Reaper of the Martial World
312 I Don“t Care 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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312 I Don“t Care 1

Dyon stood there, looking down at Ri's fragile figure. Everything seemed frozen in time and no one was willing to make the first move.

"Devour." Dyon whispered faintly.

"AAGGGHHH!" Chike writhed in agony.

His soul was being torn apart so slowly that it felt as though every portion of his body was being broken down and grinded into the finest of pieces.


The members of Planet Nix wanted to move forward, but their queen stopped them with a wave of her hand. A small smile played her features, as though this was exactly what she had wanted to happen. Everything was but a puppet on her strings and she was a master.

The veins of Chike's face bulged and burst, streaking his dark features with a dense and boiling blood.

His arms and legs shriveled inwards, cracking and deforming under the pressure of Dyon's suction.

Soon, he couldn't even scream anymore. Yet, Dyon constantly used his aurora to maintain his nerves, making sure that to the very end, he was fully aware of every bone snapping. Of every bit of flesh tearing. Of every bit of his life being drained away from him.

In the end, he was nothing but a lifeless carcass that barely represented what he used to be and Dyon now knew everything that had transpired.

Dyon shrunk down, striking Ri's footholds away with Celestial will as he picked her up. "Hey, hey. Don't cry," Dyon's voice was so gentle that the warriors of the surrounding four planets had almost forgotten the murderous intent he had just once held.

The truth was that Ri wanted to be angry. She wanted to tear through everything in her path and make them pay for taking something so precious away from her. But, the seal wasn't allowing her to accumulate any strength and the emotional pain wasn't letting her think straight.

"I find this soul technique of yours quite interesting. I want it." The queen of the Nix spoke softly as though she had absolutely nothing to do with the current events. Although she hadn't been sure at first, it was clear that Dyon had used a soul type technique to kill her subject.

On Planet Nix, there were three clans united as one. Each with their own specialities. The truth was that this 'queen' of theirs, was only called as such because she was among the six beauties of the universe. In reality, she was no queen. She was Ulu Lebna, a member of the Lebna God Clan – a clan having a strong branch specializing in seals, but mostly being known for the soul and spirit techniques.

"Here are the facts. Your wife is quite rude and needed to be punished. You were quite rude and needed to be punished. And now, you've killed a member of our clans outside of an arena, so let me tell you one more fact. I can kill your wife with a wave of my hand.

Bow down and kowtow until I'm satisfied. Then, you'll be a servant of the Nuru and Lebna God Clans under the banner of the Jafari Royal God Clan. Although my husband is not here today, I'm sure he would take a liking to your ex-wife as a toy.

You two will never be together again. This is the price you pay for killing one of us."

Ulu smiled to herself, content.

The truth was that this had been her goal all along and she decided to sacrifice Chike to achieve it. The moment Dyon walked in, everyone was checking for his energy cultivation level. But, Ulu was different. The first thing she checked when it came to anyone was the soul cultivation level.

Dyon had learned long ago that checking someone's soul level was a breach of etiquette, however, when he felt Ulu check his, he hadn't bothered with it. Reason being, her soul wasn't powerful enough to read his level accurately. Dyon was someone with the soul of a peak essence gathering expert at full throttle. Even when he didn't complete his soul by unleashing his manifestation, he was still a mid level essence gathering expert.

However, from very long ago, Dyon had had the habit of hiding his soul power. When he fought Saeclum and killed him at the Legacy World Opening, it was that strategy that had saved his life. The problem was, that since Dyon never checked the soul strength of others due to etiquette, he had no concept of what an average soul strength would be for someone his age…

So, when Ulu scanned his soul and saw a 15-year-old with the soul strength of a peak meridian formation warrior, she had immediately decided to draw in Dyon's talent to their side and make him serve them.

Ulu had originally wanted to use a slave seal on Dyon. But, she knew that her soul simply wasn't powerful enough to force any kind of soul technique onto Dyon. Which meant… She needed to find a way to force him, and Ri provided the perfect opportunity.

Eboni finally couldn't hold in her laughter anymore. She bent over, trying to maintain her former elegance as her cheeks reddened, "You heard the queen, go on and kowtow. In fact, take this useless one with you." A crystal pillar appeared below the unconscious Uta, sending his large body flying toward Dyon who was still lovingly caring for Ri.

Before, they had been apprehensive about Dyon's retaliation. Many hadn't made the connection between Dyon and a mysteriously named Demon Sage that had an unprecedented rank. However, when Dyon made his First-Grade cultivation clear, they began to remember something very important… Although no one knew who the Demon Sage was, he still had a clear affiliation… Planet Earth. Elvin Kingdom.

Previously, people had assumed that the Demon Sage was one of the peak essence gathering elves that had left to campaign elsewhere. After all, a 15-year-old? Having that rank? It didn't make sense. But now, none of that mattered. Ulu had made it clear that Ri's life was in the palm of her hands. If Dyon didn't want his love to die, retaliation wasn't an option.

That said, there was yet another reason Ulu decided on provoking Planet Earth like this. The name Demon Sage meant something completely different to the more powerful planets… And if she was right…

Dyon didn't even glance at the flying body. His eyes flashed with gold as a brilliant defensive array appeared in the air, stopping all of Uta's momentum in an instant and crushing even more of his bones.



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