Reaper of the Martial World
314 I Don“t Care 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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314 I Don“t Care 3

Dyon completely ignored Ulu, looking down at Ri. "Just focus on me, okay?"

Ulu's face twisted menacingly, her small hand lifting into the air. A dense black fog coated it as she slowly clenched fist.

However, the screeching agony she had expected never came.

Smiling gently, Dyon's eyes once again began to glow. And it suddenly dawned on everyone… Dyon hadn't used an array plate…

"Innate Aurora…" Saru Shruti's eyes narrowed. There were just too many surprises between this couple. This Dyon that they had looked down on had too much to him that they couldn't fathom.

Dyon diligently coated the seal with his aurora, surrounding it in an array perfectly fused with celestial will.

He wafted a comfortable feeling into Ri until her eyes closed into a deep sleep. Then, barely caring for the exposure of his ring, he drew a concealment array around Ri before sending her in.

Dyon knew what he had to do. But, that needed more time than he had now – he could only induce a sleep in Ri for now.

"You did all of this just to try and pull me to your side?" Dyon didn't seem to be talking to anyone in particular as he glanced at Uta's unconscious figure. It was clear he was about to die at any moment, and yet Planet Deimos' warriors weren't making any effort to help him.

Ulu frowned at Dyon's words, 'How did he know that?'

It made sense that Ulu was confused. She had no idea that the technique she had been coveting from Dyon could absorb memories. Right now, Dyon had a full understanding of what Ulu had wanted to do. Unfortunately for her, Dyon's skill with arrays had increased far too much. But, all he had done for now was sever Ulu's ability to control the seal by cutting it off from the outside world.

There was a reason the Sigebryht family seals and Ulu's seal looked almost indistinguishable from arrays.

Seals were the antithesis of arrays. While arrays wrote in universal laws, the goal of a seal was to erase those laws. That's why the Sigebryht family could seal away the death qi to stop the cyclones, they had locked away the will by writing an anti will.

The reason Dyon hadn't been able to understand seals before was because he was essentially used to doing math questions without showing his work. He could cut through the calculations to reach the answer but hadn't understood properly until he solidified his fundamentals.

Understanding seals, without first fully understanding arrays, was like trying to understand integrals, without first understanding how derivatives worked.

"I want you to know that the only reason I'm not killing you all today, is because this is a fight for my wife. However, you still deserve a punishment, don't you think?"

Ulu remained silent. She couldn't understand where Dyon's confidence was coming from. Did he think she was as easy to deal with as the Nuru brothers? One was barely in the top 100 and the other wasn't even on the list.

"You must think you're very powerful, hm?" Ulu smiled. If no one had seen her malicious deeds just moments before, all they would have seen was an otherworldly beauty. But, now, that smile had a venom no one could ignore.

"The dead one said something about stripping my woman naked and hanging her from the ceiling, right? I wonder what you'd look like hanging from the ceiling like that. I'm sure you man servants would love that." Dyon's face remained expressionless as he shifted his gaze to the ceiling. But, his words caused a palpable anger to grow within the Nix Warriors.

Their most elite warriors had remained with Ulu's husband, thinking that only Ulu was necessary. It was now their job to protect the dignity of their queen. And yet, here was this fifteen-year-old boy saying whatever he pleased.


The warriors of planet Nix stood, storm toward Dyon. But, he ignored them, his foot slowly raising in the air before dropping.

Dyon's figure flashed, ripples of space and celestial will sending booming circles of raging winds flying out in his wake.

"Ugh," Ulu's face paled as Dyon's strong hand wrapped around her delicate neck.

"Ulu Lebna. Ranked 30th. Supposed member of the six beauties of this universe. Know today that you made a mistake in opposing me.

You wanted my wife to never give birth, right?" Dyon's eyes bore into Ulu, flames of black coloring his once hazel-green eyes.

Dyon's manifestation bloomed into existence, boosting his soul to the peak of the essence gathering level – 6th stage.

Ulu's eyes bulged, her voice struggling to push past Dyon's grip, "Y-your soul strength. N-no!"

The Nix warriors tried to charge toward Dyon, but purple gold defensive formation formed, stacking again and again. It was complete overkill. Each was of the peak master level and the heaven's chimes that rang through the air shook even Chaos Tower itself.

Eboni trembled at this sight. Was this really the man she thought she could beat? She wasn't that much more powerful than Ulu. In fact, their ranks were so close that strength couldn't be decided from it at all. And yet, she was nothing in front of Dyon.

It was suddenly very clear to everyone that Dyon hadn't been even remotely trying when he fought Uta. He hadn't used any energy cultivation. But, even worse, he hadn't even used his utmost strength – his soul!

For the first time that night, Tau Aumen and Saru Shruti smiled. They were both thinking the same thing. They wanted nothing more than to fight Dyon and see how they measured up.

Aside from them, though, there had been one other planet that hadn't said a single word during this entire exchange. Planet Naiad.

If Delia had been there, she would have immediately recognized her mortal enemies – the Clyte God Clan… Or now, more accurately, the Clyte Royal God Clan. And maybe, had Dyon paid more attention, he would have noticed that among their allies included those who were boring holes into his back… The Kami God Clan.

However, Dyon didn't care about any of that now, all he cared about was making Ulu pay.

"Unlike my wife," Dyon said faintly, "There's no one in this universe that will be able to help you after this. Never think of enjoying sex again. Never think of conceiving. You will never have a child in this lifetime."

A dense black array began to form on the tips of Dyon's fingers.

Ulu could only think one thing.

Despite the hand clamped over her throat. Despite the stretching of her spine. Despite the burning of her lungs as she begged for air. The only thing she saw was that dense black. All she could think of was death.


Suddenly, gazes turned to the doorway as the receptionist burst in, looking down at Dyon as he tried to stop him.

Dyon's fingers paused as he looked over to the receptionist. He had known from the very beginning that this man was powerful, or else they wouldn't have allowed him to guard this area.

"Why?" Dyon asked faintly. He didn't really care about this answer, he just wanted to confirm something.

The receptionist cleared his throat, "Fighting must be done in the arena. This is not a sanctioned match and thus only increases the tension between planets. If the match isn't organized, it shouldn't happen."

The eyes of the surrounding warriors flashed in realization. Did such a powerful warrior not have the backing of his own planet? What was going on?

Dyon's eyes glowed in a gold as he looked down at a ring on his finger. Before he looked back up.

"Interesting. So, where were you before?"

The lips of the receptionist twitched, 'Is he an idiot? He should know that this is deliberate. Why is he asking questions?'

The receptionist cleared his throat again, "As the Nix Planet missuses said, your wife attacked first. For breaking the rules, it was a suitable punishment."

"And if I insist on punishing this woman?"

The receptionist sneered, "Are you powerful enough to act against me? Why are you asking such ridiculous questions?"

Ulu couldn't help but laugh. She had no idea why people of Earth were helping her, but this was truly comedic.

"Mm. Unfortunately, your threats mean nothing to me." Dyon's hand pierced forward, stopping Ulu mid-laugh. "Enjoy." Dyon said faintly, anchoring down the death array directly into Ulu's womb. "Know that there is not a single expert in this universe that can help you now."


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