Reaper of the Martial World
313 I Don“t Care 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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313 I Don“t Care 2

Many months ago, on a far off and neutral asteroid, an auction of unprecedented importance had taken place. The headlining item? An Earth Constitution Pill named: Queen Fairy.

The God and Royal God Clans were in an uproar. The idea of a ready made, fully awakened bodily constitution was a concept that was so rare that an all-out war nearly broke out. However, there was another reason this pill made a mark the likes of which few had ever seen…

The study of alchemy had stalled in this universe for many years. Although the Sapientia did their due diligence in researching, there weren't many expert alchemists among them. In the end, much of their 'findings' were only cheap theories that no one had the skill to put into use. But, this pill was an opportunity to shift all of that. If they could study it and reverse engineer it, then maybe the universe would have the rebirth of alchemy they were looking for. This was even more important because they were only steadily becoming weaker and weaker… Alchemy was the best way to make up for the lack of energy density in the universe!

In the end, the pill had been won by the Sapientia family for further research. Unfortunately for the other God Clans, the Sapientia family was just too rich. Maybe the most important reason, though, was their nonconfrontational style. For the sake of avoiding war, the families could only allow the Sapientia to win.

However, that was only until the name Demon Sage came up once again… And this time, on the ranking list. No one knew what that meant. Could the Demon Sage they had been looking for really be so young as to be on that list? Or maybe he was just weak enough to have a low enough cultivation to be? But, neither made much sense… Or, rather, people chose to believe that it didn't make sense. It had to be a coincidence. No one could be so talented, they thought. And on the other hand, no one could be so great at alchemy, yet have such poor cultivation.

Unfortunately, Dyon was oblivious to all of this. When he had sent in the pill through the Elvin Guilds anonymously, he, much like what Prince Belmont had said during his visit to the Elvin Kingdom, already knew that there were other Earth Constitution giving items… However, what Dyon hadn't taken into account was that while Prince Belmont's phoenix feathers were irredeemable, the Queen Fairy Pill could be made in an unlimited quantity…

Their value simply couldn't be compared.

"I'm sorry," Ri mumbled again and again, still absentmindedly staring at the small hand she placed on her belly.

She felt like it was her fault. And worst yet, although she had been burying a deep apprehension at the idea of meeting Madeleine, this was the first time all of those thoughts were completely casted away. If she couldn't birth Dyon's children, at least there was someone who could.

She had jumped into the fight herself, and she felt like she should have won. She had the obligation to win. How could she feel worthy of Dyon if she lost?

Dyon forced a smile, wiping the tears from Ri's soft cheeks, "There's nothing to worry about. I promise."

Many months ago, seals were something Dyon couldn't make heads of tails of. However, there was a reason they looked identical to arrays.

"The queen didn't give you a grace period. Slaves don't deserve such a thing." A member of the Nuru clan sneered in anger. It had been his brother that Dyon just killed and since he couldn't take his rage out on the queen, especially considering who her husband was, it would have to be Dyon.

He walked over slowly, "It's clear you don't understand how your statuses have changed.

If I wanted your woman to strip naked and hang from the ceiling – she would. If I wanted you to cut your own manhood off and eat it raw – you would.

In fact, if I wanted to pull out my cock and have your woman suck it right here – I could."

Dyon raised his hand, his eyes flashing in gold as gently covered Ri's quivering hand. "Ri. I said there was nothing to worry about, okay?"

Ri finally looked up at Dyon. She found gentle eyes, glowing in a bright gold with purple hues coloring its edges looking back at her.

Maybe months ago, Dyon would be helpless in this situation. Forced to watch Ri be disrespected and being enslaved himself. However, he hadn't spent month refining his array fundamentals to give up so easily in the face of a challenge.

But suddenly, Dyon froze as he heard the unzipping of pants.

"Ah," the Nuru warrior made his way to their side, "To suck the cock of a Nuru warrior should be your honor. Release the bitch and back away, she's got work to do."

Ulu and Eboni watched on with a smile playing their features.

Dyon looked up to find a truly disgusting sight. The anger he had buried in order to tend to Ri resurfaced causing dense black flames to color his eyes.

"Ah, ah, ah. None of that. I mean, unless you want her to die." The Nuru Warrior sneered tapping his limp cock. "Hey, this isn't going to harden itself. It's hard enough for me already knowing I'm dealing with nothing but a beast. You're going to have to put some effort in."

Suddenly, Ulu spoke up, "I'm quite tired of waiting. You have 3 seconds to begin kowtowing or I'll begin to torture her."

Dyon said nothing for a long while before he finally spoke.

"Since you like to speak of doling out punishment, I think it's time I do the same." He said faintly.

"Stop speaking nonsense. You heard my queen. Leave the woman here, I'll take good ca – " The eyes of the Nuru warrior widened as he suddenly felt something warm and wet cut off his words.

An odd and sickening gurgling sound was all that filled the VIP area as the Nuru warrior fell back, gripping the large gash in his neck.

"You dare!" Ulu's rage peaked at this. He actually dared to kill yet another of their members even with the death and torture of his woman looming over his head?!

"HAHAHAHAHA! I've never met such an idiot!" Eboni couldn't get enough of it. It was as though this was movie and she had bought front row tickets.

Even Ode couldn't help but roll her eyes at Eboni. "As if you would respond to provocation any better. Cheap slut."

Ulu's eyes steeled. "Since you wanted it this way and couldn't accept a simple punishment. You can watch helplessly as your woman writhes in pain."


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