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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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345 Slow 1

Along with Eli, Ri and the demon generals, Dyon wasn't polite about rescuing the Viridi family. He directly headed toward where he knew they were being held – the Arena City Alchemy Guild.

"Big brother, are we really going to let him take them away?" Ace's face scrunched in disgust. He didn't care about the Viridi family. In fact, until today, he had forgotten about their existence. After the events of last year, he and Elof had branded them, but, they had ended up in Arena City – Cavositas family territory.

Although Vidar Ragnor had had the array plates, that was only because it was his idea to use that family to pressure Dyon – or, more accurately, it had been Elof, his younger brother's, idea.

But, now, the optics weren't as bad for the Ragnor family as they were for the Cavositas family. Why? Because although slave trading was a Ragnor family trade, the slaves themselves belongs to Arena City… A city run by the Cavositas. And now, Dyon was about to stroll into one of their guilds, and take their property away.

Hearing his younger brother's complaints, Voron sneered, "In a few weeks, he'll be a slave himself. What are you getting so worked up about?"

In the distance, there was at least one person happy with Dyon's victory, although he too believed that it would be short lived.

Oliver had had Venus' slavery weighing on his mind for years now. Although he was Madeleine's elder brother, his sister's power wasn't his own. In fact, even if he had Madeleine's power, that didn't guarantee the freeing of the Viridi family. After all, although the Sapientia were highly respected, they weren't known for their combat prowess. It wasn't a secret to anyone that the Sapientia avoided mass conflicts so as to maintain their neutral ground and be allowed to thrive as they had been. This meant that the Cavositas had no reason to listen to the demands of the Sapientia family.

After brushing off his brother's worried, Voron set his gaze on Dyon as everyone dispersed, "The only thing I regret about this is that we'll never get a chance to show him the difference between him and us."

Vidar stood in the air silently, listening to Voron's words. The truth was that even Vidar was too young to be among the top four of earth. It wasn't that he wasn't powerful, it was that the top experts like Iris Ipsum had had almost a decade to accumulate points for their rankings. Regardless of his faith seed, this was only Vidar's 3rd campaign, and yet, he had still managed to rank 25th, something that should have been praised among his peers.

And yet, there was Dyon. And then, there was Ri. And even worse? There was Madeleine. Each one had made it into the top 30, and each one had less campaigns than him. But now, he had come to find out that Dyon had manipulated the rankings?! There was nothing he wanted more than to tear Dyon apart. If he could change the rankings for himself and Ri, why not for Madeleine as well? It all made sense now.

What maybe made all of this worse was the fact that Thor had placed higher on the rankings than he had after his first campaign. And, so had Caedlum. Both had managed to make it into the top 50 cumulative rankings, and yet Vidar hadn't even been in the top 100 after his first campaign. Everything was coming together to reach a fever pitch, and Vidar wanting nothing more than to use Dyon as his vent.

How could Vidar know that Dyon, Ri and Madeleine all deserved their rankings? And even if he did know, is that something he'd accept?..

Suddenly, Vidar was snapped out of his thoughts by his younger brother, "Big brother, we should go. Father is likely waiting for you and Thor to come as we speak."

Although Elof was vague with his words, often by his own lack of information rather than by his design, Elof knew exactly what the importance of this meeting was.

The Ragnor family had been here for exactly as long as the Elves had been. They entered as a low level clan, back when the Celestial Deer Sect were still the overlords of the quadrant. It wasn't that the Ragnor clan was weak. In fact, they weren't too far off in strength from the Celestial Deer Sect even back then. It was just that the branch they sent here was. This was why Ri's words to Vidar had hit so close to home.

This Ragnor branch was a nearly forgotten one, but, what wasn't forgotten was the importance of the mission they had been sent on – a mission that was coming closer and closer to completion.

There was a reason the groomed the Saeclum auxiliary clan to use the technique they coerced from the elves. There was a reason they took hold of the Ipsum auxiliary clan as well. And, maybe most importantly, there was a reason they warred with the Pakal God Clan for their closely guarded technique… In fact, only a few knew that part of the reason that this Ragnor branch fled to this universe was to carry along with it the Blood Sacrifice Technique they stole from the main Pakal branch.

However, that was only part of the reason… And, it seemed as though the second part was coming to a close soon too.

It may have been lost on other more infantile God Clans, but the Ragnor were very clear of the shift occurring on other planets. They were very clear on the movements into and out of this universe, movements that should have been impossible. And maybe what they were most clear on was the fact that their time was coming.

Their mission would soon be complete, yes… But, It was also the time for this 'small' branch to rise up and take their place amongst the best the universes had to offer.

Vidar was sure that his faith seed would play a large role. It was about time he awakened it.


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