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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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Scanning the Elevator Lobby, Dyon saw quite a few. Each seemed to have its own floor cap, and Dyon assumed that only the elevators able to reach the top floor would lead to the VIP areas.

From what he knew about the Chaos Arenas, there were many fighting stages. However, that was only when the fights had little investment attached to them. It would essentially be like a free for all, where even ten or more battles could be taking place at once.

Within Chaos Arena, there were of course rankings separated by cultivation level that many fought to improve in.

It was also likely that with the world tournament happening, the Cavositas God Clan would put some special events in place. This would mean that maybe the free for all would only be appetizers for some lucrative main events.

With a smile, Dyon and Ri walked to an elevator at the far end of large lobby. It, unsurprisingly, had the fewest people hovering around it, waiting for the receptionist to let them in.

"Why can't we go in! I'll have you know my father is a reputable official in the Royal God Clan Bank. I have no need to be a member of the main clan to go in! I've been here before!"

A young man's face burned in a rage as he bared down on a deadpan young lady. She didn't seem too impressed by his display. After years of dealing with the most prestigious clans and young masters and mistresses there were, the idea of dealing with the son of a mere banker didn't seem all that daunting to her.

"I've already explained. Unless you are among the top 100 cumulative rankers, or a plus one of them, you won't be allowed in to the VIP area for the foreseeable future. The only exception is if you happen to have the cultivation of a saint, which you clearly don't. If you don't want to have to deal with our security, it's best that you leave."

The young man trembled, but it seemed to be more in embarrassment than anything else. He had promised his friends to bring them to the VIP area. In fact, he had even brought a young last he was trying to win over. And yet now, here he was, being embarrassed by some no-name.

Dyon and Ri remained silent, waiting for their turn. Although Ri had wanted to pull back after she heard the requirements, Dyon simply winked at her causing her to look at him in confusion.

Top 100 rankers was already hard enough to reach. But, top 100 in the cumulative rankings was an entirely different beast.

The cumulative rankings took into account not just Earth, but the other four planets as well. Which meant, unless you were in the top 20 in you universe, it was unlikely that you'd make the cumulative rankings.

The truth was that Dyon had no idea what their rankings were. In fact, he hadn't even gotten a chance to ask Ri how the rankings worked. But, he wanted to use this opportunity to see if he could catch a glance at the list. He was interested in knowing if he or Ri had done enough.

Seeing that he wasn't getting anywhere, the young man turned back to leave, unwilling to have to deal with the Cavositas family. Although the security would be low ranking members of their family, they would still be a lot more powerful than he or his friends could handle.

But, when he turned back to see his supposed friends snickering behind his back, his anger rose to a new level.

His fists and jaw clenched as he walked away, heading toward another elevator. Well, that was until he noticed Dyon and Ri standing nearby behind him, chatting away happily.

Although his eyes sparkled when he saw Ri, much to the anger of the woman he had had been trying to woo, what he was really focused on was Dyon.

He, the son of a high-ranking man, had been forced to leave. And yet, there was this kid he had never seen here?

At first, he thought that maybe Dyon was from another planet. That would explain why he had never seen him before. But, he sensed no cultivation from Dyon. So, even if he was from another universe, there was no way he'd be in the top 100.

Seeing an opportunity to relieve some of his frustration, the young man sneered. "Didn't you hear what the receptionist said? If I can't get in, what made you think it was your turn?"

The young man puffed out his chest, seemingly trying to seem superior to impress not only his date, but hopefully pull Ri into his friend group as well.

"Don't worry young lady. Although I'm not allowed to enter the VIP areas now, there are other high-level areas that haven't been closed off to me. I can bring you to the sub-VIP layers."

Dyon said nothing, instead looking at Ri's reaction with amusement playing his features. She was his little feu glace for a reason, this young man was digging out his own grave.

"Fuck off." Ri glared at the young man before ignoring him and pulling Dyon along to the receptionist.

The young man could only watch with a stunned look on his face as Dyon's shoulder just barely brushed past his. He hesitated, a look of embarrassment reddening his features as he went to reach out.

But then, he suddenly felt like he had fallen into an abyss of hell.

Dyon shot a glance behind him as he walked forward with Ri, a faint demonic will dripping from him.

The young man's knees buckled as he almost lost his balance. He didn't understand what was going on. Why did he feel as though the young man in front of him was unfathomable?

However, he didn't get a chance to think of it any more. Dyon treated him as though he was just passing over a bug he didn't feel like going out of his way to crush.

There's always a mountain beyond a mountain and a sky beyond the sky… It wasn't until that moment that the young man understood.


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