Reaper of the Martial World
322 Will He 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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322 Will He 2

Dyon shook his head, he had no idea. It was likely the upper-echelons of the God Clans knew, and that would include the Elvin Elders as well. But, that wasn't the main issue. Who the other clan was, was irrelevant.

In fact, it was likely that the God Clans of Earth were already aware that there was a change but couldn't be bothered to care about the changed political landscape of another planet.

For the world tournament, each Planet sent their best representatives. In the end, for Planet Naiad, Nix, Deimos and Mino, they each sent two God Clans and one Royal God clan. If they had been hosting, they would have likely sent more, but, the expense of interplanetary travel didn't allow that to be worth it.

The interesting part was that although each planet had their own Sapientia God Clan, none of them had brought any members. It was likely that the planet's assumed the Sapientia would afford the expense themselves.

However, that aside, there was another thing of note. Something that Dyon had no clue about because Chike and the members of Planet Nix, also did not know –

The members of Planet Mino, including Saru Shruti of the Shruti Royal God Clan, had also not been here just a hundred years ago. And now? They were suddenly very interested in Ri's origins.

Dyon sighed, "Nothing can ever be simple, huh?"

After a pause, Ri asked a question that had been grating on her, "Do you think how those clans appeared without a gate conquering being noted, is the same way my parents left too?"

"I thought of that possibility as well. If we pay enough attention, we might find some clues. I think I should have a good relationship with at least one set of in-laws." Dyon laughed to himself bitterly.

Ri giggled, "Maybe if you weren't so arrogant, you would have approached them by now."

Dyon pouted in disagreement, "The first time I met Madeleine's father, he was part of a group of people trying to kick me out of their school. The second time was after he tried to end my and Madeleine's relationship – according to Madeleine, Oliver had acted on his own, but I still never got an apology for that, despite the sword through my chest.

I guess I've never had any interactions with Madeleine's mother, but if I'm to take what Madeleine says about her seriously, her goals are always in lock-step with her father's. The only time they even remotely disagreed was when Madeleine seemed to be on her death bed.

It's moments like these that I appreciate Uncle Acacia."

"It seems Uncle might have his own in-laws to deal with soon," Ri said teasingly, "He might not be in a good enough mood to deal with your antics anymore."

Dyon sighed, "In all seriousness, though, something is converging and its converging on this universe.

In the past, this was universe was the best in the quadrant. It had peak dao formation experts, and I'm not certain, but it's like that that also included half-step transcendents. This is why the Epistemic Tower was originally placed right here, in a bridge between this universe, and the next one over.

With the Ragnor and then the Pakal. But now Planet Nix. And even before that there was likely the Kitsune who came too. Too many clans much too powerful to be here are coming here."

"Dyon," Ri said softly, "We should probably talk about when it is you was to enter the Epistemic Tower to start training toward Transcendents."

Dyon shook his head, "When WE go, it'll be all of us. The old man said he had a limited supply of resources, but he never said I wasn't allowed to let other in with me. If that was the case, then Alidor wouldn't have been able to bring in his sister."

"But… You said the old man teleported the Basilisks Alidor had brought with him out when they tried to take the trials."

"Mm. That's true. But, that was only because they weren't talented enough. My fiancées are the most talented women in this universe, grand teacher will of course accept you two. You have a faith seed and a God level constitution, and I have a feeling that Madeleine just got a faith seed of her own."

With Dyon's words, Ri finally sighed in relief. She had been worried that she would be separated from Dyon, but there had been a reason for that. Dyon's ultimate goal was to make his name spread far and wide and the best way to do that was with the help of the Epistemic Tower. If he went in, there was no telling when he'd be able to come out.

"I want to take you, Madeleine, Little Lyla, Little Black, the demon generals and likely Alidor and his little sister with me. I also have a few others in mind… Like Caedlum Pakal. And Thor Ragnor."

Ri looked back at Dyon in confusion, "Why Alidor and his little sister?"

"It's not that I trust him, or that I'm putting any stock or hope in him. It's only that he'll be useful. This will essentially be a quadrant vs quadrant battle, and our universe is lacking in talent. Also, unless his soul strength becomes stronger than mine, he'll never break his slave seal without my say so."

At the moment, Dyon had no intention on ever letting Alidor surpass him. When Dyon completed his soul, his strength was at the peak 6th stage. In fact, he was mere days away from breaking through and having his incomplete soul be at the lower 6th stage, while his completed soul would be able to enter the lower 7th stage! A saint level soul!

"It will be dangerous, though, Ri." Dyon's face steeled. "The Epistemic Tower isn't just about the trials to receive the greatest techniques of that old man, it's also a competition. And it's a competition that involves everyone who was talented enough to forge their way into the Tower.

Maybe the worst part is that this quadrant, according to grand teacher, is likely among the minority when it comes to accumulated knowledge on the Epistemic Tower. No one here remembers the importance the Epistemic Tower is meant to have, but that doesn't mean other places have forgotten."


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