Reaper of the Martial World
334 You Have No Right 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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334 You Have No Right 2

Seeing the Cavositas family acting to do what essentially would amount to killing Dyon, Connery Sapientia frowned. He didn't know who this child was, but he was very much interested in him. And, it was likely that since he didn't know who Dyon was, that he didn't have a God Clan backing him – which made him think that there was a good chance that he could get him to join the Sapientia family.

But, just as Connery was going to move, one of his elders called out to him. "Head Sapientia, there's someone who would like to talk to you about this boy."

Turning back, Connery looked on in interest, "Oh? Did you find the information about him I asked about?"

"Mm." The elder nodded toward the Sapientia branch elder that had been in attendance at Chaos Arena, and Pertinacis' mother happened to be next to him as well.

Shifting his gaze toward the two of them, Connery waited patiently for the two of them to begin to speak.

After bowing respectfully, the elder turned toward Pertinacis' mother who seemed to be the best option for relaying this information.

Clearing her throat, she began to speak, "This boy has a deep relationship with my step daughter, Madeleine."

Connery's eyes flashed with surprised. He didn't really pay attention to the relationships between people too much. In fact, he had seen Madeleine's parents on maybe a single occasion, let alone her step-mother. But, maybe the more interesting part was this boy's relationship with Madeleine. Wasn't this a good thing? He could easily use Madeleine to have him become a Sapientia, no? So, what was the problem?

"My son, Pertinacis, and his half elder brother, and Madeleine's full brother, Oliver, informed me that Madeleine has already accepted this boy as her fiancé." Bowing her head, she continued, "That is all I know."

"Her fiancé?" Connery was surprised, but then he thought that this story sounded familiar… Very familiar.

His thoughts flashed back to a conversation he had had with Ester Sapientia, Madeleine's master, about a fiancé. "Dyon Sacharro?" Connery's facial features steeled. This situation wasn't as good as he had hoped.

In his ideal world, he could just hand Madeleine to Dyon. No one else knew what was happening, but he knew very well. This kind of talent was just good for this universe. It was unprecedented in any universe. What bullshit prince or young master, even with a faith seed, could compare? But, that wasn't the issue. Dyon was from a very taboo place… And his existence was too dangerous to tie to their futures so easily.

It wasn't that he wanted to help out a love story, he could care less about such a thing. What he wanted was to use Dyon to improve himself and the position of the Sapientia. The point while Dyon still hadn't become a powerhouse was the best opportunity to do that, and yet everything was ruined by his origins.

'How is he cultivating right now?' Connery thought to himself. 'Does he realize that this shouldn't be possible? How much does he know? What will they think when they find out about his existence? Do they already know? Since he's stepped out of the human world, is the treaty even still in effect? Just what is going on?'

The people who knew of the history of this universe were limited. Very limited. In fact, those who knew weren't decided just by age, but specifically, who had been present. With the Sapientia family's wide range, they of course knew what had transpired and their elder experts were thus tethered to the treaty.

However, the Elves had clearly known not a thing about what had transpired. Although they had been surprised by where Dyon was from, they hadn't reacted violently to it. They had only been caught off guard. But, then they had become very happy about the fact Dyon had no real connection to the human martial world, because that meant he would have no qualms about representing them.

But then there was the Daiyu. Their elders clearly knew.

Just what was going? Even if Dyon had all the information about who knew and who didn't, he wouldn't be able to guess how they connected… Until he reached a sufficient level to be able to unlock his master's memories… A level he was slowly but steadily approaching.

"What do you want to do now, Head Sapientia?"

Connery was silent for a long while. He wasn't willing to give up on a talent like Dyon so easily, after all, his philosophy heralded talent over everything. But, the weight of the danger Dyon presented was too looming and too vast. How could he be comfortable with allowing their, now, most valuable genius to be tied to Dyon? He would rather she never marry at all.

In fact, Prince Belmont had approached the Sapientia with a very good offer that Connery had been thinking of accepting. The truth was that he was planning on completely ignoring this offer in favor of Dyon after witnessing his talent, but, the prospect of being allowed to write an in-depth history on the Belmont and investigate their tombs – tombs known to be highly connected with the past peak supreme beast, Amethyst – was too good to give up knowing the cons of siding with Dyon.

"Do nothing. We'll watch." Connery couldn't make a decision. The tombs of the Belmont family would put him in good standing with the Sapientia branches of other and more powerful universes, but Dyon's knowledge and power would also do much of the same. In fact, it could be argued that a fifteen year old with soul power that was just about to break through to match his own, would vastly outweigh whatever the Belmont tombs could provide.

There was also the fact that with Dyon's talent, it wouldn't even be two decades before he was the most powerful existence in this universe. This was a simple fact Connery couldn't ignore. He worked based on facts and logic. When new facts were presented, he formed new logical analyses. Something like Dyon becoming the most powerful person here in less than twenty years was something only Connery would ever think – but, he had no doubt that he was correct.

But… The problem was even if he became the most powerful person from this universe… Those that want to chain his people aren't from this universe… And they're much more powerful than what Dyon could match even with hundreds of years.


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