Reaper of the Martial World
298 Massage 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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298 Massage 2

"I know what you're thinking… Well, at least I think I do. But, you've told me too many great memories you have of your mother for me to believe that she left you just because. I'm looking forward to meeting the beautiful Japanese woman that birthed my little feu glace." Dyon smiled, pushing himself up from the bed and kneeling beside Ri.

Dyon shook his head as his eyes scanned Ri's body. He felt like he had never just paused to appreciate it because whenever Ri was in the nude, she was usually pouncing on him – something he couldn't complain about, if he was being honest.

Moonlight trickled in on Ri's soft, jade-like skin as she blushed under Dyon's gaze. It wasn't as though he had never seen her in the state, but this was the first time he was staring so intently. It made her heart skip a few beats.

Dyon large hands started running over Ri's perfect curves absentmindedly, as though he was trying to ingrain her figure into his memory.

Ri was petite, only being about 168cm tall. But, her proportions made Dyon's breathing stagger.

Her breasts weren't large but were supple and soft – still being ample enough to fill even Dyon's large hands.

Her hips were wide and giving, curving to the size of her plump ass to perfection. In fact, Ri's body hadn't changed even one bit since the first time Dyon met her… Even then, when her looks were supposedly average, she had not only made Dyon fall for her, the sway of her hips, the form of her shape, the tone of her body, had all mesmerized Dyon to no end.


Ri's voice was like the flap of the wings of a butterfly almost losing itself in the wind. But, that only served to transfix Dyon even more.

What was maybe the most enrapturing about Ri though, were her eyes.

Dyon felt as though he couldn't stop smiling when he looked into them. He had completely forgotten that they had been speaking about an important topic just before this.

Seeing Dyon's gaze and the flex of his toned muscles underneath the soft moon light, Ri felt a faint wetness begin to coat her treasured place. She suddenly felt though the heat she thought had subsided was building up again.

Dyon seemed to notice that the reddening of Ri's skin was no longer due to embarrassment, which made him chuckle to himself lightly as his gaze shifted to her delicate pink folds. Raising his thumb to it, he gently stroked the small patch of hair causing Ri to shift her hips in annoyance as though to say, 'touch it directly you idiot.'

But, Dyon smirked to himself as he didn't comply. "Let me give you a massage," He reached for Ri's hips, turning her over as he began to gently press into her toned back. His celestial will and aurora trickled in, pouring through Ri's body and causing her to sigh in comfort.

As Ri's breathing became deep and relaxed, Dyon worked his way through her body. Double and Triple checking her injuries were healed to perfection as he enjoyed the softness of her skin.

"What do you mean by Japanese?" Ri said softly, suddenly remembering they had been having a conversation before this.

Dyon had called her mother Japanese, but Ri had no idea what that could mean.

A sudden realization came over Dyon. He had never thought about it deeply before, but many of the things he had seen in the human world – whether that be cultures, religions and the like – often had representations in the martial world.

When Ri had fixed the conflict in her constitutions, it wasn't just that she had become a beauty worthy of rivaling Madeleine, it was also that she had gained faint Japanese characteristics – or more accurately, what Dyon deemed characteristically Japanese features – reminiscent of someone who shared half of their genes with a parent of that origin.

"The Japanese are a race of people from the mortal realm. One of their legends includes myths about the kitsune. What's interesting is that the way they look is quite similar to how I assume your mother would. And, someone half Japanese from the mortal realm would look a lot like you, too. Although I doubt they'd be as beautiful," Dyon said teasingly.

Ri giggled lightly. Dyon never seemed serious enough when it came to these things. "So, that must mean that the wills of the martial world heavily influence the mortal world, no?"

Dyon nodded. "That's the best explanation. To share a culture, religion and even some of the same facial features, my best guess would be that although the mortal realm can't cultivate, it can still be effected by the laws of the martial realm."

This made sense to Dyon. After all, Ri had once told him that part of the reason campaigns were fought was to spread your will. By doing so, your will thus became more powerful. So, if the Kitsune had been here, or were powerful enough elsewhere to have their wills trickle into other universes, then it made sense for a portion of the mortal realm to be affected.

Dyon chuckled to himself, "At this point, I wonder if us mortals ever truly came up with anything on our own. I wonder what were our ideas, and what was just influence from something high above our station."

"Well, you'll always have your technology. And technically, since you keep finding truth behind the religions and legends so many believe, doesn't that mean you're all technically right?"

A thoughtful expression appeared on Dyon's features, "All technically right, huh? Well, that's one way to think about it," Dyon smiled, "Actually, that's quite a nice way to put it…"


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