Reaper of the Martial World
300 Going Out 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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300 Going Out 1

"Stooop," Ri wiggled out of the large bed, avoiding Dyon's evil hands.

They had woken up relatively late in that morning and Ri wanted to get moving. She had never been to Arena City before, and more importantly, had yet to be on a real date with Dyon.

Dyon had told her that Uncle Acacia had come to see her and took Little Lyla and Zaire back with him. Also, Delia had insisted on going off to train on her own before the world tournament, so right now, it was just the two of them. Everyone else was either elsewhere in Arena City, or had gone back to the Elvin Kingdom to recuperate.

But, because Ri had said she was sore this morning, Dyon had used that as an excuse to use his aurora to heal her. But, in typical perverted fashion, he had almost gotten too handsy.

Dyon chuckled to himself, "Okay. Let's go out today."

Truth be told, Dyon wanted to do this as well. After all, the only way he'd find information of the Viridi family was by going out.

On that front, there were a few things Dyon had learned.

For one, the Ragnor family was the only God Clan that made excessive use of slaves. Although this was odd to Dyon, when he thought back to Red and Blue and their scarred features, his heart couldn't help but tremble in anger at the thought of the Ragnor clan mutilating Eli, Uncle Ail and Venus.

However, there was another important point. The Ragnor Clan always seemed to be making odd moves. The more than a year Dyon had spent away from this world had almost made him forget that, but now, it was once again in full display.

They had asked the Elvin Kingdom for nothing but transcendent stones for passage into this universe. They started a war with the Pakal for a seemingly not so useful technique. They forgave large portions of the Storm family, despite them having defected and left a stain on their family. And yet, maybe the least covert oddity was their slavery trade.

It wasn't that the martial world was on a moral high-horse, abstaining from oppressive slavery. But… The Ragnor God Clan was probably the only instance of such a relatively powerful clan dabbling in such things.

That aside, Dyon had learned another thing of importance.

The God Clans were situated near the center of the martial world, which was essentially a large continent of the side of the world opposite to the mortal world.

Each God Clan had a piece of territory surrounding the large natural moat of the Royal God Clan. Currently, they were in Arena city – coined as such for the massive Chaos Arenas they housed.

Madeleine had told Dyon about these a long time ago. They were built by the Cavositas God Clan and were essentially places where warriors could fight for money, prestige, and a chance to join the Cavositas Clan should they want to.

So, it went without saying that Arena City was in the territory of the Cavositas. But, the reason Dyon had settled here was twofold. For one, this was where the world tournament would be taken place. Because of their love of battles, the Cavositas also had the best facilities to host such an event. The second reason was that this was the easiest place to not be detected while investigating where the Viridi family were.

The Cavositas were not shy about their ties with the Ragnor family, so it was likely that some of the Cavositas facilities were used to help the Ragnor's businesses. Also, with the influx of people coming to Arena City for the tournament, Dyon's poking around would be less noticeable.

It wasn't that he wanted to hide the fact he was here, and he wasn't scared of even the top elders of the Ragnor because of his puppets. But, if the Ragnor knew what he was looking for, it might make the situation worse for the Viridi, and that wasn't something Dyon wanted to see.

Leaping up after Ri, Dyon playfully tickled her shapely waist as she sent her mind into her spatial ring, seemingly looking for something to wear.

Through her giggling, Ri slapped Dyon's hands away, "What do you think? Sweat pants date? How romantic it is for you to be taking me to a bloody arena."

Leaning back onto the bed, Dyon shook his head. He could tell Ri wanted to wear something else. After all, she had been fighting for months on end – it was very likely she wanted something as far removed from that as possible. "I'll be doing the fighting, if necessary. In fact, I'll dress up for you too. I'm sure considering how popular the Chaos Arenas are, there's good places for entertainment seating."

Ri smiled brightly. It seemed Dyon always told her what she wanted to hear.

Just a few months back, she had never thought she'd feel so good just by Dyon letting the Elves know that she was his. So, her heart fluttered at the thought of him doing so with the entire martial world.

Although she was now told that she had become exceedingly beautiful, a small part of her was still attached to that old Ri. Sometimes she even wondered if she would trust Dyon's love for her had he not made it clear that he wanted her even before seeing her true appearance. However, even with those thoughts, Dyon always seemed to settle her doubts… In fact, it was so easy for him that something Ri thought he was the true empath and not Little Lyla.

Strong arms lifted Ri up, causing her to gasp in surprise. "Pervert." Ri giggled as she noticed Dyon swing her into bridal position. But, his hand had conveniently wrapped around to rest on her breast.

Dyon grinned, "I don't know what you mean."

Ri could only roll her eyes as Dyon brought them into the room's bathing space.


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