Reaper of the Martial World
299 Massage 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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299 Massage 3

"That said," Ri giggled to herself, "If you find a martial clan who are more expert at the use of computers than you are, I think it would be about time to give up."

Dyon's hands continued to glide along Ri's back as he laughed. That would indeed be heart breaking. If that was the case, would mortals have ever really done anything on their own? If even their best accomplishments were just thanks to trickle of will from powerful beings, that would be kind of sad.

"But, you never finished your thought, Dyon…" Ri's back tensed a bit under Dyon's fingers, causing him to slow his pace. "If not for the reasons I thought, why would my mother leave, then?"

Taking a deep breath, Dyon answered, "If I'm going to be honest, I don't know. I can only guess…

If the Kitsune were here before the destruction of the Celestial Deer Sect, then it likely means your mother didn't leave for typical reasons.

If Elder Daiyu's reaction is to be trusted, the Daiyu clan doesn't have any dao formation experts remaining. This means that there shouldn't be anyone among the Celestial Deer Sect's enemies that we know of, that could rival the combination of your mother and father… Which means the reason they left likely doesn't have to do with threats from this universe either…

But, there's just too much guess work involved. I have no way of knowing if the Elder Daiyu was lying or not, and I have no way of knowing if the Daiyu are even the only clan we have to worry about. If I remember correctly, my master said the Daiyu clan was just one of their enemies, and if you take into account how powerful a Kitsune-Celestial Deer Sect alliance would be, then the idea of just one clan taking them down sounds absolutely ridiculous."

Dyon sighed in frustration, "We just don't know enough…"

Although Dyon didn't say it, there was something else weighing on his mind.

The words that Elder Daiyu left just didn't sit well with him. Even with the knowledge he gained from his grand teacher, the way Elder Daiyu said it was as though knowledge of what happened would make Dyon shift his allegiances from where they were… As though it would make him sympathize with the Daiyu?

If Dyon knew that Elder Daiyu had lost centuries of his life, life he had previously gained by having tempered his body with enigmatic energy of the dao formation stage, he would have felt even more strongly about this unsettling feeling. Why would Elder Daiyu risk saying something with such a heavy penalty unless it was just that important to him?... So important he couldn't control his emotions even in the face of aging that much?...

The world was painted in greys… Was it really a certainty that Dyon just happened to become the successor of a clan that also happened to be in the right?... Would he feel the same way had he become the disciple of a Daiyu clan member instead?...

Sure, he hated the Daiyu not just because of the Celestial Deer Sect, but also because of what they had almost helped happen to Madeleine. If it wasn't for the Daiyu, Kami Akihiko would have never had the technique necessary to take Madeleine's talent and Dyon would have never had to fall out with the Kami God Clan, almost die, or risk his life at all.

However, how could Dyon know whether or not the Celestial Deer Sect had ever done something horrible in their long history? Was he meant to believe that in its many millennia of existence, no one of the Celestial Deer Sect had ever done something comparably horrible? … He would be naïve in thinking so…

That said, Dyon did have a cheat he could use to figure this all out… He just wasn't willing to use it… Little Lyla was much too young to have to be involved in such things.

Although Dyon didn't know about the treaty, even if he did it wouldn't matter. Little Lyla wasn't born at the time and is therefore not bound by it. The reason the old man couldn't tell Dyon, even though he had the power to surpass the treaty because he was of comparable strength to its creator, was because there was still a connection between him and the treaty. Meaning, even if the treaty wouldn't affect him, it would affect Dyon by proxy of the old man's connection to it.

However, Little Lyla wouldn't have this problem… She wasn't tethered to the connection and although the treaty could bind the words spoken, it couldn't bind thoughts. If it did, wouldn't Madeleine's master or Elder Daiyu die every time they thought of the treaty?

This ultimately meant that all Little Lyla had to do was be present during a questioning… But, was it worth it?... To Dyon, the answer was no.

Dyon sighed, "Let's talk about something else."


Dyon grinned, "Your body."

Ri giggled, "Can't you not be a perv, for once?"

"Well excuse me Ms. 'Dyon, I feel hot'."

"Hmph, making fun of your wife's libido is a good way to shut it off."

"Shut it off?" Dyon wrapped his leg over Ri to sit on her soft thighs.

Suddenly feeling a thick and heated rod slap onto her cheeks as rough and strong hands continued to massage her back, Ri's heat started steadily climbing again.

Ri pouted, "So I let you win a few rounds, now you're getting cocky?"

Dyon grinned, sliding his hands down to Ri's ass to press its soft flesh into and around his cock. "Sure, if you can call an entire day 'a few rounds'."

"Hmph, how'd you go from helping me heal and clear my meridians to bullying me."

"Well, okay. I'll give you two choices. I could go back to helping you heal and get comfortable with your new faith seed awakening. Or, I could show you how I won those 'few rounds' again."

Ri didn't respond, instead sliding her ass up until Dyon tip rested just at the edge of her entrance.

Dyon couldn't help but gulp at the sight, but the sensation of Ri's delicate juices coating him ever so slightly made him want to thrust forward all at once.

"I choose both." Ri turned her head back, smiling to herself at Dyon's entranced gaze before lowering herself onto him.


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