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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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324 Saint 1

"Do you feel that?" Dyon asked, eyes still closed in meditation with Ri.

Ri felt like an entirely new world was being opened up to her.

When Dyon had first met his master and she led him to the corpse of her and her husband, the most striking thing about the demon qilin was the tattoos etched into his horns. They were dark and dense and seemed to hold laws unfathomable to Dyon at the time, and even now.

"They're written into me?"

"Let's try pouring your consciousness into one of the shallower ones."

The truth was that this was a ridiculously intimate process. Even Dyon's master and her husband had never done such a thing.

The legacies of a supreme beast clan were personal and highly guarded. Even in death, it was impossible for Dyon to study the etchings of his master's husband because he didn't have a key to understanding them. However, Ri was her own key, and because she trusted Dyon with her everything, she didn't second guess having him help her navigate.

That said, what was required of Ri and Dyon was an essential perfect union between their minds – to the point where who was who would become nothing but a blurred line.

Had they tried this just hours ago, things may not have worked out so well. Although Dyon and RI had melded their auroras before, it was always for the sake of powering their array alchemy to a greater height. However, the purpose of this was much different.

In order for Dyon to help Ri, he needed a full understanding of exactly what they were trying to delve into. And for that to happen, he needed to essentially be in Ri's shoes and observe things from her perspective. The melding of their auroras in a situation like this wasn't for power, but, for better and intimate control.

If it had been earlier in the day, before Ri and Dyon had spoken about everything weighing on their minds, it would be likely that Ri would still be barred off from Dyon. Because of that, their auroras wouldn't have melded perfectly and the process would have been more detrimental than anything else.

But, now? Dyon could feel everything Ri could feel, and he couldn't help but sigh in relief. All of his worries were gone, and it seemed the relationship between he and Ri had reached a new level.

"Ri if this is right…"

Ri nodded, determination flashing on her features, "I want to start from scratch."

"I don't have another high-level cultivation cleansing pill. But, I should definitely be able to make one capable of cleansing you."

Dyon immediately began thinking of a course of action.

The cleansing pills he had once condensed from the Celestial Deer Sect were potent enough to erase even a peak celestial expert's cultivation. However, even if he didn't have one of those now, it would be overkill to use it anyway. Right now, he could without a doubt make a pill capable of erasing the cultivation of a peak essence gathering expert.

Taking Ri's legacies into account, or, the ones she had the power to see through right now, the Void affinity Kitsune had their own special paths to take. To Dyon, it was truly fascinating, although completely useless to him.

Over the course of history, it had always been difficult to reach the peak 12th stage of meridian formation. In fact, the peak of the 12th stage had always been reserved for those peak geniuses and was known as the perfect foundation.

However, the difficulty never stopped top tier clans from trying to find ways to circumvent those difficulties and forge new paths of cultivation.

One such example of this would be the celestial deer sect. Using their purity path, they were able to cleanse the impurities of energy to make the path toward perfection easier. Because of the nature of celestial will, it ended up being the most effective at this approach, but, that didn't mean others didn't try the same as well.

Fire path users tried to burn away impurities. Water path users tried to heal their way to perfection. And so on and so forth. The only issue with these paths that tried to copy what the Celestial Deer's did was that none of them were as good at purification when compared to celestial will. In fact, despite not being as domineering as a supreme will, celestial will likely boasted the best purification among all wills in existence except for one.

That said, purification wasn't the only path. Actually, that made sense. To say that the Celestial Deer were the only in existence to find a way to reach perfection would be ridiculous. If they had been, who would have ever challenged their role as a peak level clan? Their reign would have lasted indefinitely despite who their enemies turned out to be.

So, understanding this now, Dyon was quite intrigued with the solution the kitsune managed to forge for themselves. Or, more accurately, the solution the Void affinity Kitsune forged.

The first thing Dyon had to wrap his head around was that void will was a supreme law. It was domineering and all encompassing. And quite frankly, quite scary when he thought about it.

The void was an abyss incarnate. There was nothing it couldn't swallow and there was nothing that couldn't escape its grasp.

Knowing this, it would dawn on anyone why Void Kitsune were so rare. And worst yet, for Ri to have been born with the Void faith seed? Nature almost couldn't allow such an imbalance of power.

Why? When the void does its job well, nothing escapes it. Not light. Not wills. And most importantly, not energy.

So… What happens when you apply a concept like that to the energy containers of the universe? What happens when your meridians become able to absorb energy without end?


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