Reaper of the Martial World
339 Watch 1 - Missing Chapter
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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339 Watch 1 - Missing Chapter

(I'm really sorry guys, I just realized where the missing chapters everyone was talking about went

I accidentally skipped over a file on my laptop. These chapters were supposed to go in between "Warning" and "Wager"


Webnovel doesn't allow me to properly rearrange them, but these chapters are super important. Since it's my mistake, consider these as an extra 3

Be back tomorrow :) )

Seeing Dyon's figure nonchalantly turn his back on the Head of God Clan – and not only that, but also the Head of the Guild Headquarters – sent the Sapientia elders into a fit of rage. Unfortunately, it wasn't only them that were angry. The Heads of notable Guilds around the universe that had been meeting to discuss the demon sage also couldn't understand the actions of this young man.

"Unfortunately, child. Leaving here isn't so simple a task." Connery Sapientia spoke faintly, maintaining his superior air. He felt that he had an obligation to maintain his demeanor as Dyon's elder, or else he would come off like a joke.

Dyon had already turned away and couldn't be bothered with these people anymore. He had things to do, namely helping Ri finish her training and also saving the Viridi family. Although he could use force to settle the second matter, Dyon was still apprehensive about being the aggressor in this situation. He had too many enemies and he didn't want to give the more troublesome characters a reason to begin to act against him.

God Clans? He believed he could handle. But, he wasn't willing to deal with Royal God Clans just yet…

Looking toward Thadius and the other nine demon generals, Dyon smiled – choosing to silently thank them this time. No matter how they felt, the truth was that they had known Dyon for less than a year. For them to be so loyal was something that Dyon was grateful for.

What Dyon didn't know was that to them, he wasn't just the successor to their old master. Dyon had saved them from millennia of and suffering and had given them the opportunity to take hold of their own minds again instead of remaining brainless zombies. They followed him so whole-heartedly because they could see the good in Dyon.

When Dyon had saved them, he hadn't known that the demon generals would ever be of benefit to him, or that they were even demon generals to begin with. He had just seen people who needed his help, so he saved them. They would always remember that.

Seeing the guild head being ignored, Livy, who was still pressed firmly against a building's roof, struggled to transmit a message to Voron.

After an initial surprise, Voron turned to Ace to confirm something. Slowly, but surely, their smiles widened as their gazes once again focused on Dyon's figure.

Clearing his throat, Voron began to speak. "Head Sapientia, I have to say that it is an honor to meet you."

Connery turned his calm gaze toward Voron who was immediately taken aback and struggled to regain his composure. 'Were these the same eyes he used to look at Dyon? Why wasn't Dyon effected?'

Despite the tranquility of Connery's features, it was clear that a rage was being stoked. If Voron didn't have a very good reason for calling to him, it was likely that the Cavositas God Clan would have to suffer the loss of one of its geniuses.

Struggling to piece together his next words, Voron turned his focus to Dyon, "I remember that you just recently put in a order for pill servants, no? It just so happens that we have a family of former alchemists who would meet your requirements to perfection."

Connery's brows subtly twitched. Just what was this boy getting at? Why was he bringing up such a thing now? The use of pill servants wasn't exactly a topic to be spoken about in the open. In fact, it was very close to a taboo. So, why?

But, when Connery's senses caught a flaring of rage from a very familiar figure, he suddenly put two and two together. Did this family of former alchemists have something to do with this Dyon child? It certain seemed so…

The crowd, seeing this interaction, suddenly became very interested – especially toward Dyon's reaction.

The conversation itself seemed complete out of place, and yet for those intelligent enough, it was also pointed and deliberate. There was a purpose to this and it just might be what they need to catch Dyon unawares.

However, pill servants… That was something even those who liked to watch people suffer wouldn't wish upon their worst enemy.

The term seemed innocent. Maybe it was simply the act of being an assistant to an alchemist? Tending to gardens, securing materials and fetching items?

But, no. The job of a pill servant was nothing short of hell.

With the low level of alchemy available in this universe, usually research had to be done to move forward. In the human world, when research was conducted, there were codes of ethics to follow as guidelines. Animals were placed on an evolutionary scale for how closely related they were to humans, and the closer you were, the more justification a scientist had to provide for their usage in an experiment. In fact, in the human world, before potentially dangerous products were brought anywhere near a human, it would often go through extensive animal testing…

However, the martial world had no such morality. Weak humans and slaves were seen as no different from animals. What was the need for the extra safety steps and codes of ethics, if human lives meant nothing to these people?

Pill servants were nothing more than lab rats. They were endlessly force-fed pills and monitored for their reactions. Their meals consisted of little more than appetite supressing pills. They lived in cages, barred from light for ridiculous lengths of time – with no option to bath themselves, no option to relieve themselves, and no option to live a normal life.

Whenever they consumed too many pills for the researchers to distinguish between results, they were cut open and purged.

Their veins were flooded with a substance akin to rubbing alcohol. Their stomachs were pumped and emptied. And then they were sown back up before the process was repeated all over again until their deaths.

And maybe the worst part? Those that died from pill consumption may have been among the lucky ones… If the pill was quick, that is…


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