Reaper of the Martial World
335 You Have No Right 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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335 You Have No Right 3

Ri looked up into the skies, pissed off at Livy's accusations. He made it sound as though Dyon was doing this on purpose. Wasn't it very clear that he couldn't control what was happening?

Dyon, however, couldn't be bothered with Livy's words. He had to focus his entire being on the task at hand. Not only did he need to divert part of his attention to suppressing his soul from breaking through too early, he also needed to body cultivate with the rest of the attention he had. This was slowing down the process, but there was little he could do. He couldn't even divert anymore attention to create clowns because he was already using the Acacia family technique to speed up his energy absorbing. There was just too much on his plate to worry about a busybody receptionist.

"Don't worry mistress Sacharro, this clown won't enter even a hundred-foot radius of the successor." Thadius spoke with a bold smile.

Thadius' voice was booming. He hadn't bothered to hide his words at all. In fact, what he had said was so shocking that people didn't even harp on the fact Dyon was a supposed successor of something.

Livy's face twisted in anger. He understood being looked down upon in the Cavositas God Clan, after all, it was a God Clan. But, who was this person? And what right did they have to look down on him?

"Go ahead Thadius, this doesn't need all of us to act, only one is necessary."

Thadius casted a lustful gaze back toward the curvaceous demon general who had spoken. "That depends, River. Will you warm my bed tonight if I perform well?"

River rolled her eyes, "Why don't you go and ask Ronica. She seems to be more your cup of tea."

Thadius cringed at this rebuttal while Ronica chuckled before wrapping her delicate arms around Ri's shoulders. "Don't worry Little Ri. Even though Thadius is pretty weak, this is no problem."

Ri giggled lightly at the interaction between the demon generals. They were always like this. They seemed like a cross between siblings and lovers – Ri couldn't tell which was more accurate. It seemed as though every demon general had experienced something with the other. They were a close nit family that Dyon and Ri tried their best to ingratiate themselves into. Dyon because he was meant to be their leader, and Ri because she saw it as her duty as Dyon's wife. This was essentially her husband's kingdom, so she had to know his subjects.

Livy stood in the skies trembling at this sight, but, many took this differently. Just who were these people that looked down on the Cavositas so easily? And why were they following a kid who was supposed to have no backing? Just what was going on?

Those who had been at the last campaign in Earth's Gate recognized the white hair as symbols of Dyon's vice commanders, but those had obviously been essence gathering experts. Did he have even more powerful ones he had chosen not to use?

Thadius winked at Ri, trying to playoff his embarrassing moment after giving an apologetic smile to River who was still ignoring him.

In the distance, Voron, Ace, Elof and Vidar were among those who recognized the demon generals. But, that didn't mean they were worried. After all, why would they think that Dyon would have experts powerful enough to deal with Livy and the other saints under him.

All the while, Dyon remained focused on his task at hand. Oblivious to the red and gold rolling clouds, the continuously cracking roof and the viciously whipping winds. The atmosphere was becoming so dangerous that those with low cultivation have been immediately evacuated out of the area.


Dyon's body buffed to a new level. His torso seemed to be bursting with muscles that no one had ever seen before and they were so vascularized that everyone around could see the pumping of Dyon's blood as it slowly became a more and more solid gold.


Dyon roared into the skies, cutting through all of the discussion that had been taking place. His music will had inadvertently torn through the intent barrier, shaking the entire city itself.

In that instant, he wanted nothing more than to express his pain and that had melded his mind perfectly with his music will. As such, Dyon had stepped into a state of one with mind seamlessly, sending shock waves through those in attendance.

The elders froze. 'That's… An intent?!'

Vidar's face scrunched in anger. "Livy. Stop wasting time."

Vidar Ragnor's voice snapped Livy out of his surprise. After all, how could he not be? What kind of concept was a fifteen year with an intent? No one had information on Madeleine having mastered an intent yet, but, wasn't Dyon still another year younger than her? And hadn't he only been in the martial world for just under two years? This didn't make any sense.

How could they know that Dyon had unprecedented soul talent? This not only allowed his array alchemy to reach levels unreachable for those his age, it also allowed him a deeper connection with the things around him, making it possible to learn wills even quicker than the average person.

Livy waved his hand, causing the saints behind him to fan out and prepare their attack. But, this was the moment that Thadius finally stopped messing around …

His eyes reddened, seemingly dripping in blood as his body slowly expanded. He was silent as a trident appeared in his large hand and he stepped into the skies.

"You have a lot of nerve, thinking of attacking the successor with his protectors here." Thadius spoke faintly, but his voice had become such a deep and reverberating base that it seemed to replace the rolling thunder in the skies.

The saints froze. They hadn't felt Thadius' cultivation before, but, he had all of a sudden revealed it all at once. This pressure…

"A saint…" Livy trembled. He was a saint himself, but he was only of the first stage. And those he had brought with him, didn't even have 9 meridians filled with saint energy. But this Thadius… He was a monster. An unfathomable beast they couldn't see the peak of.

"Come on." Thadius took a step forward, grinning a smile that looked like it came from the depths of hell. "Don't back down now. Attack. Let me feel your so-called power."

Thadius was emitting a thick red fog and his trident seemed to be continuously expanding.

"It's too late for you to realize now." Thadius said faintly.

The skies shook violently as beams of demon qi tore through air and slammed the saints to the roof of a building.


They struggled but their faces remained firmly planted. Demonic will wasn't an attack on the physical, it was an attack on the psyche. And yet, the pressure was so strong that Livy and the Cavositas saints felt their bones collapsing in on themselves.

"Before the successor, people like you only have the right to face the ground and kneel."

Standing domineeringly in the skies with Dyon protected to his back, Thadius faced the present experts – daring them to attack.


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