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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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296 Awake 3

"Yes, that should be possible. But, whether we should do it or not is completely different question…"

Ri waited patiently for Dyon to continue. If he said it wasn't a viable thing to do, she knew he had a very good reason for saying so.

"I don't think we'd have any problems finding Universe Chaos should it be within this quadrant. In fact, it's a near guarantee that Universe Chaos is within this quadrant because the old man confirmed for me the story Prince Belmont told. Amethyst fought the dark, ice and fire phoenix clans through Chaos and this universe. For it to be like that, Chaos must be relatively close.

In fact, there could lie a dormant gate to Chaos within our universe itself. After all, it's the only uninhabited universe in existence. For it to remain as such, the entrance to it is either hidden or ignored. There's also the possibility that it's too dangerous to enter, however, from my understanding, its no more dangerous than it was for me to take Epistemic Tower. If it was out of my scope of abilities, grand teacher and the demon generals would have told me.

However, our problem isn't in being able to find it, it's about whether or not it's smart to do so…

If we go and reboot a dormant gate, people will be made aware. This is why the tracking and ranking systems work so effectively even across dimensions. There's someone or some organization powerful enough to keep tabs on these things and it's important that we don't alert them unless we're strong enough to do so. And, the obvious problem, is that we aren't strong enough to do so.

If the elves and us go as is to plant a flag in a completely new universe, we'd be asking for trouble. For one, we have no idea how many gates Chaos has. But, it could be very possible for us to have to split our already small population into even smaller groups.

Secondly, remember this universe used to be extremely powerful, which means its likely that the gate to Chaos might even be a peak dao formation gate or maybe even the peak-most half step to transcendence gate. Even though it's possible to change the threshold of cultivation of a gate if you control all of its towers, remember that the dangers associated are set to match the cultivation thresholds. The dangers of an essence gathering gate would be nothing compared to even a saint gate, let alone a celestial gate or higher.

Thirdly, although it's possible to teleport directly into chaos and completely bypass the gate problems and potentially avoid being detected, there is still another aspect of danger we're missing. It might be okay for a small group to go, but, an entire population of people entering a dangerous area sounds like a formula for genocide…

Remember, there's a reason the elves left that universe in the first place. My best guess right now would have to be that they predicted the fight amongst the phoenixes, however, that can't be the full story."

Ri nodded. "It can't be the full story because the ancient elvin clans should have been at least marginally comparable to the phoenixes…"

"Exactly. There shouldn't be a large difference between the Elvin Kingdom of old and the phoenixes. And yet, they still chose to evacuate. And maybe the worst part was that the family heads of the ancient god clans had chosen to stay behind, letting the younger generation and lesser families go instead."

Ri sighed. "So, it'll take quite a long time, hm…"

"But, Ri… I did think of something else…"

"What's that?" Ri looked up, curiously.

"Your father is likely not in the universe anymore. In fact, it's likely that he's gone for your mother. Have you thought about how powerful the kitsune are?..."

Ri blinked. "Supreme levels beasts… In fact, higher level supreme level beasts. They're likely past a King God Clan level to begin with. An Emperor God Clan, maybe?"

Dyon nodded before a spatial ring appeared in his hand. It was a ring from he took from the dead 5th son, the young man from the Uidah clan that Alidor killed.

"According to information I got from this, the only Emperor God Clans in this quadrant are the Ragnor and Pakal. Aside from that, the Sapientia God Clans are really spread out and of various power levels, then there was the Uidah clan who were only a single universe conquered away from becoming an Emperor God Clan.

And yet… I see no mention of the Kitsune…"

Ri's brows furrowed at Dyon's words. The Kitsune weren't from the quadrant at all? Were they maybe a small clan that didn't do much conquering? Or were they really from an entirely separate universe?...

"But then, how did mom and dad meet?..."

Dyon nodded. "That's the question I had too. But, as I thought about it, there was another problem I found.

Your father is thousands of years old. And I would assume that your mother is at least hundreds of years old if not thousands herself. And yet, you're only 15, just like me."

A look of confusion appeared on Ri's features. Why was this important?

Dyon continued, knowing Ri might have been confused, "Once you think about it for long enough you'll notice something really important is missing… It's a massive loop in all of our understanding actually…

Because you're only 15, that means your parents have been in this very universe within the last 15 years. You've met your mom and your dad, enough to even know their face and enough to even know their faces within the Elvin Kingdom itself.

However, isn't there something wrong with your parents leaving this universe while they're both hundreds if not thousands of years old?"

A sudden realization hit Ri. "The gates! Their cultivation is too high to leave this universe through them!"


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