Reaper of the Martial World
329 Idiotic 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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329 Idiotic 3

"I don't have time to explain right now." Dyon's voice was strained. It had only been ten seconds since this whole process began.

He had intentionally sent Ri far from himself, but everyone had ended up converging on him anyway.

Although he couldn't move, he remembered that he had given Ri partial ownership of the ring. Something she had needed when he was in a coma for four months.

"Ri, take me out of this world along with ten saint level demon generals. I need protectors."

Dyon hadn't given Ri ownership of the ring containing his celestial level puppets. If the situation called for it, he would have to first stabilize himself before he could call out for them.

Dyon had obviously never experienced a saint level event. But, if his manifestations appearance was any useful gauge, then he would need space… And a lot of it.

His manifestation had torn through the inner world that held Acacia Academy. He didn't trust this ring to hold up.

Ri immediately nodded, her slim figure immediately appearing beside Dyon along with 10 saint demon generals.

Dyon had the utmost confidence in his demon generals. The saints of Earth couldn't possibly be a match for them. Although Ri didn't know what grade experts they were, Dyon was fully aware.

No demon general was below a peak second grade expert. And the best among them? The ones surrounding Dyon now? Were at least mid first grade experts.

The twelve of them immediately flashed out of the ring under Ri's guidance, appearing in the hotel room and bursting out of the floor boards.

"Outside." Dyon grit his teeth, struggling for the last of his sanity.

Ri wrapped her arm around Dyon's solid torso, immediately stepping into a void and appearing outside.

With their sudden appearance in the air, the demon generals immediately followed, standing in the air with their long white hair flapping dangerously in the wind. Their previously cheery demeanor had completely changed. Dyon was a leader they put their trust in and his protection was their top priority.

It was early morning on the third day from Dyon and Ri's stint in the Chaos Arena. Ri had tore through Dyon's expectations and had already reached the second level of the meridian formation stage. But, she still had a long way to go to reach the peak – at least another week or two.

"Sorry, Ri. Give me some space, I don't want you to get hurt. Keep away all those pesky people who want to catch a peak at your husband's naked figure."

Ri rolled her eyes, but still looked worriedly at Dyon as the stood on the hotel's roof. Would he really be alright?

But, she had no choice but to let go and move away, leaping to an adjacent building as clouds began to roll in the skies.

The trembling of the earth and the shaking of the skies had caught the attention of the citizens of Arena City. But, maybe the most interested were those gathering experts of the planets. Why?... Because they could very clearly sense that someone was breaking into the saint realms. And yet, this was among the most powerful they had ever felt…. Who needed this much saint energy to break into the next level?

In normal circumstances, the break through into the saint stage would only require enough saint energy to fill a single meridian. The more talented you were, the more meridians you could fill in that one go. However, there was a cap at the peak of the first stage, or the equivalent of nine filled meridians.

But… This amount of saint energy was far more than was necessary to fill nine meridians… Even if this person had a faith seed. It was just too much.

That said, there was a group of people even more interested than the norm. The array alchemists of the planets who had converged days ago were still having a heated debate on how to deal with this demon sage. And tensions were only rising because it was clear to them that this demon sage had ignored their invite. However, when they felt the blanket of soul pressure cover the city, they couldn't help but shiver. This soul… It was too powerful…

Royal God Clan Head Jafari. Royal God Clan Head Shruti. Royal God Clan Head Clyte. Royal God Clan Head Aumen. Royal God Clan Head Belmont.

The most powerful figures this universe had to offer. And yet, all of their attentions were focused on a singular point.

Their celestial cultivation bloomed as they blanketed the city to see just what was going on. Which of their planets was birthing such a genius? And since they were only just breaking into the saint realm… Didn't that mean that they should be on the rankings?... Was it? The demon sage?!

Dyon stood as stiff as a statue, taking deep breaths as he continued to suppress his breakthrough. Giving Ri's figure one last wink, he steeled himself and roared into skies.

His voice tore through everything, creating a vortex of black clouds as Dyon strained to move.

Slowly, but surely, he brought his arms together and focused his senses into a meditation stance.

And then… He did something absolutely ridiculous. Anyone looking at him thought only one thing: he has a death wish.

The Tree of Life and Death bloomed into existence, its branches spreading so far and wide that the vortex forming in the skies was nearly swallowed by it.

Thunder and lightning tore through the surroundings as Dyon did something completely idiotic.

Dyon's rings flashed as pile after pile of saint stones appeared around him. He wasn't satisfied until he had thousands laying across the roof of the hotel.

And then… He began to absorb them…


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