Reaper of the Martial World
323 Will He 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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323 Will He 3

"The Epistemic Tower in our quadrant was ignored because our universe became too weak to bother with." Dyon continued, "Eventually, the cultivation cap of the gate fell so far that many forgot entirely.

With all of the once powerful clans gone, new ones had to build up to the power of the former. But, the information that the destroyed powerful clans had, weren't available to the weaker. Which meant that even though this quadrant now has clans that are as powerful as the Celestial Deer Sect used to be, they have no idea about the Epistemic Tower because that information was never passed to them."

"Are you saying that those powerful clans are converging to look for something… But, they don't know what they're looking for is the Epistemic Tower?"

Taking a deep breath, Dyon answered, "That's likely at least a part of the truth. The fact that the Pakal and Ragnor clan geniuses essentially ignore the Epistemic Tower is evidence that they don't know of it. But, there are a few reasons why that might not be all there is to it…

For one, there's the human world. If the reason the clans were converging had nothing to do with the seal placed on my home, I would be very surprised. In fact, maybe the only thing I'm certain about is the fact that seal has something to do with it.

Secondly, there's the expansion of Earth by thousands of times its original size. That seems far too out of place and random to be by coincidence. Scientifically speaking, there's no non-martial world related laws I can use to explain that… At least, none that I can use that don't include the Earth becoming uninhabitable.

Then there's the Daiyu Clan. They were, for all intents and purposes, a powerful clan from back then. By right, they should have information on the Epistemic Tower. And yet, it doesn't seem to be their focus at all. As though there's something more important…"

"Maybe that's because they haven't birthed anyone who is capable of conquering the tower? Remember how Chenglei seemed stifled by their lack of resources and he didn't seem to have the talent to open the tower either. And from what it seems, he's now the best genius they have…"

"That's a possibility. They might be ignoring the tower because they know they can't open it. Maybe they're making all of these moves to find another way to open it? After all, if they went to the tower without a plan and failed, they'd only draw attention to it. Something they likely don't want."

Dyon had been lucky in terms of the way he approached the tower. Unlike Alidor, he hadn't had the ability to teleport throughout the gate at the time, so, he would have had to travel there manually had he not fallen into the spatial tear.

But, if he had done that, his movements would have been noticed by scouting personnel at some point. Even if the Ragnor had pulled away the Saeclum clan, the Uidah universe had their own scouts too…

In a way, Dyon almost dying was a blessing in disguise. However, the problem was that the Uidah still found out because of Alidor's seeking out faith seed.

"Also, I don't believe that Chenglei is so weak…" Dyon thought back to his fight with Chenglei and he wondered if he would have won had it not been for devour. "When we fought, Chenglei had reset his cultivation. Which means that we were essentially on an even playing field and it still took everything I had.

As of right now, I believe I've left him far behind. The Daiyu don't have the means to even awaken his god constitution fully, let alone temper his meridians with Gama. But, I can't underestimate his talent… I had access to so many wills, I had such a powerful soul, and my body cultivation was doing well, and yet it still took a perfectly tailored technique to win. Next time I meet him, I'll still need to be careful… because this time, I have to kill him."

After a moment of silence, an evil grin appeared on Dyon's face as his hands creeped up Ri's night gown to find two soft bundles of flesh before kneading them gently.

Ri giggled, slapping his hands away, "Pervert. We have work to do. Help me with my cultivation."

Smiling gently and bowing to his wife's needs, Dyon nodded, "Alright."

With that, Dyon began to meditate with Ri. Because Ri was only half a beast, her intuition when it came to choosing paths and the legacies that were ingrained into her, wasn't as intuitive as it was for Little Black. This meant that she needed to analyze her body slowly to fully understand it.

So, that was what they did. Facing each other, they held hands to mold their auroras and peak out their 6th sense. Then, the began to slowly tease apart the legacies of the Kitsune. And more specifically, the legacy of the void kitsune… Kukan.


A few kilometers away and still within Arena City, another gathering was taking place.

This time, though, it wasn't so youthful as it had been in Chaos Arena. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

Powerful masters of the five planets converged on a single building, ready to hold their own conference. After all, the other four planets would never send their best and brightest without protection.

However, interestingly enough, this wasn't going to be a meeting about just the World Tournament. Maybe just as importantly, another event was taking place to take advantage of the rare convening of the planets' elites.

This would be the first meeting of its kind. Spurred on by the appearance of a never before seen phenomena, the array alchemists of the universe would meet for the first time…

Before, the Guild Headquarters had been but a figure head, only stepping in when rules were broken. However, something significant enough had happened for them to finally make a move on this scale. It was time for a change, and that change revolved around one person.

So… Fittingly… As they made their way to Arena City's Alchemy Guild, they were all thinking just one thing.

'Will the Demon Sage come?'


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