Reaper of the Martial World
317 Enlighten 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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317 Enlighten 3

The brows of the receptionist furrowed at Dyon's response. He didn't know who he was talking about? Was this kid really willing to put his wife's life at risk on his gamble?

The truth was that the receptionist had no idea whether Dyon took a prisoner or not. What he did know was that Dyon had acted weirdly right before his fight, and his eyes were seemingly trained on one of the fighting stages.

Then, after confirmation from his young master, he found out that there were indeed some Dyon cared about that had been sold into slavery. Couple that with the fact that there was only one exit from the arena, and Dyon would have been in perfect position to save someone.

But, what the receptionist could not understand was where Dyon's confidence came from. After all, how could he know that Dyon held a ring that couldn't even be properly scaled amongst treasures? To him, both Eli and Ri were floating around in this room somewhere, he just couldn't detect it properly.

However… The more and more the receptionist searched, the more he realized there was nothing to be found.

Looking past the receptionist, Dyon's eyes landed on the Planet Nix warriors. They had lifted up their deadpan queen to sit her in a chair. But, it was clear that a fire was being slowly lit in her eyes. 'Good. Get angry. I want my little feu glace to beat you at your best.'

With that last thought, Dyon turned back to scan over the rest of the planets, his eyes faintly lingering on Eboni which caused her to involuntarily shiver.

"Despite what mistakes my fellow kinsmen have made, I hope you don't assume that I'll allow you to seek revenge as easily as you did against the Nix."

Shifting away from Nix, Dyon's eyes landed on Tau Aumen, steadily taking in his glowing hair and fierce features.

With Tau's words, Eboni seemed to have gained her fire back, staring back at Dyon arrogantly. But, anger could only build up within her as she noticed Dyon completely ignoring her gaze. She felt insignificant... Weak. Dyon had not a care even for her beauty.

"And I hope you don't assume that the reason she hasn't died is because of you." Dyon's emotions showed no signs of fluctuation. He meant his every word. Eboni was only alive because he was leaving her for RI. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Ode sneered, "You're so arrogant. Did you think a handsome face meant strength? Our young master is in the top 10 for a reason. Don't assume that beating Ulu makes you anything significant in his eyes."

Dyon had already begun to walk away before Ode spoke, brushing past the receptionist who was still searching.

"Your ranks mean nothing to me. The name at the top in the end will be mine." With those last words, Dyon left.

After Dyon's disappearance, silence reigned in the VIP room.

The receptionist had disappeared in a puff of embarrassment. Although he tried to follow Dyon, he had lost him. It was clear Dyon had used another concealment array, a much more powerful one. However, this only made the receptionist surer that he had been correct. But, that led to another problem… Just how powerful was Dyon's array alchemy to be able to hide from a saint expert?...

The Nix warriors were still tending to their queen. In reality, she was hurt at all. The grip on her throat had long since healed, and the robustness of a martial body made the effects of 'hanging' she had suffered severely below what a normal human would suffer. The only real wound was her pride. "I'll kill them!" She shrieked, grinding her teeth in anger.

When had the Nix ever been disrespected like this? They were three clans united under a single banner. They should have been much more powerful that the norm. They had the Nuru family and their dark arts. They had the Jafari family and their robust time control. And they had the Lebna, Ulu's clan, which specialized in the soul – specifically sealing. They were meant to be perfect! And yet, even in under a united banner, some no name had done this to them?!

Ulu breathed deeply, trying to calm herself. She had to accept that Dyon wasn't a no name. If she was right, this teenage boy was an unprecedented array alchemy expert coveted by the whole of the universe. But, this wasn't something she could disseminate to the public. If others knew, it would only increase competition for the Nix.

However, there was something good about Dyon being the demon sage. This meant that Ulu could stop worrying about his ranking… Because she was almost certain Dyon had cheated now!

"Queen, should we inform king?"

Ulu shook her head. "Not yet. King and the elites of Nix are off on a mission right now and will join us on this planet soon. However, if we tell my husband what has occurred too soon, given his hot head, he'll act without thinking and kill our pawn.

We need to first wait until just before the tournament begins, that way King won't be tempted to act before the fact. Then, we'll inform him of the importance of this pawn. After we do that, we can explain how he's disrespected the Nix and me.

This child has no concept of the true strength of the warriors in the top 10. He thinks that just because he can manipulate arrays and forge points for himself that he's among them? No. The top 10 of the cumulative rankings are nothing short of gods." Ulu's eyes sparkled as she thought of her husband before a dense anger formed in her eyes as she touched her belly. "Or maybe I should say top 11 considering you're a fraud.

After you find that you have no choice to be a slave, your so-called seal on me will be removed by your own hands."

Ulu sneered in disgust as she thought back to Dyon's rank. At first, she had been scared of this new ranker. But, when she met Dyon, and connected his ability to the array alchemist, everything made sense. Dyon hadn't earned his rank. He cheated. Manipulating the rankings to manufacture his results.

After all, nothing else made sense to Ulu. Why? Because Dyon's rank wasn't just in the top 10… In fact, it wasn't just in the top 5…

Demon Sage. Rank 1.


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