Reaper of the Martial World
306 Not the Right Time 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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306 Not the Right Time 1

The tension in the Chaos Arena VIP area was palpable. With the prestige of entire planets on their backs, the top 100 cumulative rankers were almost in no mood whatsoever to be enjoying entertainment. That said, there were always exceptions to rules, because despite the thick layer of apprehension, the room itself still remained quite lively.

Planet Naiad. Planet Mino. Planet Nix. Planet Deimos. Planet Earth. They were all approaching a once in a century tournament and each was confident in their own victory.

That said, Dyon and Ri didn't seem to particularly care. They smiled as though nothing was happening and chatted with each other lightly even as they walked to past the elevator door and to the entrance to find yet another receptionist.

However, this receptionist seemed far past the norm. It was suffice to say that he wouldn't be cowering in the face of Ri's name. If he really was the only representation the Chaos Arena had here, and they were allowing saint level experts up, there was no more needed to be said about his power.

Completely ignoring Dyon's presence, the receptionist nodded toward Ri before stepping into the already opened doors and into an elegant lounging area, expecting Dyon and Ri to follow him.

Although Ri wasn't very happy about Dyon's treatment, Dyon himself didn't mind. It wasn't as though he was trying to keep his identity as the demon sage secret, it was only that he hadn't known until just recently what his rank was. He had only temporally transferred his tracker into Ri in order to duplicate one for her.

However, it was better this way. He'd be able to separate who was truly dangerous and who wasn't much easier. If you weren't intelligent enough to understand that he was more than what met the eye, you wouldn't be worth his time.

The lobby area was interestingly designed. Surprisingly, the room was almost like a sheer cliff. The entire center of Chaos Arena was hollow, peering down to the Arenas below. The surrounding space was filled with circular tables and a combination of semi-circular and near circular couches. Since it was just the two of them, meaning Ri and Dyon, it would likely make the most sense for them to sit as a small table with a semi-circular couch.

Although Dyon's mind was thinking about trivial things like that as he followed the receptionist while chatting with Ri, to everyone who was already inside the VIP area, their gazes immediately focused on their approaching figures, quietening down slightly.

"What name would you like to register your fighter under?" The receptionist asked Ri, finally sending a glance toward Dyon.

"Fighter? He's not my fighter. He's my husband." Ri's brows furrowed at the questioning of the receptionist.

For the first time, a flash of emotion appeared on the face of the receptionist. He had noticed Ri and Dyon's intimate interactions, but it wasn't odd for powerful women to use handsome men to sate their own desires. So, the receptionist had just assumed that Dyon doubled as a sex-friend and a fighter. After all, the goal of today's special events was to pit the rankers head to head without actually spoiling the outcome of the coming tournament.

Of course, it wasn't mandatory to participate. Watching was definitely allowed. But, the receptionist had just made the wrong assumption.

"I see." The receptionist said, quickly recovering. He sent a second look toward Dyon, trying to see what it is he had missed. But, he sensed nothing coming from either Ri or Dyon. For Ri, her ranking made up for what the receptionist assumed was a lack of cultivation. But, Dyon had no such fallback.

A robust laugh came from the corner of room. "Imagine a man having to rely on his wife to do things. If you marry your fighters so easily, beautiful miss, why not let me be your fighter too!"

A large man with tanned skin sat on a couch much too small for him to fit properly. He was surrounded by others with tanned skin as well. Dyon immediately realized that they weren't from Earth, but there was something distinctly Middle Eastern about them.

Dyon's eyes faintly glanced over the large man. He was probably three meters tall and his waist was seemingly a meter thick to its own. But, he was worthless. Dyon barely spared him a glance before he scanned the rest at the table.

Disregarding all those that weren't worth his time, Dyon immediately picked out six troublesome characters. But, the problem was, everywhere his eyes shifted, he began to pick out more and more. And yet, there was one striking thing that caught him off guard… They were the only ones from Earth here.

Seeing Dyon disregard, a rage built up in the heart of the large man. But, what was most interesting was the reaction of a beauty that shared the section with the Middle Eastern lookalikes.

Her beauty was breathtaking. Her skin was a healthy and shining bronze. Her hair was a jet and straight black, and yet her eyes were a cool dark blue. Her features were sharp and her nose was pointed, but her traditional dress style seemed to be what took her already outstanding features to a new level.

She looked like an Egyptian Queen. Wearing a linen dress embroidered with rich gold and jewels, and yet maintaining a minimalistic and conservative smile.

And yet, Dyon had spared her but a glance.

In fact, there were three other beauties of that level in this very room. And each and every one received a glance of pure nonchalance. However, when Dyon turned to reassure Ri that her didn't mind such ridiculous words, the twinkle in his eye was clear. He had sights for no one else besides his fiancées. He had grown, or at least, he was trying his best to pretend he had and hoping that if he willed it enough, it would become the truth.

Dyon chuckled, "It's okay old man. I got it. You couldn't start until you had a representing member of Earth, right? Unfortunately, many of our members are still recuperating. So, they'll have to settle for me, no?" Dyon's hand domineeringly slid to Ri's waist before he brushed by the receptionist.

The truth was, Alidor's plan of attack had worked even better than he thought. Because of his provocation to Kaeghan, the first son of the Uidah King God Clan, the Uidah had joined the attack on Earth. It wasn't just Lotus Tower that had an influx of essence gathering experts sent to them.

Couple all of that with the fact that Prince Belmont had just fought through a legacy world, and Madeleine was MIA, and the members of Earth were truly having a poor showing. Inside, Dyon was a bit worried about whether Madeleine had received the legacy in time to leave the gates before they closed, but he reassured himself by hoping that the avatar Amethyst had left behind would help Madeleine circumvent the gate's lock down.

All of this said, it was in the best interest of Earth's best that they rest as much as possible for the world tournament in the coming weeks. However, that was just fine for Dyon.

Earth wasn't a place he had to trick himself into seeing as his home. Earth was his home. He grew up here.

Regardless of how the other members of Earth treated him, it would be a cold day in hell the day he let anyone assume they were weak.

"Don't mind me," Dyon said lightly, "This is my wife's show and I'm only her humble fighter. Introducing – Princess Alexandria Acacia."

The large young man froze at these words, because he suddenly realized who it is he had tried to provoke…

"Rank 27."


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