is mine just not strong enough?'

The glow of Ri's crown was beginning to dim. At least ten minutes had passed since she began and her stamina was beginning to tap out.

"I should go and find Madeleine, right? Her celestial will is much more powerful?" Ri looked at Dyon to try and see if she could get an answer, but all she found were a pair of resolute eyes.

The truth was that Dyon was in unimaginable pain, but he had lost the ability to express it. He had thought of a solution, but he had to rely on Ri to figure it out. If she couldn't it was likely that he'd die in a few weeks.

Finding Madeleine would have been a good solution if they could guarantee her getting here within the first minute of the technique's onset, but that was clearly impossible. Setting aside how long Ri would have taken to notice her celestial will wasn't having an effect, Dyon wasn't even sure if Madeleine was on this planet at all.

His only option was to use his eyes to show Ri he hadn't lost hope. He had to show her that there was a way out, she just needed to take her time.

"There's a way?" Ri asked softly.

Dyon could blink or widen his eyes, at most, he could shift them a bit and change their focus. But, even that ability would be gone soon. And maybe an even bigger issue that Dyon hadn't thought of was that when he got rid of this crystallization, what about the gaping wound in his rib? That would likely not heal easily judging by how difficult this technique was to deal with.

Seeing Dyon's continued gaze, Ri understood that Dyon had thought of a way. And, the fact that he was letting her know meant that it should be within her abilities to think of this too.

All the while, Thadius and Eli stood off to the side. Thadius wasn't willing to re-enter the ring in case that girl was still around and Eli felt too guilty to leave – after all, his family only needed rest now.

"Does it have to do with cleansing?" Ri thought to herself. She couldn't rely on a gaze to answer complex questions, or else she may accidentally steer down the wrong path.

What Ri did know was that she likely had time. Although Dyon's organs were crystallizing, that would first have preservation characteristics before death. The main issue was Dyon's vitality. It was constantly pushing against the crystals and threatening to shatter them completely. But, the issue was that these crystals weren't a coating, they were Dyon for all intents and purposes.

'Okay, what I do know is that this requires some form of cleansing. Although my celestial will wasn't powerful enough to stop the process, it did slow it down…. Which means we're on the right path. I think I should find Madeleine, but Dyon doesn't know if she's back yet, or else he would have never asked Connery Sapientia whether or not she was…'

Ri actively activated her aurora, looking to speed up her thinking process before she reached for one of Dyon's rings.

Then, she gripped onto Dyon's hand and melded her aurora his fading aurora. By melding their souls, Ri gained access to a ring she hadn't had ownership of before and thus took out a device she was familiar with – Dyon's communication device.

As expected though, she came back disappointed. There hadn't been any messages from Madeleine, which likely meant she wasn't even on this planet. That, or there was another reason. Either way, she wasn't reachable…

Seeing that her plan to enlist Madeleine's help had failed, Ri began wracking her brain for more ideas.

'What cleanses… What cleanses… Maybe I'm thinking about it all wrong?' Ri suddenly thought of something that might be promising. But, the sheer amount of work that it would take was daunting. Was this really her best option?... 'No, maybe it'll work if I get one of the demon generals with good soul talent to do it? Yes, maybe, maybe.'

With a faint light of hope, Ri grasped onto Dyon's rigid figure and instructed Thadius to stand guard after telling Eli it was okay to worry about his family. Then, she disappeared into the ring.


Off in another rented mansion, a meeting of the Planet Nix geniuses was taking place. Or, more accurately, it was a reunion between a husband and wife.

Ulu's beautiful figure was matted in sweat that glistened along her flawless dark skin. Moans of fiery passion struggled their way out of her full lips as she rode a large dark young man.

Maybe large wasn't enough to describe this young man. He was only 2.5-meters-tall, not too big for an expert of the martial realm, but he was broad. His chest was so thick and wide that Ulu's small hands seemed to lose themselves in his mound of muscle.

A crisp slap resounded through the dark room as the young man gripped onto Ulu's plump ass.

Ulu convulsed, her hips shaking wildly as she lost control of her movements – one could hardly understand how such a petite woman took the length and width of such a thick rod, and yet she did, leaving her only complaints to be voiced in moans.

However, the young man didn't seem to be intent on letting her rest. Grabbing a handful of Ulu's long black hair, the young man pulled her head back before sitting up and lightly biting her collarbone.

"Tell me, Ulu. Why are you so reserved today?" The young man's voice was deep and resounding. Ulu felt as though her chest was resonating with her husband's voice to the point where her ample chest bounced in response.

Ulu grinded back and forth on her husband's cock, taking her time in answering his question. The truth was that Ulu wasn't enjoying this sex at all. She had been faking everything since the beginning, and it was starting to weigh on her mentally. If she hadn't snuck in lubricant she forced her maids to buy from the alchemy guilds, she had no idea if she would have even been able to slide onto her husband's mass.

Dyon had taken away her ability to enjoy something she used to like very much, and the anger and feeling of helplessness was only making the experience worse.


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