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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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294 Awake 1

Ri shifted in her sleep, her nose twitching as it breathed in a familiar scent.

Confusion filled her senses as she tried to her eyes to no real avail. Her vision was blurry, but she could feel a cushioned softness around her, but her face was on something hard, yet springy.

Ri trailed her hand along what she lay on, trying to figure out why her fingers kept dipping in and out hard trenches. Finally, her hand reached high enough that it fell into something wet, causing her to startle fully awake.

Dyon chuckled to himself wiping his mouth from where Ri's fingers had been, "You're quite handsy in your sleep."

Ri's blue-silver eyes blinked, finally clearing enough to realize she was lying on Dyon's bare chest. The truth was that Dyon hadn't been anywhere near Ri when he climbed into bed to sleep, but, in typical Ri fashion, she had ended up draped all over him. It was like she could track Dyon down even in her sleep.

"Dyon?" Ri's voice was hoarse from such little use, but she jumped up excitedly, "You're here!"

Ri grabbed onto Dyon's neck tightly, burying his face and neck in her long blue-silver hair.

"Yea, I'm here." Dyon smiled, holding onto Ri's little waist. She was still wearing a baggy sweat shirt and pants, and Dyon had to admit she looked quite adorable right now.

Not willing to let go of Dyon, Ri laid there for a long time, half mounted. "Tell me what happened…" Ri had wanted to stay awake until the end, but it was clear she was just too tired to make it.

Dyon stroked Ri's hair thinking back to that day, "I just scared them away a bit, it's no big deal."

Ri rolled her eyes, "I don't mean that. I don't remember you looking like this."

Gasping, Dyon feigned a pained expression, "Was I not handsome before?"

Ri pulled up from her tight hold on Dyon neck, propping herself up to stare at his face. However, even as she scanned him, it was Dyon that couldn't help but be lost in her beauty. It had been almost two weeks now since they arrive at Arena City and aside from some periodic rolling, Ri had been completely incapacitated… Dyon had almost forgotten how captivating her eyes were.

Tilting his head up, Dyon kissed Ri, relishing in the softness of her lips. "Forget me. Why are my fiancées so beautiful?" Dyon grinned, sliding his hands under Ri's sweat shirt to trail his fingers over her soft skin.

Ri pouted. She wanted to know what Dyon had experienced, but he was too busy teasing her. And the problem was that she was heating up far quicker than usual.

"Dyon… I feel hot." Ri didn't know what was going on. She had liked sex before, sure. But, she had never held her breath in anticipation of it as much as she did now.

Dyon hesitated. Although Ri was awake, he wasn't sure if she had fully recovered yet. If you take into account his new energy cultivation, he felt like starting would open a dam he wouldn't be able to easily close. It was as though energy cultivation allowed the potency of Dyon's demonic bloodlines to increase manifold, finally permeating throughout his body as they should have before.

However, Ri didn't seem intent on waiting for an answer. Dyon barely had time to put up concealment array before her lips collided into his.

A low growl escaped from Ri as her soft tongue tangled with Dyon. Their clothes burst to non-existence, even severely reddening Dyon's torso in the process as she inadvertently tapped into her void will.

Dyon felt as though he was strapped into a ride he didn't have control of the beginning or end of.

Ri's supple body weaved around Dyon, trailing what seemed like every inch him with small nibbles with her adorable canines.

The heat she felt in her chest at the sensation of hands running over her and her hair made her feel as though she could explode at any instant. By the time her hands finally made it down to Dyon's member, she didn't even pause at its increased size. The sounds she was making didn't even sound human anymore.

Dyon smiled to himself. Seemingly understanding what was going on he flipped Ri over.

Ri moaned in displeasure, but Dyon didn't seem to mind.

"You're the queen of beasts," Dyon said softly, lightly kissing Ri's ear, "But, you shouldn't forget who your king is."

A look of defiance flamed into Ri's blue-silver eyes as they formed into slits, her canine's lengthening ever slightly as she began her attack on Dyon.

Both of her soft hands grabbed onto his shaft as she lay beneath him. Dyon groaned lightly, propping himself up above Ri's exquisite figure.

Ri's hands ran along his shaft, her thumb rubbing into tip as her other hand gently rubbed his balls. Dyon felt as though he would explode at any moment, and that was even before Ri tilted her head up, biting his lip to pull him down into a deep kiss.

All this time, despite Dyon's words, Ri had been in control. He hadn't even been able to think straight for long enough to realize he hadn't made use of any dual cultivation techniques to conquer Ri.

But, there was little he could do. Something had seemingly snapped in Ri and her bestial aura was affecting even Dyon. It was as though Ri had manifested her own sovereign will and it was completely dominating right now.

Dyon grunted as his shaft convulsed. But, before he could finish, Ri's hands suddenly stopped, shifting her hips to slide Dyon's tip along her wet slit.

"You can only finish if it's inside of me." Ri's eyes flashed with a gold Dyon's eyes had reddened too much to notice.

He didn't even last a single stroke.

An endless gush released into Ri causing her to moan in delightful pleasure.

Her small hands wrapped around Dyon's wide back as her legs held onto him tightly.

A light giggle filled the room as Ri basked in her victory.


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