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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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342 Wager 1

Arrogance. Pure and unbridled arrogance.

No matter how apprehensive Dyon was about the effects of his actions, once he made a decision, it wasn't in his nature to second guess it. If it happened to be a mistake, then he would learn from it and make a better move in the future. But, right now? Crushing Connery's pride and saving the Viridi family could be done in one fell swoop, and Dyon was going to grasp the opportunity.

Connery immediately picked up on Dyon's intentions. The Guild Headquarters not only had dominion over every guild in this universe, it also set rules and regulations. But, even more directly, didn't Vidar just give the Viridi family over as a gift to the guild headquarters? Then wasn't it a simple matter of heading the guild headquarters to gain ownership of their family?

When Dyon was still in the Elvin Kingdom, he had challenged both the formation and alchemy guild heads. Then, it had been a simple matter for him to win. But, more importantly, it opened him up to the idea of guild wars.

In the human world, in ancient times, there had been concepts such as challenging dojos for land, prestige and things of the like.

In the martial world, things were no different. Array Alchemy was a study of the universes laws, but as one might expect, that also came with it a myriad of interpretations, factions and diverging thoughts. As such, it had become customary for experts to pit their philosophies against one another. By putting their guilds on the line, this meant that over time, the more powerful philosophies would win out.

Weaker branches of array alchemy would give way to stronger ones as time passed and stronger guilds heads replaced them. It was a simple cycle of survival of the fittest.

However, the very thought that this was prevalent in array alchemy culture raised some questions… If it was truly survival of the fittest, then how had array alchemy split into two factions to begin with? Why was it that formation guilds and alchemy guilds were kept separate? In fact, even weapon's guilds and beast taming guilds had once been one in the same – together under the array alchemy umbrella. But, over time, logic would dictate that the separation of disciplines made the guilds stronger… But, was that really the case?

When Dyon had fought against elder Cormyth, he had seen a solution to a problem Elder Cormyth couldn't have dreamed of seeing through. In fact, the solution that Dyon came up with was for the equivalent of a half-step grandmaster, something Dyon was definitely not at the time. And yet, he had been able to do it – and the reason why was because he had a great understanding of both formations and alchemy.

In today's times, to form the Queen Fairy Constitution Pill, it would have taken a saint level soul and a half-step to grandmaster level of alchemy. However, Dyon completed it with a lower essence gathering level soul – a soul in just the 5th stage – and an array alchemy mastery of just the lower master level.

It would be clear to anyone that array alchemy was superior. So, the question remained… How then had array alchemy been ostracized? Dyon didn't know the answer. But, that question loomed another over his head. If he forced Connery into this match, would it be safe to use his knowledge of array alchemy? Should he force himself to answer the question with just one discipline?

This was something Dyon had to very seriously consider.

After his talks with his grand teacher, Dyon now had a good understanding of why array alchemy was being forcefully overwritten, although he didn't now how it had been done.

Those of the Chaos path, who sought total anarchy, wouldn't prescribe to array alchemy. In fact, they would do their best to erase it from existence if they could.

But, the problem was that the old man's will was too strong and array alchemy had become too important to daily life. It was medicine and innovation, and often times it provided solutions to problems other things just couldn't fix. So, not only did everyone have access to an aurora, those talented enough had every incentive to use it. And, unless those of the Chaos path conquered every universe in existence, there would be no way to regulate its usage. As such, if in the end, one day their was birthed an array alchemist with enough talent to rewrite the universes themselves and solve the issue of heat death, then those of the Chaos path would only be able to watch as they lost…

That said, there was a solution to their plight. What if they made it so that no one could ever reach the peak of array alchemy? What if they tore the very essence of array alchemy apart such that no one ever grasped the full picture? Wouldn't that then eliminate their worry?... Instead of policing everyone themselves, they could have people police themselves.

Unfortunately, this worked all too well. Array alchemy was so difficult to grasp as a whole, that it really did make it seem as though it was meant to be split into easier to digest portions. Eventually, even those with the talent to pursue array alchemy in its truest form were born into societies where they were encouraged to focus on one. And maybe most depressingly, many simply didn't have the insight to notice that there were heights you would simply never reach unless you combined the two…

So, Dyon had a decision to make. Was this Connery Sapientia part of the conspiracy to actively separate alchemy and formations? Or not? As the head of the most lofty position related to array alchemy, if he wasn't actively involved, then who would be?

Suddenly, Dyon's thoughts were cut off by Connery, "I would love to, child. Unfortunately, to challenge the head of the guild headquarters, you must be the head of a noted guild yourself. After all, I can't exactly accept frivolous challenges, now can I?"

Dyon nodded, "And are there any other requirements?"

"Well, the only other requirement is that you be of at least master level in one of the main guild branches. That being either formations, alchemy, weapons, etc.

There's also the matter of price." Connery Sapientia's eyes flashed sinisterly. "Since you're clearly challenging for the sake of people you deem to have lives worthy of saving, I'd say an equivalent price would be your own life. Don't you think?"


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