Reaper of the Martial World
337 Warning 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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337 Warning 2

Dyon's skin began to glow so brightly that many averted their eyes. The gold that coursed through his veins had reached an unprecedented level. In fact, the improvement in his body was so domineering that his skin was sheering apart and yet healing instantly to the visible eye.

Suddenly, silence permeated everything. The thunder stopped rumbling the skies, the earthquakes stopped cracking the roads, and the rolling tides had calmed.

However, Dyon's skin continued to glow brightly – and, if you looked closely at the Tree of Life and Death that still hung in the air, crystal veins were cracking their way through its originally obsidian body, contrasting the shined black with a holy clarity.

Against his will, Dyon's humanoid manifestation appeared in the air. Its bare torso flexed, looking down at everything with disdain.

Dyon's wings tore out from his back, sending vicious hurricane force winds out from them as they arched menacingly in their pure white and deathly black.

And then, Dyon's weapon's pagoda appeared. It had become a structure that dwarfed even Arena City's Chaos Arena. Dripping in a red tinted black, it gave off a demonic presence that caused those around to shiver inadvertently.

The surrounding experts stood in silence. They knew exactly what these structures were, and yet they couldn't bring themselves to believe it. Could any one person sustain so many manifestations? And why were they all so powerful? Just what was going on?

And yet, they could only watch in awe as more manifestations appeared.

The Florence family technique bloomed into action causing a pure white lily to appear at the feet of Dyon's humanoid manifestation. Tattoos of gold, representing Dyon's celestial deer humanoid, tore through its skin, radiating out a purity that few could match. But then, Tattoos of black etched in red intermingled with this gold, creating a staunch dichotomy of light and darkness… Only for that balance to be completely overtaken by overbearing greys and blacks. Dyon's death humanoid manifestation seemed to overpower the golds and reds, leaving anyone watching with only thoughts of an inevitable end.

'He needs to die…' It wasn't clear who thought this first, but the answer was too many. With today's events, Dyon only garnered more enemies…

But, his soul didn't care. It seemed to be venting for having been suppressed for so long and finally pushed even the Mathilde family technique into existence.

The peak-most flaming circle of Dyon's manifestation's six, glowed faintly as the eye slowly changed… Flecks of red and purple colored it as it looked to see through everything.

And then… It all changed.

A blinding and unceasing light rocketed from Dyon's body.

His wings expanded from their three-meter length to five meters, tearing away the roof of the hotel he sat on.

The Tree of Life and Death shone viciously, its crystal veins solidifying and cracking through the obsidian, creating a tree that seemed like it was on the brink of another break through.

Dyon's weapon's pagoda and humanoid manifestation tore through the skies, increasing to heights that Dyon had never fathomed them being before.

And yet, maybe the most important thing was that a change had occurred in the six gold-black flaming rings…

The peak-most ring housed Dyon's eye techniques… His aurora and his Mathilde family technique.

The right, just above his shining white wing, housed the figure of his black flames. A domineering fire that even Dyon had yet to fully understand.

But, the left, just above his black wing, a new image had appeared. A pure white flame flickered, cascading a crystalline light over Dyon's usually pitch-black wing.

Now, only three circles remained untouched.

Minutes passed as Dyon continued to be baptized in saint energy. It seemed as though his soul could absorb a seemingly endless supply, but no matter how much people wanted to attack him now, they were weary of his demon generals. The only people who could say that they stood a 100% chance of beating them would be the grand elders and heads of the Royal God Clans. And yet, what Royal God Clan would lower themselves to interrupt the cultivation of a child?

Slowly, the blinding pillar of light began to fade. But, what was left was probably more shocking than anything that had been there before.

Dyon's body seemed to be carved out of the finest diamond in existence.

His skin glowed and his muscles rippled in such perfect proportion that had Ri not been in the same daze as everyone else, she would have definitely rushed over to cover him up.

His wings as doubled from their previous two, giving him two pairs and multiplying the tattoo etchings on his back. Even their slight movement threatened to send everything flying into the distance.

Even Dyon himself was surprised as he looked down at his hands as though they weren't his. He was wondering just how powerful he had become. He had never been able to make full use of his soul strength. Even when his soul had been at the peak of the essence gathering stage, he hadn't been able to output power comparable to someone with peak essence gathering energy cultivation. He could never tell why, but this had to be a problem with the techniques available to the soul. And it was up to Dyon to figure out a way to make true use of his saint soul.

"You idiot, put on some clothes." Ri rushed over, barring Dyon from view. Not embarrassed in the slightest by how obvious her jealousy was.

It didn't escape her notice how much larger a certain member had become, likely due to Dyon's integration of the demon sage essence, so she couldn't help but mutter to herself for Dyon's ears only. "If that thing becomes any bigger, you can forget getting it anywhere near me."

Dyon grinned, his eyes flashing a purple gold as sweatpants materialized for him. Gripping onto Ri's hand, Dyon turned to his demon generals and smiled. "Thank you."

Thadius waved his hand and clasped Dyon's shoulder, "Thanks is unnecessary successor. Look at that, you're almost as tall as me." Thadius' robust laughter filled the quiet atmosphere as the clouds dispersed.

It was true, Dyon had grown again from his 1.9-meter height to just over 2 meters. In fact, had he not supressed the growth in his height, he would have likely shot to at least 2.5 meters tall. But, he didn't like the idea of reaching the height of those giants.

"Alright. Let's go." Dyon didn't bother addressing the crowd. What would he do such a thing for? He only planned to compensate the hotel's owner and treat the injured before finding a new place to get used to his power.

But, unfortunately, it didn't seem like things would go so easily.

"Wait right there."

Turning back, Dyon found a figure he had no impression of.

He would soon come to know this man as Connery Sapientia.


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