Reaper of the Martial World
341 Watch 3 - Missing Chapter
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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341 Watch 3 - Missing Chapter

"What do you mean, exactly?" Connery asked in puzzlement.

"I'm not really a fan of your politically correct talk. Manipulating the facts, and fabricating tales is hardly something to care about. Those who are intelligent enough know that the Ragnor have no moral ground to stand on, in fact, they're actually quite disgusting. And those who are intelligent enough know that the only reason you're so willing to freely admit you do something so immoral is because you can't get over the fact a child, as you call me, isn't afraid of you."

Dyon's words seemed to sound like they were said in jest. In fact, despite his words about political correctness, it seemed like he himself was maintaining the boundaries of cordiality. And yet, if you focused on the actual words being said, it was clear that he was making no such attempt.

Not waiting for Connery to pick up on the fact he was being disrespected, Dyon continued.

"So, under the guise of those things. I asked in you if you would like to play a game. Let's find out who really is the most intelligent. Ah, I think I'll start actually." Dyon said with a smile, still not allowing Connery to speak. He had his demon generals around him, even if Connery decided to forget all thoughts of face and attack Dyon, he would definitely be stalled for long enough for Dyon to pull out at least one of his puppets.

"When I came here, you already knew who the demon sage was. Interesting. Even more interesting is the fact that you seemed intent on exposing me as him. That's fine, in all honesty, but you've made quite a few mistakes in that assessment.

The first is the assumption that with me exposed, you could use the guise of providing protection to reel me in.

The second assumption is that I'm somehow so gullible and pliable that I'd be perfectly alright with allowing myself to be manipulated so easily.

And the third assumption you made is in thinking you actually had something to provide to me.

Your Sapientia family can't protect me. Your family's research is outdated in this universe and nothing compared to my master. And quite frankly, I hate the thought of being used. In fact, I may very well rather die than do such a thing."

Connery's brows furrowed. He had long since picked up on Dyon's disrespect, but why was he doing such a thing? What was the purpose?

"It seems the crowd is quite good at forgetting things, so how about I put things in perspective for you all?" Dyon smiled.

Ri couldn't help but feel her heart tingle at Dyon's command of the situation. It always seemed like when Dyon had his back against the wall, he would come out stronger.

Just before, when he had felt that overwhelming amount of anger, it wasn't that he hadn't already thought of a solution to the problem – it was that he was struggling with not choosing the path of destruction and just ending them all. Dyon had to be more careful with his actions, and he knew that.

Killing members of the Sapientia family might be fine for now, but what were the ripple effects? How many in this universe would be affected by such a thing? The Sapientia family were the back bones of progression, how could Dyon feel okay with cutting that off unless the circumstances were extreme?

And what about the Ragnor family? Dyon now knew very clearly that they were a member of the three most powerful clans in the quadrant. And he also knew that they came to this universe for a purpose, a purpose they had yet to fulfill. If Dyon wiped them from this universe before they could fulfill the mission their main clan had set for them, wouldn't that bring the ire of clan much too powerful for Dyon to handle down upon him?

He had to be cautious and reel in his anger. But, that didn't mean he couldn't make them pay. Those who had to die would die, but it would be in moderation. Those who didn't die? They'd be humiliated until they wished they would.

"As the demon sage, I'm without a doubt the most qualified to be head of the guild headquarters of this universe. Don't you think?"

Dyon's words brought a stunned silence.

A fifteen-year-old guild head? What kind of ridiculous concept was that?

No one knew whether to laugh, or if they should take such a statement seriously. Connery Sapientia was a man known for having had the best soul talent among humans in the past at least ten thousand years. He had snatched the head position at a young age himself, but even then, he was already hundreds of years old. Then, he had reigned nearly unmatched for millennia. Who was this boy who thought it was so easy to challenge him?

Hearing laughter begin to spread through the crowd, Dyon couldn't help but start laughing himself. In fact, he laughed so hard that his own outburst stopped that of others.

Wiping tears from his eyes, Dyon settled himself down. "Sorry. I just find it funny that people who have no idea about what it means to be an array alchemist are making judgements about who should and shouldn't win.

These are the same experts that pissed their pants and formed a meeting over a pill I created on a whim. In fact, just a few days ago, an entire planet was willing to use underhanded schemes just to pull me to their side. And yet you're laughing about my ability to beat this guy? Don't you think that makes you all look ridiculous?

Maybe the funniest part is that the man you're so sure will win has the most serious face on out of all of you."

Suddenly, Dyon's demeanor completely changed from his carefree attitude. "It's best you all shut your mouths and watch. That's all you're good for."


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