Reaper of the Martial World
302 Going Out 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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302 Going Out 3

Soon, Ri and Dyon reached the entrance of the Chaos Arena.

There was a neat and orderly line filled with what looked like fairly rich individuals. Well, more than seemed. The entrance fee was in saint stones – something Dyon was fully aware no one on the level of what Focus Academy had been on, or even those on the level of the big sects, could afford.

Unfortunately, Dyon didn't know much about the hierarchy of clans, especially those between the levels of the big sects and the God Clans. He was absolutely certain that there had to be those bridging the gap. After all, the most powerful experts of the God Clans were of the Celestial realm, and yet the big sects only had essence gathering experts to follow. Logic dictated that there was an in between and it was likely that much of these people were of that in between.

Soon, Ri and Dyon made it to the front.

A tired young man with heavy bags under his eyes stood at a podium-like structure next to the entrance. Without even looking up, he began his same monotone speech.

"Welcome to Chaos tour. Payment is based on cultivation level as well as the level of access you want. If you are powerful you pay less, no negotiations."

Dyon remained silent, allowing the young man to continue.

The business plan of Chaos Arena was simple. Although they had many fighters prepped, they also like an audience participation element as well. Therefore, it was more benefit to them should the experts be powerful, thus why they lowered the cost for more powerful individuals.

That said, observers were well within their rights to turn down challenges and just enjoy the show, should they choose. After all, Chaos Arena doubled as an entertainment center for the martial world.

"VIP areas are accessible only to notable officials of the martial continent, or members of the God Clans. Please be aware of this and avoid such areas should you not have the background to do so, or else Chaos Area security will be forced to take action.

Lastly, there are special rules in place due to the coming world tournament. We have many more tourists, and even powerful clans coming from the other four planets. It is best to be cautious and patient when you see a new face. This is not only for your benefit, but for the good and peace of Chaos Arena.

I don't sense any cultivation from either you two, so the fee is 10 saint stones each."

Dyon sighed. 10 saint stones was an exorbitant price to others, but it meant nothing to him. That said, he didn't feel like paying more just because his cultivation was too pure for the Chaos Arena employee to sense.

"Check again." Dyon said faintly. His essence energy projected from himself, blanketing the area around him.

The eyes of the young man snapped up, his eyes widening when he senses how young Dyon was.

You have to remember… To many of the martial continent, surpassing even the ninth level of meridian formation was impossible… So, for Dyon to release his cultivation to the extreme like this, all people felt was the pressure of an essence gathering expert.

And not just a normal essence gathering expert. The density of Dyon's essence energy was comparable to a 7th grade expert at the peak of their essence gathering cultivation. In fact, it was ever purer and denser than that.

When that was couple with Dyon's youth, the young man couldn't help but shiver. He didn't even dare to look at Ri despite how beautiful she was.

This young man that he had never seen before, could very well be one of the experts from the four other planets he was talking about…

Shaking his head profusely, the young man apologized again and again. "No payment sir, no payment. I apologize."

When the young man had said payment was based on cultivation level, he had neglected to highlight how cultivation level was tied with age. If an old man with one foot in the grave had stepped up with Dyon's level of cultivation, he would have had to pay the full 10 stones. However, Dyon was a talent. And what more could the Chaos Arena want?

Smiling, Dyon walked through the large black doors and into a lobby area with a few elevator door heading to various levels.

"Let's head to the VIP areas," Dyon said, looking at Ri.

Ri pouted, "Your cultivation is really scary you know. I should be practicing instead of having fun."

"Don't be like that," Dyon said playfully, "I still remember when you were beating me up."

"Hmph, give me more time and an old man to help me cheat, then I'll be right back to that."

Ri, of course, said this in jest. She was fully aware of the grueling process Dyon went though to earn his meridians. In fact, many might not have even remained sane after experiencing something like that. And yet, here was Dyon, smiling as brightly as ever and only seemingly only caring about the others around him. It wasn't lost on Ri how well Dyon treated her and how thoughtful he was.

"If I didn't get more powerful, how would I survive your attacks?"

Ri blushed adorably at Dyon's innuendo, her canines shining through slightly, through her smile. "Pervert." Changing the subject, Ri continued. "Are you sure we should go to the VIP area?"

Dyon chuckled. "I think you're forgetting something very very very important."

"Hm?" Ri looked up at Dyon, confused.

"The guy said important officials and God Clan members, no?"

Ri's eyes twinkled with a sudden realization, she couldn't help but giggle to herself. She really had forgotten something quite important. But, that was more so because she was used to completely hiding her identity.

"Who could be more of an affirmed God Clan member than the Princess of the Elvin Kingdom? Plus, her husband is quite dashing, so of course he also deserves a seat."

Ri rolled her eyes, "Okay, Mr. Jaws. Let's go."


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