Reaper of the Martial World
316 Enlighten 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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316 Enlighten 2

"One with mind. One with heart. One with body. One with soul. One with will. One with intent. One with law. One with world. One with Dao.

What it means to be a saint is to have mastered an intent. What it means to have mastered an intent is to have a view of the world few others have. Too many are quick to ignore the namesakes of the nine intent stages for overly simplified numberings, but those names mean something."

What the receptionist said was true. Often, the levels of intent were broken into stages of one to nine, when, in reality, each had their own name. And, in fact, that name gave insight into how to master or come to understand that will to that level. In addition, the name also often gave clues as to the scope the intent would reach.

When Madeleine improved her celestial will to a celestial intent, it was because she had received a calming reassurance at a moment where her connection with her surroundings was deep enough to take the next step. This connection was provided by her essence gathering cultivation, while the peace of mind had been given to her by Dyon's message of reassurance and encouragement.

All of these culminated in Madeleine reaching a state of one with mind, thus stepping into an all new level of power that only a rare few could match at the essence gathering level. In fact, the only reason the third daughter of the Uidah King God Clan had beaten Madeleine so easily was because Madeleine had spent weeks fighting and protecting her fellow clansmen. Couple that with the fact that she had higher cultivation than Madeleine, and the ability to fuse wills, and Madeleine simply did not stand a chance.

"So, what's your meaning?" Dyon asked, a smile still on his face.

"Like I said. Two are missing. And there's little you can hide from a saint expert. You may have released the planet Nix queen, however, you've taken something from us that you should be giving back, don't you think?"

At this point, it was clear to Dyon that the receptionist was referring to Eli.

He was using his explanation as a saint to show Dyon that he wasn't just making a guess. The connection that saints gained with their surroundings far surpassed that of essence gathering experts and without a doubt surpassed meridian formation experts.

Since he realized that he had lost the moral high ground in one instance, he had decided to gain it another way.

The truth was that the reason it had taken Dyon so long to come back, even to the point that Ri ended up being taken advantage of, was because he was doing his due diligence in saving Eli.

Unfortunately, he hadn't been able to find any others of the Viridi family. But, it was likely that Eli knew where the rest were and could thus direct Dyon.

The problem was that Eli had passed out due to blood loss and was thrown into a cage filled with other warriors – seemingly with their only hope being death. Dyon had wanted to save them all, but that simply was not realistic. The movement of one slave might fly under the radar, but all of them? It was too much to maneuver. It would have to be a plan saved for another day.

However, Dyon had exercised the utmost caution. He used a clone to replace himself so that he never disappeared from view and used the best concealment array he had in his disposal. But, therein lied a problem, even as Dyon saved the unconscious Eli.

Even though the saint didn't have any specialization in array alchemy, what he did have was a soul comparable to Dyon. This meant that his sensitivity to Dyon's concealment array, even if it was a peak master level array, would be there. And the worst problem was, to avoid detection, Dyon hadn't used his peak most array because that would require releasing his manifestation. Therefore, he had only used a mid-level master array.

The receptionist was a mid-level saint. This was simply the scale of a God Clan. They could afford to use warriors so powerful as doormen because mid-level saints simply weren't powerful enough to be elders. And, considering how old the receptionist was already, he was unlikely to ever reach that level.

That aside, despite the receptionist's cultivation, his soul strength still rested at the lower essence gathering level… But, that was enough to catch that something was off when faced with Dyon's concealment array. And now, he was acting on his hunch.

"I believe one you're speaking of is my wife. But, where she is has nothing to do with you. The second, the one who is important to you, I have no idea about. Because, I don't know what you're talking about." Dyon smiled calmly because the saint's words had already revealed his own lack of understanding.

When the receptionist had said there were two missing things, one of which was important to him, Dyon had been confused. But, when he made the connection between the receptionist's soul strength and the possibility of it being enough to see through his mid-level master array, things clicked. The receptionist didn't know that Ri had been put into a spatial ring. He thought that Ri was still in this very room, hidden by Dyon.

Essentially, the receptionist was threatening Dyon. He was saying that because he was a saint, he could use his intent mastery, and the connection it gave him to the environment, to see through Dyon's array and find Ri. And, because he could do that, Dyon should give back the prisoner he took and accept punishment.

However, Dyon found this all very funny because the receptionist couldn't be more wrong. Not only was Ri in no danger whatsoever, even if she was in the room under the influence of a concealment formation right now, Dyon still wouldn't be scared of this so-called saint level expert because he had two trump cards he had yet to use.


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