Reaper of the Martial World
336 Warning 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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336 Warning 1


The Ragnor and Cavositas brothers had no idea what to do. Should they call more to attack? But, that would require involving God Clan Elders… How embarrassing would it be to personally call out elders to deal with a teenage boy? Who were these people and why were they so powerful?

"River dearest! I did good, right?" Thadius' domineering demeanor completely disappeared, instead being replaced what looked like an obedient stay-at-home husband.

River couldn't help but snort, "Only you would take credit for defeating such weak saints. I suppose you are shameless enough, though."

Thadius pouted but couldn't say much.

He had already stopped pouring his demonic intent into the saints, but they seemed to still be incapacitated. He didn't deem them worthy of anymore of his effort, so he dropped back down to the roof, taking his place as Dyon's protector as the clouds in the sky continued to roll.

Not many had a real concept of what had just happened. It had been so quick that aside from the words Thadius spoke, few sensed anything else. But… There were two celestial experts in the crowd. One being Connery Sapientia, and the other was the Matriarch of the Niveus Sect. And the both of them were stunned about the same exact thing…

'One with soul!'

This level of intent mastery was unprecedented for a saint in this universe. Even many of the celestial experts were capped at the second level of an intent, one with heart, let alone the fourth level of one with soul.

The difficulty in progressing in intents reached all new levels when compared to wills. It was true that to sense saint energy, mastering an intent was necessary, but not many ever went past this level in this universe – it was just too hard. Why? If Dyon had a guess, it would likely be because of lack of natural resources that allowed in-depth analysis of wills and intents such as abyssal cores, something this universe seemed to be severely lacking in. Couple that with their overall weak soul cultivation and meditating on wills and intents had that added level of difficulty.

The only exceptions were those born with affinities provided by God constitutions and faith seeds, and even heaven and earth constitutions to a smaller degree. However, lower ranking constitutions only allowed advantages in lesser wills, and was usually limited to just one or two. Luckier experts, like Madeleine, gained affinity in a general path.

For example, Madeleine was very good at any and everything related to purity and yin energy. As such, her level of progression in celestial will rivaled Dyon even after he utilized the Florence family technique to form a celestial deer humanoid manifestation.

Delia was another example of a path generalization. Because of her Infinite Ice Hell constitution, she gained access to the absolute path. Such powerful and rare path affinities were what warranted the ranking of Delia and Madeleine's constitutions.

In addition to this, there were constitutions that only allowed affinity in single wills, but these wills were so domineering and wide ranging, in terms of their abilities, that it made the narrowed scope negligible. Ri was an example of this with her Void affinity.

Void will was a supreme law and it was likely that Ri could dominate nearly anyone at the same level simply by virtue of that.

But, that wasn't all. Because of a supreme law's versatility, Ri even had the ability to use it in her energy cultivation to reach levels of power a normal expert would normally never be able to. It would be impossible for Dyon to use the Void Kitsune's energy cultivation techniques because he simply didn't have the affinity necessary.

However, in cases where experts didn't have these affinities, or in cases where those affinities had reached their max capacity – meaning they could no longer help progression without supplementary materials – those experts had no choice but to stall at those lower levels. Even Celestial experts were stranded at low level intents…

Celestial energy didn't have an intent level requirement, instead, it required mastery of a rudimentary domain, or an aura. The problem was that these auras couldn't be said to be more powerful than upper levels of intents. Instead, they were quite comparable… Which meant that an aura might not give a celestial expert an advantage over a high level intent, depending on the level of the aura, of course.

But, this was a scary proposition, especially for the Matriarch who had just been on her high horse. She wasn't afraid of fighting the demon generals, because while her aura wouldn't give her advantage, celestial energy definitely would – however, what if she had to fight all ten of them? What if this Dyon had more saints of this level? Was that even possible? How could a boy have such powerful subordinates?

Even Dyon had underestimated the demon generals. Or, more accurately, he had overestimated the level this universe. He hadn't put into proper perspective just how important cultivation grades were and just how domineering even single level differences between intents were… This was no longer the world or wills… It was very likely that out there, somewhere in a universe much more powerful than this one, there existed a lower level saint that could toy with these so-called celestial experts. And judging by how Thadius was itching for the Matriarch to attack, having sensed her animosity, it was likely he too wanted to try his luck.

Even in his meditation, Dyon couldn't help but laugh – although it sounded pained and strained.

It seemed as though he was laughing at the Cavositas, which only made the observers angrier, but in reality, he was laughing at his own inadequate view of things.

He overestimated when he shouldn't. He underestimated when he shouldn't. Maybe the only thing he got right was his morality. But even then, that led to its own set of problems.

He had once thought that his demon generals would lose out to the sheer number of saints the God Clans had. What he failed to realize was that one demon general was already worth ten thousand regular saints.



Veins filled with gold coursed through Dyon's body, pumping him with a vitality that seemed to be able to wake even the dead.

For the first time in what seemed like forever, Dyon opened his eyes…

'It's time.'


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