Reaper of the Martial World
338 Warning 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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338 Warning 3

The first thing Dyon noticed about this man was his golden eyes and crystal framed glasses. In fact, those crystal frames were tinted in a shade of green, much like Madeleine's had been tinted in purple before they were destroyed.

"Yes?" Dyon turned back to fully face the man that landed just a few meters from him with a host of elders that seemed to also be from the Sapientia family. It didn't escape his notice that this man seemed quite interested in the fact he was also holding Ri's hand.

"Should I call you Dyon Sacharro or should I call you demon sage?" A sly and clever smile spread across Connery's features. He had decided to test this boy's limits. It seemed as though he was trying to keep his demon sage identity a secret. And yet, Dyon's response through him completely off-guard.

"Sure, you can call me demon sage if you'd like. But, more importantly, has my wife come back yet?"

"Wife?" Connery turned his head toward Pertinacis' mother. Had this Dyon and Madeleine already consummated a marriage he wasn't aware of? If that was the case, this was a problem.

That said, it was still salvageable. As long as Dyon stopped referring to Madeleine as he did.

However, even as Dyon and Connery were speaking, those who heard Dyon refer to himself as the demon sage were completely shaken.

The demon sage? Number one on earth's rankings? Number one of the cumulative rankings? Just what was going on?

Even the guild headquarters had no idea how Dyon had done it.

The reason why Dyon couldn't hack in and directly change scoring was because the arrays provided for tracking were past his level of understanding. In fact, they were still past his level of understanding and there was a very simple reason for this. The relay arrays used for the rankings weren't put in place by this current universe system… They had been in place long ago and created by the Celestial Deer Sect of old. Much like the teleportation arrays between planets had been as well. Unless Dyon surpassed those olden masters, something even he was far from doing, he would never be able to manipulate the rankings.

But, that didn't stop those with little understanding of true array alchemy to think otherwise. So, when Ulu snorted and said, "Must be nice to be an array alchemist and manipulate the rankings at will." Everyone immediately agreed. To them, it was much simpler to accept this than to accept that a fifteen-year-old boy really was their better. People took to what they could understand… It seemed they had completely forgotten about the display of domineering power Dyon had just presented them…

Hearing the murmuring accusations, Ri shook in anger. She knew very well what Dyon had done to earn his ranking. In fact, the elves and the Niveus sect had witnessed no small portion of it. And yet, they still slandered him for it.

"Considering how easily his wife lost to us, he probably manipulated her ranking too," Eboni sneered, relishing in the opportunity to take jabs at Dyon and Ri whenever she could.

And yet, through all of this, Dyon couldn't be bothered. Anyone with half a brain, even if they believe he manipulated his ranking, wouldn't use that as an excuse to look down on him. Because they'd know that thought of disdain might very well be the last thought Dyon allowed them to have.

So, he let it happen – instead focusing his attention on Connery.

"Yes. Wife. Madeleine Sacharro." Dyon's face remained neutral. He wasn't trying to antagonize anyone, he was simply asking a question that required a yes or no answer.

Pertinacis' mother scrunched her brows. "When did my step daughter become your wife?! I don't remember attending any ceremony of the sort or accepting such a union."

"Step-daughter? You must be Pertinacis' mother, then. Nice to meet you." Dyon smiled faintly before turning his attention back to Connery who seemed to be studying him.

It seemed that both Connery and Dyon were probing each other. But, those who were witnessing this couldn't understand why the Head of the Sapientia family main branch was accepting this. This wasn't another head probing him, it was a child!

Pertinacis' mother shook in anger at Dyon's dismissal of her. His supposed 'nice to meet you' could barely count as a proper greeting.

"How did you and Madeleine meet?" Connery asked a seemingly useless question. But, Dyon answered anyway.

"We met after your main branch tossed her away."

Dyon's response was quick and showed no hesitation. And yet, his words were sharp and to the point. It made it clear that he didn't like the Sapientia family and it wasn't up to him to convince them that he was worthy, but rather up to them to convince him that they were worthy.

Connery was intelligent and immediately picked up on this. Despite the outrage of his elders at Dyon's disrespect, Connery was completely neutral. Antagonistic words weren't something he would easily fall for. He was just quite interested in the fact that although he was half a meter taller than Dyon, it somehow felt that they were eye level with one another…

"Then what do you intend to do about that?" Connery asked, a light smile playing on his features.

"It would be advisable for you to be clear on the fact that it isn't me who has to do anything. Your response dictates my actions." Dyon responded firmly, unperturbed by Connery treating him as though he was a child. If this Connery character wanted to underestimate him, it would only lead to his death.

Dyon had the power to wipe the entire Sapientia family from existence in this universe, should he choose to do so. In fact, even without using his puppets, if he used the Epistemic Tower key, he could take anyone he wished far away without the say so of any of these so-called experts. So, he meant what he said.

Connery was becoming decidedly less amused the more he interacted with Dyon. He was still an expert who had worked his way up from practically nothing, who was this child to threaten him about anything?

The elders of the Sapientia family looked down on Dyon with disdain, "Nothing but a foul-mouthed boy, Head Sapientia. Is there really a need to make a choice anymore?"

However, Dyon had already begun to walk away. He had seen everything that needed to be seen and had said everything that needed to be said.

"For the Sapientia family, choose your actions wisely. The outcome will be the same whether you support my and Madeleine's relationship or not, the only difference will be whether your family survives the end or not." Dyon said faintly.

"And as for those who seem to think my ranking is fake. I guess you'll find out in a few weeks, now won't you?"


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