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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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Ri flashed forward, not bothering to fully transform.

Ri had no movement techniques. However, did she really need them at this level? With her void will, a small space like this was nothing to her.

Chike stood abruptly to Ri's charge, slightly panicking as he lost sight of her.

"I don't remember consenting to this match." The faint voice of a dark-skinned beauty rang out.

She had been the picture of absolute elegance until now, not speaking a word. But, with Ri's attack, her demeanor suddenly changed that of an underworld queen.

Her hair was done in a tight and delicately crafted bun, embroidered with gold jewels. Her dress was form-fitting, clinging its dense black to her immaculate curves. But, the most striking part about her was the pitch-black array being etched into the air at the wave of her small hand.

Ri barely had time to react. Her sole focus had been on Chike, not expecting that someone would use the guise of consent to excuse a sneak attack. If that had been the true reason, why had she waited until she knew Chike was clearly outmatched to act? It was a clear ploy.

However, seeing that Ri was about to react to their queen's attack, the other members of Planet Nix reacted.

It was the first time in the history of world tournaments that there had been such unity displayed among a universe. In fact, if one payed close attention, you would realize that something unprecedented had happened…

A member of the Nix planet stood abruptly, sending a stream of silver will toward Ri that made her feel as though her every move was slowed by half her normal speed.

'Time will?' Ri's brows furrowed as the beauty's array breezed toward completion.

An anger built up in her heart as she thought of how many people were attacking her right now. What was the goal here? To provoke her into a disadvantage situation?

But, Ri wasn't worried. Her void will tore through the time will, sending it into an endless abyss of nothing. And yet… It was too late.

In the background, Eboni had still been brooding over her clan's defeat and she wanted nothing more than to pay Dyon back. But, he wasn't here. So, when she saw that Ri was slowed considerably, she smirked to herself and flicked a finger toward Ri's twisting figure.

The moment Ri broke out of the time will, she tried to maneuver herself away from the array's blast, but suddenly found that her feet were stuck to the ground!

The beauty smiled to herself lightly, knowing Ri could no longer dodge. "This is the price for attacking my people. Your beauty? I could take it away. But, I don't think that's enough. Instead, you'll never again be able to perform your wifely duties."

The black array charged into Ri, causing her to convulse and puke up black blood.

"Ugh," Ri's feet were still rooted to the ground, surrounded by a tough crystal earth will that she couldn't accumulate enough energy to break. It was at that time she finally realized that what the beauty had drawn wasn't an array, it was a seal.

Ri suddenly felt empty. Tears fell from her eyes as she raised a small hand to her belly, suddenly feeling a dense shadow looming over what should have been filled with vibrance and hope. It took but a moment for Ri to understand exactly what she meant by never being able to perform wifely duties.

The members of planet Nix chuckled to themselves, knowing exactly how powerful their queen's seals were.

"Serves you right," Sneered Chike, trying to wash over his previous panic with pointed remarks as he strolled to Ri's side. "Don't worry. This only makes it more convenient for when I bend you over and fuck you. At least then I won't have to worry about birthing inferior children from a beast."

Behind them, Eboni felt pretty content with herself.

"Do you think that you've done something great?" Tau Aumen spoke nonchalantly, staring off into the distance as the golden flames of his hair crackled.

"Young master Aumen, what do you mean?" Eboni asked in confusion. She had just restored the dignity of her clan and trampled over the future hope of her enemies. What could be more fulfilling than that?

"When you're weak, you shouldn't poke at something you have no understanding of."

"Poke?" Eboni's confusion only deepened. But, she didn't get much of a chance to think about it because the doors of the VIP area opened to reveal a smiling Dyon. Clearly, he had accomplished something important to him. However… That smile didn't last long.

Dyon froze as he saw Ri's delicate figure.

Her face was pale, and her body was trembling. She didn't even react to Chike's hand holding up her chin.

All Dyon saw was red.

Black, crystal coated scales tore through his skin for the first time in months. His body immediately expanded to over five meters tall. In but an instant, before anyone could react, Chike's head was being crushed in Dyon's one hand.

Chike wiggled and struggled, thrashing about wildly as he tried to turn his head toward his queen to ask for help. But, the situation was entirely different now.

A receptionist couldn't tell the difference, but the genius rankers of this universe could. They had seen enough meridian formation and essence gathering experts to know the difference, and Dyon was without a doubt a meridian formation expert.

Which meant, for his cultivation to be so dense, there was only one explanation.

'First Grade Martial Warrior.'

Eboni suddenly understood exactly what Tau meant. Whether their upper most rankers could match Dyon was irrelevant. If she met Dyon in the tournament, she would only have herself to rely on. 'This…'

Dyon's hand squeezed tighter as he watched Chike's head turn purple.

But, he paused as he suddenly felt a small hand touch his enlarged arm. What he saw only made his heart break. It was clear in an instant that no amount of rampaging or revenge would be the solution to this.

"Dyon…" Ri's hand trembled on her belly as she looked up with teary eyes, "I can't feel anything. It feels empty..."


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