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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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325 Saint 2

This was exactly what the solution of the Kitsune was.

To have an affinity with a supreme law was so rare, it would almost be a shame if they didn't take full advantage of it.

The Void Kitsune completely did away with the purification system of normal energy cultivation. In fact, it could be argued that they did away with the normal meridian formation system entirely. If it wasn't for the meridians being the perfect framework for their system, it would belikely that it wouldn't be of use to them at all.

Dyon could only chuckle bitterly as he thoroughly studied the concept. "This talent. It's not even fair, you know."

Ri giggled, coming to understand the same thing Dyon was.

She no longer had a need for the stock meridian formation system. Instead of tempering and opening her meridians, she would slowly flood each one with void will. She didn't need Gama energy, not did she need to bother with any other wills. In fact, if she used those other wills, it would be as a detriment to her instead of a help.

The general idea was to use Ri's meridians as scaffolding to contain miniature voids within each one. This framework of voids would then act as beds to absorb energy in later levels of cultivation and completely ignored the need to purify meridian paths. In fact, the end of the cultivation technique called for a severing of all meridian paths lest the voids combine and lose stability.

This method was ingenious for numerous reasons.

For one, each of Ri's meridians would now hold almost five times the normal level of energy. In fact, the truth of the matter was that as Ri became more powerful and her void will became an intent, and then continued on into a dao, this number would only multiply further. This meant that when Ri entered the essence gathering stage and began accumulating energy, she'd have access to more than practically any other expert of the same level.

Secondly, and maybe most scary, this method didn't slow her cultivation despite needing more energy to move on in levels. Ri's meridians would basically act as miniature blackholes, sucking up energy greedily and at a pace a normal expert couldn't compare to unless they used supplementary techniques like Dyon's Tree of Life and Death.

Thirdly, Ri's stamina would be exhaustive. Something like fighting for months as she had before would be hundreds of times easier because her meridians would essentially absorb energy from the atmosphere without her having to do much of anything.

In the end, the only drawback of this technique was that usually Kitsune wouldn't be able to sustain all 108 voids and reach perfection. The amount you reached, heavily depended on your talent. However, even this wasn't a problem for Ri because she wasn't a normal Void affinity kitsune… She was THE Void affinity Kitsune. The Kitsune that started down this lineage in the first place. The faith seeded void Kitsune: Kukan.

Aside from this, the only problem was Ri's foundation stage cultivation. Because of the strain of literally accumulating black holes within yourself, Ri's foundation stage needed to be as solid as just about any in existence. So, she had to restart.

"I can create an environment about a third as effective as the one Epistemic Tower for you. I just need to set up a few arrays and use the Acacia Family technique to purify and process essence gathering energy into an easily digestible form. With your talent, you'll probably reach the peak of the foundation stage by day three." Dyon smiled, already having finished preparing Ri's cleansing pill.

Nodding, Ri bit back her thanks. Having just been one with Dyon's mind, she already knew exactly how he'd respond to her trying to say thank you. Instead, she prepared herself to work hard so that she could stand by his side proudly.

However, she couldn't help but smile even as she took the pill to wash away her cultivation. When she had been in Dyon's mind, she had found unequivocal proof that he loved her just the same as Madeleine. There was no need for her to be troubled anymore and she threw herself in cultivating.

Having finished helping Ri, Dyon prepared himself to begin cultivating as well.

He needed more time to feel ready to move on to the essence gathering level, because he still felt like something was missing… As though there was a piece he hadn't fully grasped yet. After all, he had only spent just a few weeks with any real concept of what energy cultivating meant at all.

Although he had spent a month cultivating to the peak of the foundation stage, before leaping to the peak of the meridian formation stage, he hadn't truly opened the door to energy cultivation until he got his meridians. But, even then, he hadn't had any time to study himself and what that door truly meant… He had gone from fighting Alidor, to fighting a war, to taking care of Ri. He hadn't had the time.

But, now, his main focus was reaching the lower 6th soul stage. He had been stalled at the peak of the 5th for too long and it was about time he proceeded forward.

The truth was that he had a feeling he would need to forge grandmaster level arrays soon, and he wouldn't be able to do that unless his soul reach saint level through his manifestation's boost.

There were too many odd occurrences going on, and with his identity as the demon sage apparently becoming a looming problem he hadn't though it would become, he needed a solution for it.

That said, the first solution to any problem is power.


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